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Spotlight of Retribution by Roger Rapel

Detective Sergeant Jim Broadbent was having a bad day with everything going wrong. Then to cap his day off the phone rang just as he was going home. He was directed to a local shopping parade where the body of a badly beaten man had been discovered in a commercial waste bin.

So another investigation began, but a wall of silence was evident as he was falsely led from one scenario to another. The body was unidentified as no one had reported him missing. No clues and nothing to pin point where he was from.

Then a missing person enquiry landed on his desk as the incident room on the murder was closing without a satisfactory result. Broadbent discovered he was crossing another MI5 investigation. But the secrecy of the Secret Services was hindering him, then he was told to back off.

Broadbent was being used again by MI5 as the deputy head was mole hunting with the assistance of the CIA.

That was not the way Broadbent worked so he carried on. What he found was extremely disturbing; then he discovered Tanya who was seeking retribution on many who had crossed her. She was devious using her looks and body to lure those into her lair. Who was she really?

This is a fast moving intriguing read with twists and turns; it is provocative with adult sexual encounters. It also sets the mind thinking, is it true or could it be true?


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About The Author

David Parle (pen name Roger Rapel) served 30 years with the UK Police in various departments; including tactical firearms, drug squad, regional crime squad and divisional CID.

 He can talk from experience of the day. Police changes occur with governmental intervention. New procedures are introduced, but its not like on television.

Most crime writers engage their readers from research and then fictionalising their work. Whilst that takes the reader into the authors world it doesn’t reflect the day to day reality of the real world. I write from experience but have had to fictionalize the content for obvious reasons. Come with me into the world of the real detective.

My books are based on fact and real issues. Just imagine the mother of a victim being told by a rookie police officer her child is dead, he should have got a neighbor to be there, but does it on his own; he ends up with a lump in his throat and hugging the mother; Police officers can’t do that; as they have to deal with other matters during their shift, but the rookie breaks down crying. Then afterwards, vow’s never to make the same mistake again. You end up feeling for him.

The real investigation of a crime scene especially a murder scene has set procedures, the pathologist and SOCO   are the most important persons at a suspect scene; bodies are not moved until they have completed their investigation. They both use their expertise to gather evidence to confirm a suspicious or natural death.








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