Book Review of Bridges by Maria Murnane

Title: Bridges

Author: Maria Murnane

Rating: 5 Stars=Great Page Turner


Three friends, one engagement and a weekend to celebrate begins the journey in Bridges by Maria Murnane.

Daphne is happy for her friend Skylar after learning about her engagement. She accepts Skylar’s invitation to celebrate in Manhattan even though she knows it isn’t a good time for her. Daphne is dealing with issues in her relationship and doesn’t want to ruin everyone’s weekend. After arriving and exploring Skylar’s apartment her, “I’m paying for everything” attitude just might take Daphne over the edge.

KC, the other part of the trio, arrives later to the party. She is excited to spend time with her best friends and ready to celebrate until she becomes ill. KC will have to explain why she doesn’t feel up to all of the activities. As the weekend progresses, the three friends’ secrets are revealed and their friendship maybe affected.

Bridges was a well-written story about communication, friendship and supporting others. The characters were well developed and easy to invest in along with a stunning cover, which is the first thing that caught my eye about the book. This being the first book I have read by this author, I can say I am so glad I picked up her work. I recommend Bridges to others.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley


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