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#BookTour Bluebird, Texas Romance Series by Ann Everitt

A Bluebird, Texas Romance #1
by Ann Everett
Genre: Contemporary Romance
A woman hiding from her future…
Heiress to the largest steel company in America, twenty-year-old, socially
awkward Blaze Bledsoe hides out at Dessie Bishop’s farm. For the
last three years, Blaze has eluded one investigator after another,
but just when she thinks she’s safe, a PI closes in. Her luck is
about to run out in more ways than one.
A man running from his past…
Rance Keller, a tough, hard-living ex-con, fresh out of prison for a crime
he didn’t commit, arrives to claim the house his grandmother left
him. Finding a strange girl living there, his plans for a solitary
life take a turn. Her lack of modesty, no filter, and word of the day
fetish baffles him, but those big green eyes and sweet mouth have him
losing sleep.
Welcome to Bluebird, Texas
Where two damaged people with secrets, discover trust can lead to passion.
**Only .99 cents Feb 11th – 18th!!**
A Bluebird, Texas Romance #2
Things just got hotter in Texas. Award-winning author Ann Everett returns
with another sizzling Bluebird, Texas romance.
Sometimes it takes losing everything…
True Shanahan must be the unluckiest woman in the world. Either that or
she’s cursed. After another failed relationship, True leaves Dallas
with a broken heart and new attitude. It’s time to walk on the wild
side. But when she makes a wrong turn and ends up in Bluebird, Texas,
the only man she wants is anything but reckless.
to find all you’ve ever wanted.
Ritter Malone is the town’s favorite son and has the local hero awards to
prove it. Seems he’s always in the right place at the right time.
But when he crosses paths with True, his life takes a turn he never
sees coming. Her songwriting skills may be questionable, but her
ability to turn him inside out is indisputable.
Welcome to Bluebird, Texas.
Where a chance meeting gives two people a chance at love.
**Only .99 cents Feb 11th – 18th!!**
Award-winning author, Ann Everett embraces her small town upbringing and thinks
Texans are some of the funniest people on earth. When speaking to
writing groups, businesses, book clubs, and non-profit organizations,
she incorporates her special brand of wit, making her programs on
marketing, self-publishing, and the benefits of laughter, informative and fun.
Ten things you won’t know about Ann by reading her bio:
She’s married to her high school sweetheart.
She loves shopping at thrift stores.
She doesn’t remember her first kiss.
She hates talking on the telephone.
A really sharp pencil makes her happy.
She secretly wants to get a tattoo.
She believes everyone should own at least one pair of cowboy boots.
She’s thankful wrinkles aren’t painful.
She sucks at math.
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#BookTour Bud Hutchins Supernatural Thrillers by JB Michaels

The Order of St. Michael
Bud Hutchins Supernatural Thrillers Book 1
by JB Michaels
Genre: Supernatural Suspense, Urban Fantasy
What do you get when you pair a smart-mouthed geek with a fake English
accent and a disciplined, headstrong woman with incredible powers?
Meet Bud Hutchins, a socially awkward super genius who talks too much and
can’t get out of his own way. Will he heed the call to join the
Order and save humanity?
Eh, maybe.
Meet Maeve, a beautiful young woman who happens to be a monk of an ancient
Order tasked with keeping evil spirits at bay and saving Bud Hutchins from himself.
She rolls her eyes. Alot.
In this globe-trotting, action-packed supernatural thriller, our heroes
fight to contain an ancient evil that calls from beyond.
It’s time for you to join the Order. Battle monsters. Avenge the dead and
save the natural world from supernatural destruction.
The Elixir
Bud Hutchins Supernatural Thrillers Book 2
How far would you go to save a friend?
From award-winning author JB Michaels, author of The Order of St. Michael
and the award-winning Tannenbaum Tailors series
Join Bud Hutchins in an action-packed urban fantasy set in Chicago, home
to the world’s most notorious urban legends. A murder rocks Chicago
Metro University. Maeve, a monk of the Order of St. Michael, faces
possible annihilation. A poltergeist wreaks havoc across the city.
With the help of the brilliant Ivy, a doctoral candidate, Bud will
need to employ science and the supernatural in his most harrowing
adventure yet, The Elixir: A Bud Hutchins Thriller.
The Ghost of Capone Mt. Olivet Cemetery, the original resting place of
gangster Al Capone, is disturbed by an ungodly menace.
Resurrection Mary strikes
The forested roads of Archer Avenue are once again stalked by the deathly
and cunning Resurrection Mary.
Murder, Mayhem, and the Elixir
A beautiful, young teacher’s assistant is murdered over a mysterious
elixir: an ancient concoction that could change history!
From Wrigleyville to the Willis Tower, the Museum of Science and Industry
to Beverly…
…join Bud Hutchins on an epic adventure through Chicago!
The Elixir is ready. Scroll up and grab a copy today.
The Castle
Bud Hutchins Supernatural Thrillers Book 3

No rest for the wicked they say.

