Meet The Author

Meet the Author: Interview with Julia A. Royston

Stopping by Authors & Readers Book Corner is Julia Royston. She is an author, publisher, speaker and teacher. Royston provides full-service book publishing services, writing and publishing coaching services as well as hosts workshops and conferences to help aspiring writers become best-selling authors and thriving entrepreneurs. By profession, she is a 22-year certified, media specialist/technology instructor with the local public school system. Let’s get to know a little more about Julia Royston.

Tell us about BK Royston Publishing.

BK Royston Publishing is a full-service publishing company established in 2008 to publish high quality and enjoyable inspirational materials for all ages. BK Royston Publishing has assisted hundreds of authors with the guidance, information, coaching and publishing services necessary to write, publish and promote books in all media formats. BK Royston Publishing stays on the cutting edge of publishing by providing publications in multiple formats including paperback, hard back, eBook, Kindle and other mobile device.

Do you provide services? If yes, tell us about your services.

We provide all of the services to get a book from idea to the reader including writing coaching, editing, graphics, formatting, cover design and publishing options.

What led you into the publishing industry?

I wrote my first book and began selling it throughout the community. Prior to my first book, I sang 75+ events per year so I would go to different places in my community and around the country. I met with a friend and she asked me if I had more than 1 book in me. I hesitantly said yes and BK Royston Publishing was born to only publish my own books. A couple of years later, someone said that she had written a book, wanted it published and was going to pay me to publish her books. I told her I would do it for her and the rest is history. She told more friends and learned more and more about publishing.

As a motivational speaker, what topics do you cover?

Well, writing of course, publishing and being a business owner. Because I sing and teach technology as a career, I teach on praise and worship as well as being a psalmist and worship leader. As an information manager/librarian/media specialist, I teach technology skills and tools for business. I have multiple interests and gifts. I use them all of God’s glory and the education and benefit of others.

As a publisher, what do you look for in talent (meaning authors) to add to your roster?

A message, passion and an ability to reach and engage people. We can work on the book, its cover, the interior, tools and information for promotion and marketing to have the book ready for the world but if the author doesn’t have a passion for their own story, build a following of engaged people to become avid readers, it will be very hard to sell the book.

Tell us about Jillian Forrester.

Jillian is single, hard-working, spirit led, passionate, multi-gifted and talented educated young woman looking for someone to share her life with. She has had relationships but doesn’t want to settle for a man who doesn’t love God, her and himself, in that order.

Jillian touches on faith, how important was this topic to the story?

Extremely important because Jillian is Book #1 of the Women of the Fellowship Series set around women who are not church goers but church administrators and leaders on a national level in their particular denomination.

Do you write in other genres?

I write devotionals, poetry, children’s books, business topics and praise and worship.

Do you believe authors should be avid readers?

I do because it is the virtual networking and professional development that comes from reading someone else’s work that should cause you to take your writing endeavors to the next level. With the demands of publishing, I don’t get to read as much as I would like.

What is your favorite place to write?

My desktop computer with the door closed. I like music when I write and the music changes with the genre. Romance, soft romantic music. Devotionals or Praise and Worship Topics, Praise and Worship Music, etc.

What is your favorite quote or scripture?

“I will say of the Lord that he is my refuge, my fortress, my God and in Him will I trust.” Psalm 91:2

Where can readers find you?

My headquarters to find all of my websites, businesses and information is

About the Book

Jillian watched so many of her friends date, get engaged and marry before her. She wondered what was taking so long. Jillian had done all of the right things. She had gone to school, built a thriving company, owned a home, drove a luxury car and dedicated years of service to her church and community. But, where was her love? Come experience the lessons, longing and love of Jillian Forrester. Have faith, your love is on the way too.

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