Meet The Author

Meet The Author: Interview with Judith Halbreich

Judith Halbreich is the author of “The Audacity to be Divine: A Soul’s Journey Towards Illumination.” She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist with an extensive, successful executive career in Social Services, Clinical Research, and mental Health. She is the founder and CEO of Home of Champions (HOC), a unique nonprofit program that exists to inspire leaders emerging from the foster care system to become champions of their best selves. When Judith is not devoting her time to HOC, you can find her making a delicious tagine and dancing salsa in her living room.

Q: What is the strongest, most compelling message of your book?

A: The book describes the spiritual awakening of a divorced woman who experienced hardships which led her to a spiritual transformation with a path to a higher stage of consciousness and soul awareness.  How we all struggle to get out of the cocoon and break through the chrysalis to become a butterfly. Through Mary’s life, the book offers a glimpse of the extraordinary life that awaits us as the soul awakens and a new life unfolds.

Q: What is the book about?

A: The story tells how a working-class daughter of Italian immigrants, who idolized her grandmother, had to deal with an alcoholic father, childlike mother, and unfaithful husband. After a series of setbacks and considerable losses, Mary loses her sense of God, which had otherwise been a kind of cultural piety based on a grandmother’s commitment to service in the community. Mary, however, begins the process of rediscovering her faith through centering prayer and the Christian meditative tradition in general. This leads her, ultimately, to what will be the defining work of her life: the foundation of Chrysalis House as an intentional community committed to teaching others centering prayer and the Christian meditative tradition. Ultimately, Mary, who will be foundational to Contemplative Outreach, moves at the very end of her life beyond Contemplative Outreach and institutionalism itself.

Q:  What inspired you to write the book

A: During the funeral my mother’s friend, Al Choy, whispered in my ear, “you really ought to write a book about her.”  Thomas Keating said, “ Yes, you have all the material you need.” I watched my mother’s metamorphosis as a struggling single mother into a God realized-saint  and spiritual leader intimately.  It is true that we can all realize our connection to the divine through spiritual practices.  I believe my mother’s story is so important for all of us especially during these trying times.

Q: How can we apply the message of the book to our everyday life?/ Why is the book so timely right now given our current climate?   

A: The times we now live in have made living even more difficult with the increased anxiety around and in us. One wonders if contact with the Divine or even calmness is even possible? It is with a spiritual practice that connects us with our inheritance and the divine connection.  It gives us the message for everyday life that we, too can rise about the crisis and anxiety once we let go and surrender to God and have a spiritual practice.

About The Book


“Do you want to be right or do you want to be free?”

– Mary Mrozowski

Mary Mrozowski was a quintessential New York housewife living in the depth of despair. Bearing the secret of her family’s tumultuous past, Mary reclaimed her truth and strove for redemption against all odds — transcending as a social activist, international organizer, and spiritual leader for the masses.

Mary was able to transcend worlds. Having integrated Christian modalities with Eastern philosophies, she established a lay monastic house of contemplation called “Chrysalis House.” She mingled as an equal with spiritual and religious leaders, companions and strangers. As her teachings led her across five continents, thousands followed, considering her a modern-day saint, role model for transformation, and sage for self-fulfillment.

Seeking truth was her religion. Amidst a sea of neutrally-dressed spiritual leaders, out would walk Mary – a vision in a bold red dress and heels. She did not fit in and she did not want to — she was embraced by those who found solace in her relatability and charisma beyond measure.

“The Audacity To Be Divine” is a groundbreaking, compelling and inspirational book about the arduous journey towards transformation and illumination.

Purchasing Details: The Audacity to be Divine” is available to purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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Book Spotlight of The Light Catcher Murders by Jo Cassie McRae

The Light Catcher Murders
Kate Atherton Mysteries Book 1
by Jo Cassie McRae
Genre: Cozy Mystery


Kate Atherton’s idyllic retirement is going well…if you don’t count the two murders, the mysterious drone, and her photographer friend who manages to poke a hornet’s nest of criminal activity, that is.

Nestled in the scenic Texas Hill Country, the cozy town of Wheaton Creek seemed to Kate Atherton an idyllic place to escape the world’s harsh realities. And then there was the first murder.

