Meet The Author

Meet The Author: Interview with Jessica Wren

The incomparable Authoress Jessica Wren is known for her critically acclaimed series, The Worst Thots Ever and now she brings you I Was Made To Love You: The Ceanna & Avantae Love Story. Authoress Jessica Wren is a native of Austin, Texas. She has been penning her stories since the age of fourteen. In 2005 she received her Creative Writing Degree. In 2015 she signed to Cole Hart Presents. In 2016 she branched off on her own and took the independent journey. In 2016 she was listed as a Top 100 Urban Author of 2016. She has released a total of five books. One being a collaboration with twelve other women. In the collaboration “Women Withstanding All” Authoress Jessica Wren gets personal with her story “There is Life After Divorce”. This Authoress keeps growing and perfecting her craft. Outside of writing, she loves to live life to the fullest. In her spare time, she loves to paint, design, plan events, travel and spend time with her love ones. Currently she is working on three books.

Q & A with Jessica A. Wren

Tell us about your publishing journey.

In 2015 I was signed to Cole Harts Presents. In 2016 I decided to take the independent journey after being released. In 2016 I was named as one of The Top 100 Urban Authors. I have written a total of four books, one collaboration and The Final Hour should be released this month.

What genres do you write in? 

I write Urban Fiction, African American Romance and Women’s Contemporary

What are 4 things you believe every writer should have when starting a writing career?

Tough skin, self-preservation, sense of direction, and self-awareness.

Do you believe every author should be an avid reader?


What has been the most challenging and rewarding thing for you as a writer?

The most challenging is feeling as an underdog even though you know you’re just as good as the next. The rewarding thing is staying true to yourself, not becoming consumed with jealousy in your heart and staying true to your craft. I’m so happy I didn’t give up. So many blessings are coming my way.

Tell us about I was Made to Love You.

This story is dear to my heart because there was a time I literally gave up on love. This story breaks down different relationship flaws but shows through dedication, communication and a strong foundation you can pull through anything. The love Avantae has for Ceanna is so beautiful. He makes her better as a woman and individual. This story changes the negative images of black love and black men.

Here’s the synopsis:


Let it burn! Ceanna is force to bury her best friend Tonya as a sudden illness comes over her. Guardian to her best friend’s Tonya daughter Jalisa, Ceanna wonders if she can raise Jalisa and deal with the betrayal Tonya and her husband Jaceyon has put her through. Married, fighting for a divorce and carrying Jaceyon’s twin daughters, Ceanna tries to mask her emotions and deal with the situation the best she can.

Avantae knows that loving his stepbrother’s wife is wrong, but he can’t deny the love that burns inside for Ceanna. After taking a bullet from Jaceyon, Avantae rebuilds his strength, reunites with his mother Barbara Jean and makes room in his life for Ceanna. Stepping away from the streets, Avantae is determined to be a better man for Ceanna. He finds passion in music and settles into the family life. Things are finally looking up for him until Zaria comes back to settle a score.

Zaria is determined to have Avantae to herself. He was her first love and she hasn’t been able to let him fully go. She has a son, that she has kept hidden from Avantae. Determined to be a family, Zaria stops at nothing to ruin the life he has built with Ceanna.

When doors aren’t fully shut from the past, it has a way of ruining possibilities in the future.

Can Ceanna and Avantae’s love stand in the mist of a raging storm?

Tell us about Ceanna.

Ceanna is a woman many can relate to. Sometimes being emotionally attached to the wrong man can ruin your spirit and your entire life. Ceanna use to be this strong woman before her ex-husband Jaceyon broke her. He slept with her first cousin Mia Symone even impregnating her. Ceanna herself finds out she’s pregnant with twins and was too far along to terminate her pregnancy. She was devastated, broken and became this insecure woman that she couldn’t even identify with. She thought she was too far broken to come back, that is until Avantae helps to build her back up.

Tell us about Avantae.

Avantae is a man of substance and loyalty. He loves Ceanna and has decided to change his life. He gets out of the street life and channels that energy into his music. He makes a home for Ceanna and rebuilds her up into the woman he knows she is. He is kind, gentle and patience with her. He learns her to understand her without judging her. She is his air. With Avantae I wanted to show that all Black Men aren’t the same. They’re many who will love, protect and provide.

What new projects are you working on?

My new book The Final Hour will be out this month. I’m so excited for everyone to meet my new characters and to take this journey with me.

Tell us where readers can find you.

The readers can find me:


Author Page: Books By Jessica Wren

Facebook: Authoress Jessica A. Wren

Twitter: wren_jessica

Intragram: Authoress Jessica Wren


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