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Book Review: The Way of Beauty by Camille Di Maio

Title: The Way of Beauty

Author: Camille Di Maio

Publication Date: May 1, 2018

Rating: 4 Stars=Great Page Turner

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The Way of Beauty is a wonderful story about life, love, friendship and loyalty.

Vera Keller is a likable character with fair qualities except that she is in love with a married man. I’m not saying this is all on her because he does have a part in the matter. It was strange to read since Vera is friends with his wife, Pearl. She even helps them with their child, which gives her a way of being around the love of her life. The story takes a twists when Vera decides to leave because she can’t take loving him from a far.

Angelo Bellavia knows he has a special connection with Vera but it’s just at the wrong time. He is grateful for her loyalty to his family especially the friendship she has with his wife, Pearl. As time goes by and Vera leaves them, Angelo and Pearl must come to a realization of what their marriage is and what it represents. They do deserve to be happy.

This book was romantic with vibrant history and descriptions. I loved the interaction between the characters in the first half of the book along with the suspense. The book switches to Alice’s point of view, Vera’s daughter, which slowed my interest in the rest of the book. Since I was so invested in Angelo and Vera story, I was able to finish the book and get through the second half of it. Overall, it was a nice story line that had depth and will be loved by historical fiction fans.

*This book was provided by the publisher for review purposes only.

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