Barely catching their breath, Bud, Ivy, and Maeve find themselves pitted
against the Chicago police, the FBI, and the world’s most powerful
vampire. Will they escape injury-free or will the fangs of doom
pierce their jugular veins?

The answers can only be found in The Castle: A Bud Hutchins Thriller.

The three slayers of the supernatural will face their most formidable
threats, seek solutions to their most important problems, and be
forever changed.

The threats are plenty. The stakes are higher. The tasks nigh impossible.

Time to grab your favorite monster-slaying weapon, raise your torch, and
storm the Castle walls.

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to two free books!
J. B. Michaels, multi-award winning author and member of the Society of Children’s
Book Writers and Illustrators, has written stories since he was in
fourth grade. He is a history teacher who loves his job.
Married and with a son, Michaels has a great love of family. He has two
series: the Gold and Bronze medal-winning Tannenbaum Tailors and Bud
Hutchins Thrillers.
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#BookTour #SneakPeek Weight, What? by Debra Taylor

Now That’s Just Stupid: Weight, What?
By Debra Taylor
Genre: Self-Help
The F-Word: A three letter word that carries the greatest impact to the
deepest void inside the soul…Fat there I said it.Just the word
alone makes every hurt, pain, failure or haunting memory rise to the
surface and food is the only thing that will quiet the storm.You
don’t have a problem with food! You have problems, issues,
behaviors and you go to food. There is a big difference!WEIGHT, What?
is the third release in the Now That’s Just Stupid, Inc. book
series. It’s a journey through real weight loss using regular,
every day foods only this time you will solve the issues and keep the
food. No one should tell you what to eat, what not to eat or how much
to eat. YOU know how to do that! What you don’t know is how to
solve the reasons why you overeat. Healthy foods and exercise didn’t
make you fat and they won’t make you thin UNTIL you face the
emotional issues underneath the weight. This book will show you how
to use your food to guide you toward your C.O.R.E. issues and take
the steps to solve them.


When Your Circle Gets Smaller

Not everyone that starts with you in your life will finish with you. We often hear this in life situations as we transition from high school to college and college into the grown-up world. But this phrase is never more apparent than when an individual changes their physical appearance.

As much as you may want to believe that your weight is indeed just about you and no one else, you are sadly mistaken. People derive many courses of action when dealing with others they initially meet. The first impression one gives to another tremendously impacts how they are treated in many complex interactions. Women tend to be better at judging non-verbal behavior than men, but it may not be out of knowledge but rather out of the repeated occurrence. Judgment is given and placed on women by both sexes more often, and therefore the value set on appearance can often override other qualities.

Obesity bias occurs within healthcare, employment, community interaction, spiritual arenas, educational endeavors and relationships with and without our knowledge. Studies have been done in marketing that has shown an overweight individual serving you fast food will deter you from ordering large portions. Their visual appearance makes one quickly assess their own and whether or not they should be eating so much. This occurs in a matter of seconds of the interaction.

Still, others have sought out heavy set people for certain positions in a company while others need thinner people for specific roles. Then there is the mighty beast of healthcare. The largest conglomerate of individuals who should know better is commonly understood to be instigators of increasing one’s weight instead of teaching tools to reduce obesity. Many overweight patients won’t even seek health care due to the treatment and ridicule they receive at the physician’s office. Clearly, they are aware they are overweight, and it’s impacting their future livelihood and life expectancy. However, repeating this information in a derogatory fashion with a hope that creating a fear will convince them to diet is not a solution. You can’t scare most overweight people to stop eating any more than you can scare the drug addict from shooting up his or her arm. The problem(s) are not being addressed only the symptoms of excessive food and lack of movement. As a healthcare professional you are just feeding your ego to think that telling them what they already know is helpful. There are broader issues involved that may be out of your expertise thus referring them to experienced professionals in the industry as well as mental health professions is a step in the right direction. Ultimately, it is up to the patient to take the desired steps for their self-care. But when the window of opportunity presents itself for a medical professional to respond to the one seeking help, it should be respected.

