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Guest Post: “Career Transitions Don’t Have to Be Painful” by Vicki Morris, Author of InspiredWork

Here is a book excerpt from the transformational career guide InspiredWork: Create Work You Love in 8 Weeks by Vicki Morris, the Career Happiness Coach, founder of InspiredWork and author of the Inc. Best 100 Business book Happy Habits, and the InspiredWork Workbook.

How InspiredWork Can Help YOU

In my 25-year high-tech career, I hired 160 professionals and went through 16 career transitions. I know that career transitions are a normal part of a person’s career, and that they happen to everyone. They are so common, in fact, that in the U.S. alone, professionals – on average – go through approximately 11 career transitions by age 38. Even more eye opening is the fact that, as previously mentioned, millennials may go through about 20 jobs in their lifetime. Yet, despite the frequency of these job changes, I found that most people tend to become a bit less inspired with each and every job transition they encounter. They experience a great deal of pain, which tends to be transferred to their loved ones, as well.

My goal is to reverse the cycle. With InspiredWork, I want to take the frustrations and pain that typically come from switching careers and transform them into positive energy, which you can use to find a job that fulfills you and aligns with your values, or start your own company that helps you make a positive impact on the world.

Career transitions don’t have to be painful. Perhaps a job transition is just life’s way of telling us that it’s time for something better. And, as you’ll see, with each change, you become better equipped to handle the transition process.

Career transitions continue to happen. When I say that I’ve had 16Tcareer transitions, please note that I count both full-time jobs and full-time consulting projects as career transitions. I recommend that you count them, too, for several reasons: First, transitions after full-time consulting projects can take just as long as traditional career transitions and they can feel just as bad, too. Second, a full-time consulting project could be in your best interest versus a full-time job, so I like to think of these projects as viable career choices. Third, you can connect with high-quality people and learn just as much at a full-time consulting job as you would in a permanent job, so it would certainly make sense to include your consulting contacts and accomplishments on your resume, CV, and LinkedIn profile. Fourth, I’ve learned that in today’s knowledge economy, the successful management of your career comes down to managing projects – whether they are labeled as jobs or consulting projects. In fact, more and more people find themselves in what is described as “on-demand economy” or “gig economy”. And demand for this way of working and consuming is profound. Is it good or bad for workers? The real question is, “Are you equipped to deal with this disruptive change in the workplace?” So, it is wise to adopt a project-oriented mentality when you assess your long-term career.

Finally, I was able to realize that although career transitions happen, they don’t need to be painful. In fact, I realized that career transitions could be embraced as positive opportunities to find or create work through which you can learn, share your unique talents, and be happier overall. Even if you’re making the decision to move forward as an entrepreneur, the experiences you’ve collected in a number of different positions will only help in launching a successful career.

The key is not just to find another job. The key is to find or create a job that moves you—a job that inspires you and brings you closer to the vision you have for your life! There is more to work than just paying the bills and you can find – or even create – a job or business that’s both lucrative and fulfilling.

In the InspiredWork book, I’ve included only the most useful and practical information and exercises, all of which worked well for me. It also includes the most heart-centered wisdom I have gleaned as a spiritual practitioner. I have endeavored to combine all of this information into a practical, step-by-step job search guide, which can be used now or at any point in the future if job loss should strike. By writing this book, I hope to turn my personal job loss pain into fuel and to help a new generation of young professionals avoid unnecessary pain and delays to find or create more soul-inspired work.

There are things I’ve learned in going through so many different career transitions that I want to share with you – so you will know them ahead of time and be better prepared when career transitions become necessary (either because a company isn’t performing well or because it’s time for you to find more inspiring opportunities).

One of my most valuable learnings was the realization that I could cope by taking a heart-centered approach to finding a job. I could systemize the approach, and utilize it to my advantage. In doing so, I’d be able to get through each new transition and bypass a great deal of pain and delays.

I’ve also learned that other people experienced career transitions just like I did. There’s a great deal of comfort that comes with knowing that you’re not alone in any given situation. So, there is a need for people to find a heart-centered approach to the job transition or startup process. You’ll find that this pragmatic approach is really helpful and taking the time to master this holistic career change skill will make your life easier and less worrisome. It will help you find your best possible job or create a company that you’re proud of, so you can be true to yourself in your role. It will also aid in providing you with peace of mind so you’ll know you’ll be able to bounce back and find another job in the future, should you ever need to.

How Loss Can Become a Blessing

I’ve experienced so many losses and setbacks in life. Amazingly, each time, things actually wound up working out for the best. For example, when I went through the most devastating job loss of my life in 1999, I really wanted to move out of California and relocate to Atlanta to find a job near my brother and parents. A wonderful recruiter found me a VP of Product Marketing opening at a CRM software company that was headquartered in Atlanta. It was an ideal job opportunity, and it would also enable me to live near my family.

Yet, the interview with my potential new boss, the CEO, went very badly. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job. I ended up staying in California and getting a different job instead. Then, I met my husband a few months later. Meanwhile, the Atlanta CRM company went under because it couldn’t compete with So, not getting the job that I thought I wanted so badly actually turned out to be a huge blessing in many ways.

This type of phenomenon happens all the time – I personally experience it so frequently that I now embrace these types of outcomes as Divine Will. Now, I actively try to make choices that are based on Divine Will, instead of worrying so much about how one certain experience will or won’t work out for me – I am able to accept the circumstances Divine Will gives to me, and I have actually learned to welcome alternate paths with open arms.

How this Information Can Help You – and How It Helped Me

I love the InspiredWork System because it helps professionals turn the entire job transition process into an adventure. Even if you’ve gone through it before, you can revamp the experience by transforming it, reconnecting with Source and setting a new, more heart-centered course. As a result, you’ll co-create your own work, through which you’ll find happiness and fulfillment every day.

Vicki Morris is the Career Happiness Coach, founder of InspiredWork and author of the transformational career guides InspiredWork: Create Work You Love in 8 Weeks and the InspiredWork Workbook as well as the Inc. Best 100 Business book Happy Habits. Vicki offers 25 years of experience as a high tech business leader, entrepreneur, and career happiness mentor. Vicki launched InspiredWork to help professionals create their own inspired work so they can be happy at work and love their life.

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