Book Review: Now Is Everything by Amy Giles

Title: Now Is Everything

Author: Amy Giles

Genre: Young Adult

Publication Date: November 7, 2017

Rating: 4 Stars=Great Page Turner

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A person’s life is different behind closed doors and often secrets lie there but who is looking? I was while reading Now Is Everything by Amy Giles.

Hadley is a teenage girl who does her best to be everything her father demands her to be, whether it causes her pain or not. She can’t have a relationship and barely friendships because keeping up appearances is important to her father. This is one of the main focuses of the book. My guess is the author wants to make sure you hate the father, dislike the mother and feel sorry for Hadley.

Let’s talk about these characters, Hadley’s father is controlling, verbally and physically abusive and only thinks about himself. Hadley’s mother is an alcoholic who won’t leave him because she doesn’t want a life without money. Hadley appears to be innocent but is constantly doing things to upset her father while trying to protect her little sister, Lila. She also dates a guy against her parent’s wishes, which happens to be the highlight of the book for me. I guess the reader is to believe Hadley is keeping Lila in the dark about their father, but her little sister is smarter than she thinks and definitely could read between the lines.

Hadley constantly pissed me off so I guess she did her job by evoking emotions in me and making me invest into the story. I also like the connection between Charlie Simmons and Hadley. I believe the building of their relationship was done well. The best part of this book is the twist toward the end of the book. It is priceless. I definitely recommend Now Is Everything to others.


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