Author, Debra Taylor has battled obesity since childhood topping out at
almost 400 pounds before learning to manage her adiction to food. She
now holds a Masters of Science with an emphasis in Applied Behavioral
Analysis and a Ph.D. In Psychology, with an emphasis in addiction.
Her specialty is working with clients who struggle with behavioral or
emotional eating before, during and after their weight loss. She has
traveled nationally and internationally as a motivational speaker and
was Director over several hospital surgical and non-surgical weight
loss programs. While working with tousands of obese individuals she
designed the meaning behind food groups that explain and solve
emotional eating while teaching people to lose weight eating
regular every day foods.
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#BookTour The Hotel LaBelle Series by Sharon Buchbinder

The Haunting of Hotel LaBelle
The Hotel LaBelle Series Book 1
by Sharon Buchbinder
Genre: Paranormal Romance
When hotel inspector, Tallulah Thompson, is called in along with her pug,
Franny, to investigate renovation delays, she meets an extremely
annoyed and dapper turn-of-the-century innkeeper. The only problem is
he’s in limbo, neither dead nor alive, and Tallulah and the pug are
the first to see him in a hundred years.
Cursed by a medicine woman, “Love ‘em and Leave ‘em Lucius” Stewart
is stuck between worlds until he finds his true love and gives her
his heart. When he first sees Tallulah, he doesn’t know what he’s
feeling. Yet, her stunning beauty, and feisty attitude pull him in.
With the fate of Hotel LaBelle on the line, Tallulah with the help of a
powerful medicine woman turns Lucius back into a flesh and blood man.
She and Lucius team up to save the hotel, but Tallulah can’t help but
wonder if he will ever let go of his past love and learn to love again.
**On sale for only .99 cents March 1st-29th!!**
Legacy of Evil
The Hotel LaBelle Series Book 2
When a wild mustang is shot in Montana, renowned horse whisperer and
telepath, Emma Horserider, is called in to calm the herd and find out
what happened. Once on scene she is almost killed by a bullet-spewing
drone, and calls her black ops brother for back-up.
Emma’s help roars into her life covered in tattoos and riding a Harley.
Remote viewer Bronco Winchester takes the assignment because he is
ordered to, but he wonders what type of assistance, his boss’s sister
needs. That is until he sees Emma, a valiant Warrior Woman proud of
her Crow heritage.
Posing as a married couple, Emma and Bronco go undercover to infiltrate and
stop a hate group. Both are anxious enough without the now growing
attachment they feel for one another. When the lives of many are on
the line, they are not sure if they will live or die—let alone have
a chance at love.
**On sale for only .99 cents March 1st-29th!!**
Eye of the Eagle
The Hotel LaBelle Series Book 3
One soars like an eagle. One strikes like a thunderbird.
But for both hearts, revenge can be deadly when it’s nourished.
Anomaly Defense Director and shapeshifter Bert Blackfeather doesn’t need a
boss with no experience. So what if she’s beautiful or gives him a
jolt when she shakes his hand? He never plans to get seriously
involved with another woman–not in this lifetime.
Phoebe Wagner, an empath with psychometric abilities and an advocate for the
deaf, gets more than she bargained for with Bert. One touch and she
relives his IED injuries. So what if he’s handsome and hot? She
doesn’t need to add his secrets to her own. Phoebe’s are bad enough.
When his niece goes missing from Hotel LaBelle, Bert
goes to Montana to help–and Phoebe insists on going with him. Can
these two hard-headed people share their darkest secrets in order to
work together? It may be the only way to save an endangered
child–and their own hearts when Bert’s past rears its ugly head.
**On sale for only .99 cents March 1st-29th!!**
Sharon Buchbinder has been writing fiction since middle school and has the
rejection slips to prove it. An RN, she provided health care
delivery, became a researcher, association executive, and obtained a
PhD in Public Health. She is the author of the Hotel LaBelle Series,
the Jinni Hunter Series, and the Obsession Series. When not
attempting to make students and colleagues laugh or writing, she can
be found fishing, walking her dogs, herding cats, or breaking bread
and laughing with family and friends in Baltimore, MD and Punta Gorda, FL.
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