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Book Review: Perfectly Misunderstood by Robin Daniels

Title: Perfectly Misunderstood

Author: Robin Daniels

Publication Date: April 4, 2018

Rating: 3 Stars=Okay Page Turner

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In Perfectly Misunderstood, Jayden Valdez is a teenager who takes pride in making good grades. She doesn’t want to disappoint her parents. When she finds out her grade in Spanish is down her teacher gives her a solution. Jayden will need to get tutoring, which she is fine with until her tutor’s identity is revealed.

Mike Thompson is intelligent but likes being the class clown. He has everyone at his school believing he is dumb. He is responsible and takes care of his siblings after school to help his mother out. He lives a separate life that many of his friends no nothing about. When his coach ask him to tutor a student he agrees until the student’s identity is revealed.

Perfectly Misunderstood is a typical young adult story where the boy meets the girl, introduces her to his home life, girls starts sharing more of her and both ignore the growing attractions that is very noticeable. It was a cute story with humorous banter between Mike and Jayden’s characters. I didn’t care for the way Mike’s siblings talked to and teased him about having a different father and him not being Hispanic. This turned me off a little even though I learned more about his character, having read previous books in this series.

Overall, I enjoyed it and recommend it to other young adult readers.

*This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

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