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Sneak Peek of Under the Sicilian Sky #giveaway

Under the Sicilian Sky
Daring To Love Again Book 1
by Alexia Adams
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Amnesia obliterates a married couple’s shared past in this
poignant second-chance-at-love story.
Matteo Vanni washed up on a Tunisian beach six years ago with no clothes,
identity documents, or memories, just a wedding ring to link him to
his past. He’s reinvented himself as a wealthy entrepreneur, but
now a knock on the head restores some of his memories, particularly
that his wife Bella is waiting for him in Sicily. But returning to
his native land and digging into his mysterious and sudden
disappearance could cost this new millionaire everything.
Sheep farmer Bella Vanni has accepted that her presumed-dead husband is
long gone, so it’s a huge shock when he knocks on her door and
announces his desire to resume their marriage. She can’t trust his
answers on where he’s been or why he left, and she certainly isn’t
keen to walk away from the family farm she labored to save. But their
mutual passion won’t be denied.
When Matteo’s freedom is threatened, Bella must decide which is most
important to her: everything she’s painstakingly built or a new
start on love.
Sensuality Level: Sensual

Excerpts From: Under the Sicilian Sky

Long Excerpt 1:

I didn’t abandon Bella. I had an accident and lost my memory. The fact remains, she’s my wife.” This time Matteo crossed his arms, his biceps bulging under his T-shirt. She shoved down the shiver of awareness. This was not helping. She needed to make rational decisions, not be turned on by his body.

“Bella?” Cristo ignored Matteo’s aggressive stance and turned to her. “Do you want Matteo back? Because you have options.”

Okay, those must have been magic mushrooms in the omelet because she was hallucinating. After six years alone, she now had two men to choose from?


Cristoforo strode over and took her hand in his. “I’ve wanted you for years, Bella. I’ve waited for you to be ready to love again. I know Matteo once held your heart, but you’ve changed. He’s obviously changed. You can still file for divorce. Choose a man who will stay with you…”

A deep growl came from Matteo. “I did not leave willingly. I still don’t know what happened. That part of my memory hasn’t returned. But I will find out. And when I do—”

She followed the line of Matteo’s gaze and saw a blue SUV lumbering over the pothole-riddled drive. Had her guests come a day early? She could read the Trip Advisor comment now: Arrived to find hostess practically naked with two men fighting over her. Visit went downhill from there.
But she was expecting a family with two young children. Instead, a tall, blond-haired man got out, his eyes hidden behind sunglasses. It couldn’t be…

“Kai!” she said. Cristo dropped her hand. “I didn’t think you were coming. Your text said you’d had a change of plans.”

“Hello, Pop-Tart. I changed them back. Couldn’t bear to not see you again.”

Her laugh came out strangled and too high-pitched. She was on the edge of losing it. Men were like buses. You wait and wait and wait, and then three come along at once.
Kai strolled over, ignoring the other two men, and hugged her, swinging her off her feet. “You in a bit of trouble?” he whispered in her ear.

“Not yet. But things are definitely getting interesting.”
He put her back on her feet but kept his arm around her shoulders—protective, big brother style.

“Who’s this?” Matteo looked like he might explode.

“Kai Andersen, my ex-fiancé. Kai, let me introduce you to Matteo, my estranged husband, and Cristoforo, a good friend who now claims to want me.”

“Is this a meeting to see who gets to have you? Because if so, I’m in.”

“What?” she, Matteo, and Cristo all asked at once.

“Sure,” Kai added, gazing down at her, his face full of mischief. “We were engaged once, why not actually get married? How are we doing this? Arm wrestle? Rock, paper, scissors? Or should we just drop our pants, show our dicks, and see who has the biggest?”

She was tempted just to walk away and let them fight it out between them. Then she could decide if the victor was worthy of her. But there was too much at stake to let three testosterone-fueled men duke it out in front of the guesthouse.

A former world wanderer, Alexia Adams writes contemporary romance
stories that reflect her love of exotic destinations and diverse
characters and cultures. She currently lives near Vancouver, Canada
with her husband and four children and dreams of a world without
housework. As a flight risk mom, romance is her escape and she can
often be found with her nose in a book, pretending she’s somewhere else.
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