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A Letter to My Readers: Wonderful Readers by Suzette D. Harrison

Hello Dear Readers:

Have I told you lately that I appreciate you? Shame on me if I haven’t, because I absolutely do!

You are a divine force gracing my life for our collective good. I’m honored to serve you my writing. You honor me when indulging in the offering and granting me your honesty. You mince no words when telling me your truth. You did, you didn’t like what I brought to the table? Whatever your truth, I learn from you even as you receive me. I love being enlightened by your perspective and point of view. Iron sharpens iron. Talk about sweet synergy!

I’ve been blessed to meet many of you, Dear Readers, not merely through the mutual indulgence of my work, but often face-to-face at book events or signings. Now, that is a thrill for me! Then there are my beautiful social media queens and kings with whom, through social media, I interface daily. We’ve shared laughs, and tears. You make me think. You encourage me to be a better me. I like my readers, really and truly. You are my beloved community.

There have been days when my joy was running low, and God used you to bring rainbows. An email. A tweet. A Facebook post for me. Your kind and supportive words are sweet fuel and fire. They reignite and inspire. You are replenishing.

I believe, Dear Ones, in reciprocity. The social media games we’ve played, complete with prizes, are my simple way of expressing appreciation. My monthly “Readers’ Row” feature is my opportunity to highlight readers who’ve impacted this here life. These little ways of giving back are pure delights that make my heart bright. I pray they’re well received, for they’re meant as simple but genuine blessings.

I’ve said it often, I’ll say it again. Precious Readers, you are the backbone of the literary community. Without wonderful readers, my works would sit somewhere lonely and unnoticed, collecting dust on a shelf. And I’d be crying in a corner ready to eat dirt and worms. Thank you for allowing my written works into your world, for sharing your time with them and with me. Thank you for embracing my characters and their crazy offerings, their strengths and their frailties. For connecting with those crazy characters so much that you felt inspired to write a review, my ‘thank you’ seems too simplistic. Yet, I truly do!

So, Dear Reader, this here author is determined to give you more, to give you good, to give you better than I gave before. Writing is a gift. Writing is both beautiful honor and joy. Me? I’m a work in progress. Daily growing and learning. But I’m a tenacious kind of woman, and I promise you I won’t give up. I’ll keep honing and stretching, sharpening and polishing this gift until it brightly shines. As God gives it to me, I’ll give it right back to you. Our author-reader relationship is precious. I pray, for you, it’s refreshing. I’m dedicated to writing. Stay dedicated to reading. We’re loving literature together. And that there is more than mighty good!

Peace & blessings,


Suzette D. Harrison, a native Californian and the middle of three daughters, grew up in a home where reading was required, not requested. Her literary “career” began in junior high school with the publishing of her poetry. While Mrs. Harrison pays homage to Alex Haley, Gloria Naylor, Alice Walker, Langston Hughes, and Toni Morrison as legends who inspired her creativity, it was Dr. Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings that unleashed her writing. The award-winning author of Taffy is a wife and mother who holds a culinary degree in Pastry & Baking. Mrs. Harrison is busy cooking up her next novel…in between batches of cookies. Learn more about Suzette D. Harrison and her work at


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