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February Wrap Up

I had a great month of reading for February. I read a total of thirteen books. It included  some middle grade mysteries, young adult fantasy and thrillers along with an adult thriller and a non-fiction book. It is also the month I  tried  an audiobook, which I can admit I wasn’t a big fan. It was good that I had the book as well  as the audiobook.

Here is a mini-review of the books I read in February.

The Greatest You by Trent Shelton

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In this remarkable, life-changing new book, renowned inspirational speaker Trent Shelton shares his revolutionary tool kit for transforming your life and reaching your goals. I listened to this book on audiobook and his voice gets you pumped up. I also felt like I was being chastised but in a good way. He does provide tools to help you reach your goals but the main thing is believing in yourself.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel  by Lilliana  Hart

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J. J.’s father has resurfaced just when things are going well for her. There  is also someone trying to take out Jake. This book had all the things I want in a mystery. It  had killings, suspense,  unsuspected twists and turns and it kept me anticipating what  would  happen  next.

The Great Shelby Holmes Meets Her Match by Elizabeth Eulberg

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This was one of my favorite read of the month. It features a highly intelligent  nine year old girl named Shelby her friend John Watson working together to help others in their school and neighborhood. In this one they’re working to get their science teacher’s watch back but it’s proving to be difficult. The characters  are so well developed  I was invested in them from page one. I loved the strategies and techniques they use to solve the mystery.

The Great Shelby  Holmes  and The Coldest Case

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This was my second favorite  read of the month. In this one, Shelby and John  go undercover  to help a figure  skater  find out who is threatening  her through  code. What can I say  I love this series. The characters  are great, the plot well  thought out and the story very engaging. It is one  that keeps  you turning pages.

Join or Die by L. Adrian Ruth

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This book was about Alex, a boy sent to an Academy to find out what his power will be. He has to build a team, which isn’t easy. He knows the school has to do with his father  but he isn’t  fully told the main reason he is there. This book does take you on a journey but it’s  to much like Harry Potter and the Spell Shadow Manor series that it was hard to invest in it.

Never Date A Siren  by Byrd  Nash

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This book was  a different twist on a fae  story. I enjoyed it as well as the Siren causing  the  issues. The descriptions of  the creatures  were well done. It was also fun reading about a female having to save and protect a human guy.


Hot Flash by Carrie H. Johnson

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After reading book two in this series  and being  introduced  to Muriel, I had to go back  to  book one. I wanted to know how Muriel got started. She has alot on her plate  but she makes  it work. The mystery element in the book just made it more interesting. I like  that she is a strong female but also has a soft side  especially  for her family.

Ali Cross  by James  Patterson

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I’m all for another Cross book and this time it’s Alex’s  son, Ali. When his friend goes missing Ali can’t let it go even If  it may put him in danger. This book had everything I would expect in one of Patterson’s books. I like that Ali thinks like his father and has a I’m not giving up attitude. This heighten his skills in trying to help his friend.

Percy  Jackson  and The Olympian: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

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I’ve  heard so much about this series  that I had to give it a try. It was enjoyable  and adventurous. The characters  and descriptions  were  great. Also the storyline was different  especially  since Percy is an half  breed with a absent father. He is thrust  into his father’s  world to find a lightning  bold he didn’t take and has no clue how to find. Hence the adventure, which makes for a interesting book.

Dangerous  Desires  by  Dawn  Altieri

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This book was about a woman and detective working together to find out who is attacking women. I enjoyed that the two main characters had history together because he was assigned to her fiance’s case. The chemistry between the two was evident at the beginning of the novel. I did like that i didn’t figure out who was behind the attacks until the end. It was an interesting read.

The Fixer by Joseph  Finder

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This book was my introduction  to  this author’s  work  and I’m so glad. This book is about Rick, a guy who  has lost everything until he goes back to his father’s  house. He finds something  in the walls which forces him to look into  his father’s  business while trying not to get killed. This book was a roller coaster  of twists  and  turns, which I loved.

One of  Us is Next  by Karen  M. McManus

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This book was  about teenagers playing truth or dare  until a player dies. This changes  the game and now the person responsible  for  starting  it has to be found. This was better than  book one. It took me longer to uncover who was behind the events that took place but my favorite  part was the twist  at the end.

The Other People  by C. J. Tudor

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*This  is  the Literally Dead Book Club pick for February hosted by  Kayla @Booksandlala

This is book is about a man named Gabe  trying to find his daughter. I was skeptical  about  it at first, the more I read the more questions  I had, so i had to finish  it. The twists at the end was so unexpected but I loved it. This was the first  book I’ve  read  by this author  and will  definitely try more of her books.


What did you read in the month of February? Did you have a good reading month? Let me know in the comments.

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