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Book Review: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson


Title: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Author: Holly Jackson

Publication Date: February 4, 2020

Genre: Young Adult Mystery, Thriller

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About The Book

Everyone in Fairview knows the story.

Pretty and popular high school senior Andie Bell was murdered by her boyfriend, Sal Singh, who then killed himself. It was all anyone could talk about. And five years later, Pip sees how the tragedy still haunts her town.

But she can’t shake the feeling that there was more to what happened that day. She knew Sal when she was a child, and he was always so kind to her. How could he possibly have been a killer?

Now a senior herself, Pip decides to reexamine the closed case for her final project, at first just to cast doubt on the original investigation. But soon she discovers a trail of dark secrets that might actually prove Sal innocent . . . and the line between past and present begins to blur. Someone in Fairview doesn’t want Pip digging around for answers, and now her own life might be in danger.

My Thoughts 

A suspenseful young adult mystery with unsuspected twist.

Pip decides to work on a five year old murder case for her final project for school. She wants to prove Sal Singh didn’t kill his girlfriend, Andie Bell, and didn’t kill himself. I don’t believe she knew what she was getting herself into opening old wounds. Pip teams up with Sal’s younger brother, Ravi, who wants just as much to prove his brother’s innocence.

This was just what I needed, a great mystery with twists and turns I didn’t see coming. The list of suspects kept me on guard while Pip and Ravi found clues and tried to piece them together. I will say the character development was on point in this book and they fueled the story.

It was hard to feel sorry for Andie even though I wanted to. I really liked Pip because she was determined to get answers and I would want her in my corner. The reveal at the end was shocking even though I only had it half way figured out. This is a young adult mystery you want to read. I’m definitely getting the sequel.



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