Book Review: Deadly Affections by Tracee Lydia Garner

Genre: mystery, suspense

Rating: 5 Stars

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The title in Tracee Lydia Garner’s new novel, Deadly Affections sounds like a romance gone wrong, but it changes your mind after reading the first chapter. This book starts with Leedra Henderson witnessing a kidnapping of a little girl and following the vehicle to get the little girl back. After saving the Kira, Leedra soon starts a new job and tries to move on with her original plans.

She steps into her new role at the Anchored Empowerment Center, interacting with the staff and ready to put new ideals in place. Having been a foster child, Leedra can’t help being drawn to a career of service especially if it helps her get closer to her own truth.

Dexter Parker is stunned after meeting the new employee, especially after finding out she is the woman who saved his daughter. He feels as if he knows her from somewhere, but can’t put his finger on it. When Dexter figures out she is a former foster child, he approaches her to clarify his findings. Old feelings for the girl he used to know start to creep back and soon, Dexter and Leedra join forces to uncover the truth about the foster home where they were placed. The more they investigate the closer danger is to them.

Deadly Affections was an intriguing mystery with unsuspected twists and turns. It was exciting to be on the journey with Leedra and Dexter’s as their relationship grew while trying to investigate the foster home. This book had well developed characters that complemented the storyline and kept me turning the pages. I also liked that it shed light on how children are being treated while in foster care. I definitely recommend Deadly Affections to others.

Reviewed  by  Teresa  Beasley


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