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Sneak Peek of Fighting for Home by Kim Richards

The beast took advantage of that helpless moment to sink its teeth into her neck, beneath the chin. With one twist of its head, it tore a gaping hole in Atanea’s throat.

Atanea tried to cry out to Ilenea to get away, but the sound died before it took form. Her warm blood bubbled up like a fountain, flowing down her shoulders and sides of her neck. She reached a bloody hand toward the girl.

The last thing Atanea saw in this life was an image of her daughter, beyond the moving furred legs, doubled over as if punched in the stomach and screaming. Oh, my baby…her mind cried out. Get away. Ilenea’s screams dimmed into silence. Darkness crowded the edges of Atanea’s vision, growing until it shut out everything and swept her into oblivion. Get away!


Fighting For Home

Descendants of the Amazoi Book 1

by Kim Richards

Genre: Historical Fantasy

In 300 B.C.—the Greco-Roman Age—tribes of warrior women thrived near the Black Sea. The area is now modern-day Turkey. The Greeks called them Amazoi (meaning Mankiller). Inspired by their story, Fighting for Home sings the tale of one tribe as they battle to save their way of life. Healing magic is real! Ilenea and Saphira, the wolf sisters, battle close to home with others of their generation. A healer priestess named Essla travels to a temple of Artemis at Anthela with her male slave, bringing a call to arms for the pending war. She meets and falls in love with a Roman General. Whatever the outcome, this war changes everyone.

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Kim Richards is an author, editor, and book formatter. She writes horror, fantasy, science fiction, erotica, non-fiction, and children’s books under her name Kim Richards and two pseudonyms: Sharie Silva and Kim Bundy.

Born and raised in Roswell, NM Kim now lives in Northern California where she is supervised by two cats and a small dog. She enjoys sewing, bellydancing, music, movies, and occasionally gardening.


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