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Book Review: Ghostly Vendetta by Michele Israel Harper

Title: Ghostly Vendetta

Author: Michele Israel Harper

Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Publication Date: April 30, 2020

Rating: 5 Stars=Non-Stop Page Turner

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Candace is trying to be debt free, which means paying off the remaining balance of her tuition. There is a way she can get the last of the money if she stays in a known haunted house all night. When she finds out how much is being offered, she thinks it is a joke, but her boyfriend encourages her to take the dare.

This was a paranormal book with spooky elements and fun antics, which made for a great story. The main character, Candace kept me turning the pages. She is a natural scaredy cat and having her maneuver through the haunted house was hilarious. Her motivational talks with herself was a highlight in the book. Peter ticked me off throughout the book with his selfish ways and his lies.  I loved the storyline, characters and the ending has me more intrigued. After reading this prequel, I must get, Zombie Takeover to see what else Candace will get into. If you like paranormal with a hint of scary and a little humor than Ghostly Vendetta is right for you.

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