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Book Review: Bittersweet Motives by Tyora Moody

Title: Bittersweet Motives

Author: Tyora Moody

Publication date: May 11, 2019

Genre: Mystery

Rating: 4 Stars= Great Page Turner

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I’ve been waiting for Serena Manchester to tackle another mystery and she doesn’t disappoint me. Bittersweet Motives is about murder, secrets, family dysfunction and divorce proceedings taking a wrong turn. Serena is working as a private investigator who gets hired by Judith Peters to find out her husband secrets, which could help her in the divorce. When a young girl connected to the Peters is found dead, Serena takes the job and finds herself weeding through several suspects.

This book has everything I want in a mystery, twist, suspense and characters I can invest in. I enjoyed taking the journey in trying to solve the case with Serena. She is more evolved and stronger since the first book. I also liked her struggle with the attraction she has for Trey, who is now a minister.

Judith Peters is a determined character who cares about not letting her children get hurt by their father, Edwin’s actions. His character made me think of selfishness. The murder victim seemed innocent and liked by others, but it made me question them all.

I love a book that keeps me guessing until the end and Bittersweet Motives does just that. Serena’s strategies in solving the case and her interactions with the cops handling the case kept me turning the pages. I recommend this book to readers of mysteries.

*This is a leisure read purchased by me. The author nor publisher did not provide this copy for review.

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