Book Review: Cold Flash by Carrie H. Johnson

Title: Cold Flash

Author: Carrie H. Johnson

Rating: 5 Stars=Non-PageTurner


In this second installment of the Muriel Mabley mystery series, Cold Flash, Muriel is knee deep in chaos. In Philadelphia, there has been a series of killing especially against gang members. Muriel is assisting in the case, which starts readers on a journey of her balancing work, family, troubled youth and a romance.

The killings soon hit home when her son, Travis’ friends are killed. Muriel feels there is a connection especially when one of Travis’s friends, Elijah’s brother is one of the main gang members dealing in drugs. Muriel believes she needs help by including her love interest, Calvin, in hopes of getting justice for those they have lost and to bring a stop to the gangs and drugs in the city. This is easier said than done because the closer Muriel and Calvin the more dangerous the consequences get.

Having never read this author’s work, I was captivated by the story, suspense, consistent storyline, memorable characters and the twists. This author’s writing style is one I will keep on my radar. I enjoyed that it included a realistic family, hint of romance, struggles and loyalty. I will say Muriel Mabley’s character is one I wouldn’t mind seeing on television. I would definitely tune in.

Reviewed by Teresa  Beasley


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