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Book Review: The Crivabanian by Savannah J. Goins

Title: The Crivabanian

Author: Savannah J. Goins

Publication Date: November 12, 2019

Rating: 5 Stars=Non-Stop Page Turner

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I’ve been patiently waiting for Book Two of the Odan Terridor Trilogy and it’s been worth the wait. The Crivabanian continues the story of Enzi and Gaedyen, as they try to figure out the history behind the jewel, Enzi was wearing around her neck. Both have faced some obstacles but there are still more territories they’ll have to cover to find answers.

This is the kind of adventure I like to go on when reading a fantasy book. The characters from book one were more developed and the plot more enhanced. The author introduces new characters who add flare, mystery, and tension to the story. Granted I was focused more on Enzi and Gaedyen’s relationship, especially since he had a secret I was trying to figure out. I liked that I found myself relating to the characters feelings throughout the book. I also liked that the author cleared up what happened to Enzi seven years ago, which only made me care about her more. Veri, the flying squirrel brought fun to the story with his attitude and his back and forth with Enzi. I will say he was my favorite character from this book.

The action in the story, situations Enzi, Veri and Gaedyen found themselves in along with the way the author described it happening had me on the edge of my seat. Overall, to me this second book progressed the original plot, held my attention, and introduced new characters to invest in to.

I recommend The Crivabanian as well as book one, The Gwythienian to those who like twists and turns, portal fantasy books, but truly want to go on an adventure.

*This book was provided by the author for review purpose only.

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