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Book Review: The Babysitter by Nancy Bush

Title: The Babysitter

Author: Nancy Bush

Genre: YA Thriller

Publication Date: June 30, 2020

Rating: 3 Stars=Okay Page Turner

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Someone is attacking babysitters and they have not been caught in The Babysitter by Nancy Bush.

Jamie comes back home to take care of her sister, Emma, who was attacked twenty years ago while babysitting. It seems things have not changed when another girl is attacked while babysitting. Jamie is trying to adjust to being back in her hometown and so is her daughter, Harley who is experiencing the town for the first time.

This was a thriller with a decent plot, a little suspense and not enough intrigue. The inciting incident at the beginning of the book had me interested, but the rest was slowing going for me until the second attack happened. I did not really connect to many of the characters except Emma. I questioned her condition and I kept thinking she knew more about her attacker than she had Jamie and everyone else believing. Harley was a brat at times and Jamie was doing the best that she could given the circumstances. Cooper, his stepdaughter, Marissa and her mother, Lauren added a little edge to the story, but it was hard keeping my attention.

Overall, I did enjoy the plot and the similarities of the both attacks especially where they occurred. I liked the ending and would suggest The Babysitter to those who like thrillers and mysteries. I will try another one of this author’s books.


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