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Book Review: Dawnstar by R. Dugan

Title: Dawnstar

Author: R. Dugan

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Publication date: June 23, 2020

Rating: 5 Stars=Non-Stop Page Turner

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A spellbinding book of hard decisions that brings about action.

Dawnstar, book two in the Starchaser Saga is epic fantasy at its best. Cistine must still pursue her duties as Princess to protect Talheim even though Ashe, her warden is not with her. The cabal still forges along to take down Thorne’s father, but their strength is starting to shake.

I love how the author weaves real life issues into the story. I also love that it has strong yet flawed characters. This book tugged at my heart and cause some tears as I found myself worried about Ashe throughout the book. The close calls had me on the edge of my seat. The world building was so thought out and the descriptions made it easy to visualize.

I can’t wait till book three is available. If you like fantasy with combat, drama and suspense this book is for you.

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