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Sneak Peek of Bionic Passion by L. C. Owens

“Eureka!” he said.
He peeled the mask from his head, setting it to the side, then jumped inside the pink goop. His arms and legs slowed in the gel atmosphere. He held his breath as he sank, trying to pull her from the trenches of no return. He pulled her heavy arms toward him, but Amelia’s body made little movement in the goop. He pulled a bit harder, kicking his legs to propel them to the top. Taking her around the chest, he held her in his strong arms. Finally, they made it to the top where Avery took in a big gasp for air. Their hair wet and matted to their heads, they gave each an intense gaze. Amelia remembered how to use her lungs, taking in a heap of fresh air. The pair of them sat on the top of the stairs, out of breath from the exchange.
“Avery, you came back for me,” she said.
His hand gave her cheek a gentle cradle, pulling her eyes to catch his. Although they were both covered in a slimy goop, the attraction was palpable. He leaned in, giving her a gentle kiss. He pulled her back, seeing that she was naked. His body reacted to her round hips and large breasts, but knew he couldn’t think of that now.
“We have to get you out of here,” he said. Amelia nodded.
They stood up, hand-in-hand as he led her down the staircase. Once at the bottom, she wrapped her arms around his neck. His hands slipping around her waist, he indulged in the feel of soft skin beneath the sliding goop. Her face angled toward his earlobe, she let her breath graze his skin.
“Thank you,” she whispered.
“I know where we can find some showers. Let’s go,” he said, pulling her out of the room.
Amelia’s reluctant feet stepped on the cold tile,but she was overcome with a bad feeling.
“I have to go back, Avery.”
“What? Go back? Why?”
“They said you’d be in a lot of trouble for stealing me. Maybe I am just a dumb robot. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you,” she cried, a small tear escaping down her cheek.
Astonished, Avery took his finger to wipe it away, then observed it.
“You can cry?”
“I guess so,” she shrugged.
“Come on. I’ve come too far to turn around and leave you here.”
“But where will we go? What will we do? They’ll come after you, Ave,”
His heart fluttered when she called him that. Only his close friends and family every called him that, and Amelia just knew to say it instinctively. He squeezed her hand, then pulled it up to his lips to kiss it.

Bionic Evolution Series Book 1
by LC Owen
Genre: SciFi Romance

Avery King is the most eligible bachelor in District M. His brilliant scientific discovery using stem cells and bionic technology has revolutionized the new world with state-of-the-art human robot hybrids, cleverly referred to as bionic humanoids. The bionic humanoids have taken all the jobs, making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Even though Avery is set for life financially, his biggest regret is creating a technology that ruined human lives. As the political heat is turned up the districts, the heat the bedroom is twice as nice. Everything changes for Avery when he meets a unique bionic at The Bionic Dolls brothel downtown. When Avery finds that he cannot get over his fascination for a bionic humanoid named Amelia, he will stop at nothing to save her from a life of servitude as a common robot sex worker. Will Avery be able to save Amelia, or will the goons at the bionic research facility get to her first? This sizzling series will have you at the edge of your seat wanting more. Dive into a post-apocalyptic future where the lines between what it is to be a human or a simple program, are more blurred than ever!

This a steamy sci-fi robot romance with adult situations and sexuality. 18+

**Only .99 cents!!**
Goodreads * Amazon


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LC Owen is a native Texan and mother of two boys. When she is not writing or narrating for her podcast LC Owen Books, she enjoys singing karaoke with friends, going to local museums, or walking Reba (her dog). Please SUBSCRIBE to the LC Owen Books newsletter for free eBooks, eBook deals, and exclusive audios. LC Owen Books…Where thoughts become worlds!

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