Book Review: Relentless Heart by Tyora Moody

Title: Relentless Heart

Author: Tyora Moody

Publication Date: September 10, 2017

Genre:  Mystery, Suspense Thriller

Rating: 5 Non-stop Page Turner

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I have wanted to meet the third Reed sister, Asia an intelligent and determined Assistant District Attorney. She is a hard worker who puts her all into work because she doesn’t like to lose a case. After receiving a late night call from her ex-boyfriend, Adam, she finds herself trying to find out what happened to him. She feels he was trying to tell her something but didn’t get the chance, which prompts her to insert herself into the investigation. Asia starts working with Detective Isaac Coleman in hopes of solving the case since both believe Adam’s call has something to do with his death.

What I liked about Relentless Heart is the story features a strong woman who doesn’t back down until she gets answers. Asia is a person I would want in my corner in a courtroom or any room for that matter. The author shares another side of this character because of her desire to be a wife and a mother but realizing the career she loves may also be in her way. My anticipation to find out the answers Asia was seeking on Adam’s behalf kept me turning the pages, which is easy to do when reading anything from Tyora Moody. Moody is consistent with the development of her characters, the structure she places them in and her plots of suspense, thrills and hint of mystery. I look forward to her next series.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.


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