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Book Review: Gretchen by Shannon Kirk

Title: Gretchen

Author: Shannon Kirk

Publication Date: July 23, 2019

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Rating: 3=Okay Page Turner

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Gretchen by Shannon Kirk starts out with Lucy talking about the Ninth Place they’ve move to and having to start all over again. She feels her mother is being too paranoid and hope she’ll be able to have a normal life, especially after meeting Gretchen and her father. Lucy and her mother move on Gretchen and her father’s property. Lucy feel she has a new friend but soon finds out there’s more to Gretchen and their home then she suspects.

This book was a thriller about a young girl being on the run with her mother. It seemed to be the focus of the story until I got toward the end of the book and realized Lucy’s mother’s secret. The book is also about Lucy’s friendship with Gretchen, who seems to have some issues, which shocked me at the end of the book. I enjoyed the twists in the story, but it was a slow read and seem to drag on, making it hard to connect to any of the characters. I will try more of this author’s work.

*This book was provided by the publicist on behalf of the author for review purposes only.


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