Book Review: The Beauty Doctor by Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard

Title: The Beauty Doctor

Author: Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard

Genre: Historical Fiction

Rating: 3 Stars= Okay Page Turner

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In the book, we meet Abigail, a young woman who dreams of becoming a doctor. She takes a job with a cosmetic surgeon in hopes of learning all she can, but soon becomes infatuated with the lure of what cosmetic surgery can do for a person. Abigail starts to admire what she is learning even though working with Dr. Rome has her stepping way out of her comfort zone, while introducing her to some of the most prominent people in New York. Abigail is doing things she would normally not do because this opportunity means everything to her.

This book touches on women’s roles in this era of time, politics, hint of romance and how concern people were with their looks and cosmetic surgery, which I wasn’t expecting when I started reading it. The characters are ones you either like or don’t like. I will say the transformation Abigail goes through and the actions she takes throughout the book made me invest in her character. This has been by far the strangest book I have read in 2017 but it was enjoyable.

I received this book from the author for review purpose only.


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