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Sneak Peek of Bad News by Lilly James #giveaway

Genre: Contemporary Romance
I survived a whole week at college, had a relaxing weekend back at my dad’s, and now I’m ready to start my Monday positively. A positive mind to start the day is always the way.
I’m walking down the hall, making my way to my next class when I feel someone tapping my shoulder. I turn to see who it is, then jump back almost out of my skin. Not because I’m scared, but because the beauty of Hunter’s face is
like inches away and he’s even better looking this close. I take advantage of him being so near, and take way too much notice of his beautiful navy eyes. His skin looks smooth, but he has light stubble scattering his jaw. His hair is dirty blonde and floppy, and some of it falls across his forehead. My heart stops, and I tell myself to breathe. It’s just a guy. A hot guy. But still just a guy. As I breathe in, I take in a fresh scent that radiates off his fine self. Oh, lord…
“Hey, Blondie, I think you dropped this.” Blondie?
I glance down at the textbook that he holds in his hands and shake my head.
“That’s not mine.”
“No?” He throws it over his shoulder and leans against the wall.
“What the fuck?” A girl who gets hit on the head with the textbook is glancing around, but I ignore her because all I can focus on is Hunter’s biceps curling when he crosses his arms. Oh, my, are they wonderful.
“I’m Hunter by the way. Hunter Holland.”
I wait for his hand to come out so I can shake it, or something, but all he gives me is a grin that stops the beat of my heart. Dazzling. “You have a double letter name?” What kind of question is that Lou!
He looks amused. Of course, he does. “Yeah, all the greats have a double letter name.”
I laugh, intrigued. “Like who?”
He opens his mouth to say something, holds up his finger then shakes his head. “Let me get back to you on that.”
I laugh again, relaxing a little. Only a little. “Well, nice to meet you. I have to get back to class.” I smile politely, turn on my heel and exhale. I mentally tell myself to act cool.
“Danni DeVito.” He calls after me.
I turn but carry on walking backwards. “Joe Jonas.” I grin.
“Lame.” He shakes his head walking towards me. “Ryan Reynolds.”
“Gorgeous. Kim Kardashian.”
“Hot.” He smirks. “Peter Parker?”
“Spiderman?” I chuckle, and turn my back on him. I exhale again, mentally tapping myself on the back for getting through that without blushing, or stuttering. But then I jump, again, because he’s walking beside me, glancing at
me with those eyes. I have been dreaming about them all week. “Why are you looking at me like that?” I say uneasily.
“I’m mentally undressing you.” He smirks devilishly.
Woah, okay. Keep calm Lou. This is normal guy behavior. This is just not normal for you. But you can deal with it. In a grown-up way. Or run.
“And what underwear are you imagining?” Wrong! I said grown up way, not the slutty way! Second option-run! I tightly close my eyes and bite my lip. “I did not mean to say that. I do not say things that like.”
I walk ahead of him mortified, but he catches up to me. His eyes glance down my body—in a way that has my knees all wobbly. I need to keep balance. This is so hard.
“Black, lace. Skimpy.” He says.
“Wrong.” I keep talking, but mentally I’m begging myself to shut up. “I have on a cotton bra and comfy panties with a butterfly on the front.” What the? Oh, my lord. Real hot Lou. Not!
Hunter cocks his head like he’s weighing up his options. “I can work with that.”
I shake my head again and cringe at myself. “I did not mean to say that either.
I don’t make a habit of telling guys what underwear I have on. Please don’t spread rumors about me.” What a complete prat I am.
There is no wrong or right way to deal with a death. Or to grieve in a way
that is expected. The loss of a loved one can hit you in ways you
could never imagine. At least, it did to Hunter Holland. College
Junior Hunter knows he messes up; he knows he hates his life; he also
knows he blames his father for his mother’s death. What he doesn’t
know is that his life is about to change–all thanks to Louisa
Dawson. Louisa, the freshman, is sweet. Shy. Innocent. She doesn’t
care for boys, but rather books. Hunter is crazy, a player, and as
cocky as they come. The college ‘bad news’ is everything she
wants to stay away from, yet he is everything she is drawn to.
Focused on her studies, Louisa doesn’t have time for Hunter who is
both distracting and disruptive, but Louisa is the breath of fresh
air Hunter needs. She is the only girl he is willing to work for. She
is also the only girl that understands why Hunter is living the life
he is. Louisa is determined to prove to Hunter that living in a
tormented past is never going to guarantee a happy future. They say
opposites attract… maybe they do.
British Author Lilly James is a woman with a wild imagination that has to be
set free into the arms of a keyboard.
Writing gives Lilly that chance to escape the real world and live in
a world of fantasy with her characters.
When she’s not writing you’ll find her singing terribly to music, curled
up with her kindle, or doing something boring like everyday chores
that unfortunately need attention.
Lilly lives in Wales, is a mother of one beautiful little girl, and loves
reading, chocolate and wine. All in that order.
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