Meet The Author

Meet the Author: Interview with Stacey Covington Lee

Having fallen in love with literature at an early age, it only made sense for Stacey Covington-Lee to seek a career that would allow her to combine her passion for writing and her Communications education from Savannah State University.

During her lengthy career in the insurance industry as an Instructional and PC Trainer, Stacey wrote and developed multiple training guides and manuals for both insurance companies and local government.

It was at the encouragement of a dear friend that Stacey wrote and released her first novel, The Knife In My Back. Continuing her exploration of love, friendship, and betrayal, she has since given us The Knife In My Back 2, Bitter Taste Of Love, Hate The Way He Loves Me, and her much anticipated, When Love Ain’t Enough.

Stacey is an Atlanta native and has found great enjoyment in visiting book clubs and speaking at various events throughout the country. She loves hearing from readers and invites everyone to visit her website,, follow her on Twitter (@covingtonlee) as well as Facebook ( and IG (scovingtonlee).

Tell us about your publishing journey.

Publishing has in fact been a journey. When I originally released my first novel, I did so with a self publishing company. I paid them for the cover design, editing, typesetting, all of which was sub-par. Thankfully, I was soon picked up by a small, independent publisher, and then another that had a larger following. I can honestly say that I learned so much from the independent publishers, what to do, what not to do, self promotion, and most importantly, how to successfully publish my own work. Thats what I’ve done with When Love Ain’t Enough and will continue to do.

What genres do you write in?

I am truly a Contemporary Fiction author. My novels are an intriguing combination of suspense and romance. I pride myself on packing each drama filled story with some aspects of love, deception, redemption, and at times, obsession. Hooking the readers at page one and keep them anxiously flipping the pages is always my goal.
What are four things you believe every writer should have when starting a writing career?
Every writer should have a good amount of patience because nothing happens over night. An excellent editor is also a must for every writer. A willingness to research not only their book topics, but the publishing options that will best suit their needs. Last but not least, every writer should have a great marketing plan to ensure that their family and friends aren’t the only ones that will read their work.
Do you believe every writer should be an avid reader?
While I know some good writers that aren’t big readers, I definitely believe that being an avid reader helps one to sharpen their writing skills.
What has been the most challenging and rewarding thing for you as a writer?
The most challenging thing has been promotion. Many think that a few social media posts in key reading groups is all thats needed to have a best seller. It would be nice if that were the case, but it takes a lot more than that. A great marketing plan and execution of that plan is key. The most rewarding aspect is, without a doubt, having readers reach out and tell me that my work positively touched their lives. That means the world to me.
Tell us about When Love Ain’t Enough.
When Love Ain’t Enough is a story that gives the reader a birds eye view of how terribly wrong things can go in a marriage when people don’t appreciate what they have. The main characters, Vince and Rozalla, have a beautiful marriage, but when Rozalla falls prey to the negative influences of a friend, she unwittingly destroys her marriage and falls painfully hard into the trappings of a smooth talking predator. Trying to regain what she once had with Vince could cost someone their life.
Tell us about Rozalla  and Vince.
For Vince and Rozalla, it truly was love at first sight. They met and married young and were able to build a beautiful life together. They weren’t rich, but Vince, a successful mechanic, and Rozalla,a nurse, were comfortable and most importantly, they were in love. Vince is the epitome of a good man and would do just about anything to make his family happy. Rozalla loved her family, but even in her forties, she was susceptible to the influences of others. She’s still learning to trust herself and not the ramblings of others.
Tell us about Heather Ramos and Harrison. 
Heather is a lovely, single woman who embeds herself into Rozalla’s life. Some might deduct that since she isn’t in a happy relationship, she doesn’t want Rozalla to be in one either. Harrison is a smooth, handsome man that comes into Rozalla’s life just as she is seeking the excitement that she thinks she’s been missing. However, Harrison isn’t the generous, kind man that he pretends to be. He would better be described as dangerous.
What new projects are you working on?
I am currently working on a romance novella that will release late summer, early fall. I am also really excited about the family drama novel that I anticipate releasing towards the end of the year.
Where can readers find you?
I invite readers to visit my website @ and follow me on Twitter (@covingtonlee), IG (@scovingtonlee), and Facebook ( I also have a Facebook group that is full of positivity, great conversation, and weekly short stories. Search FB for Stacey’s Reading Sanctuary and click to join.

About When Love A’int Enough

Love, commitment, and protection; what every woman wants from her man and exactly what Rozalla had with her husband, Vince. That is until the deceitful and conniving Heather Ramos worms her way into Rozalla’s life. With less than honorable intentions, she’s convinced her friend that nothing Vince has ever provided is good enough and he’s no longer man enough to fulfill her desires. Heather and her overpowering influence give Rozalla the courage to tell her husband that she’s no longer satisfied with the life that they’ve built. Heart in hand, Vince asks Rozalla what else he can do to make her happy. Rejecting his efforts, she tells him to drop dead. Little did she know the strength of her words.

The sexy and very tempting Harrison seems to possess all of the qualities that Rozalla has been longing for. His passion and generosity make him the perfect guy to fill the newly open position in her heart. But when he goes from dream boat to nightmare, Rozalla longs to return to the life she once knew. However, the sins of her past and desires of new lovers may have destroyed her chances for a happily ever after. In this dramatic and sexy novel, you’ll instantly become engrossed in a tale of greed, lust, obsession, and betrayal. Find out if the love that Rozalla and Vince once shared is buried forever or if it can be resurrected from the ashes.


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