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January Wrap-Up

My January reading didn’t go as expected. I only read five books. I DNF’d two books and I didn’t get to two of the books I had on my TBR. Let’s start with the books I did read.

1. Touch of Gold by Annie Sullivan (5 Stars)

2. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo (3 Stars)

3. Murder on Cape Cod  by Maddie Day (4Stars)

4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azabakan by J. K. Rowling (4Stars)

5. Delusions by Amy Crandall (4Stars)

Let’s talk about the books I didn’t get to read.

1. Kill The Beast by Michele Israel Harper-I didnt get to finish it, on February TBR now.

2. The Lies We Told by Camille Way-had to return to library.

3. Unsinkable by Nicole Bradshaw-traded this reread for Harry Potter.

Books I DNF’D

1. Dusk or Dark or Dawn by Seanan McGuire- this book made no sense at all.

2. Don’t Settle for Safe by Sarah Jake’s Roberts-reminded of her first book and plus I wasn’t in the mood for it.

So overall I read five books with a total 1819 total pages. I gave one 3star, three 4star and one 5 star.

How did you do for January? What books did you read and which ones did you DNF? Share in the comments.

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