Kate once enjoyed a long, successful career with a specialized, highly secret federal intelligence agency. Crises in both her personal and professional life drove her to early retirement and, ultimately, to Wheaton Creek, the perfect place for her and her former-military husband to escape what had come to feel like a world made up of wars, hatred, fear, and untimely death. And, at first, the escape was all Kate had hoped for. Then murder came to Wheaton Creek—a crime that a corrupt county sheriff seems determined to pin on Kate’s photographer friend, Lucy Celek.

Lucy’s work has been chosen to appear at a prestigious photography festival, a festival that could take her from amateur to professional standing. All goes well until the gallery displaying her work is broken into, and one of Lucy’s photographs is vandalized. A week later, the man Lucy suspected of destroying her photograph—a fellow photographer who was angry that his own work was not chosen by the festival committee—is murdered. Faced with a sheriff who shows little interest in expanding his list of suspects beyond Lucy, Kate feels she must dust off her puzzle-solving skills to find the real killer. Murder is just the beginning, though, as Kate’s amateur sleuthing begins to reveal a tangled web of crimes that go beyond anything she could have imagined.

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Jo Cassie McRae is a native Texan who has lived near Austin on the edge of the Texas Hill country for over 30 years. In addition to writing, McRae loves to read, garden, and cook. Like Kate Atherton (The Light Catcher Murders), McRae’s bookshelves overflow with history books, biographies, historical fiction, and mystery novels. Unlike Kate, McRae does not have a mysterious, secret former career, having worked instead as a rather ordinary legal assistant at an Austin law firm.

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Book Review: Influence by Carl Weber

Title: Influence

Author: Carl Weber

Genre: Legal Thriller, Urban Fiction

Publication Date: August 28, 2018

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About the Book

When famed attorney Bradley Hudson learns of his youngest son Langston’s arrest for drug trafficking, he immediately assembles a team of lawyers and investigators, including members of his own family, to build a defense. With his reputation for being a shark in the courtroom, Bradley is confident he will get justice for his son—until he realizes he will be going up against an old foe, Assistant District Attorney James Brown. Is the ADA allowing his personal history with the Hudsons to influence his handling of the prosecution?

To complicate matters, Bradley discovers that his older son, Lamont, a young lawyer and Bradley’s right-hand man, has secretly been planning his exit from the family law firm to get out from under his father’s shadow.

Desiree, Bradley’s only daughter, is fresh out of law school and quite reserved compared to her siblings. She’s the good girl who doesn’t normally like to rock the boat, but in what could be considered the worst of all timing, she is secretly dating a man and a woman, and both relationships are on a collision course. Given the problems her family is facing, now is not the right time for Desiree to introduce
more drama to the mix, but she just can’t seem to help herself.

As if fighting for one son’s freedom and fending off the other’s betrayal isn’t enough pressure, Bradley is also in the middle of his own love triangle between his ex-wife, federal judge Jacqueline Hudson, and his current wife and jury consultant, Carla. He knows how much is at stake if his family’s drama spirals out of control, so he’ll do everything within his power to keep it all together and prevent his son from landing behind bars. With his trademark dramatic style, Carl Weber introduces readers to the Hudsons. Only time will tell if they can stand united, or if the legal dynasty of Bradley Hudson is about to come crashing down.

My Thoughts

A family of lawyers.

An Assistant District Attorney wanting revenge.

What could go wrong? Probably everything.

When the Hudson’s find out one of their own has been accused of drug trafficking, they go into action to get him and his friends cleared. Several obstacles get in the way. James, the assistant district attorney is hellbent on bringing Bradley down. Will his son Langston have to pay for his father’s past transgressions?

Every power family has some type of dysfunction and the Hudson are no different. The daughter Desiree can’t decide on who she wants to be with man or woman, while trying to prove she is a capable lawyer. Lamont the eldest is wanting to step away from his father’s shadow by making it on his own. Langston is being accused of drug trafficking, but stands his ground and stays loyal to his friends.

Jaqueline, the children’s mother is a federal judge, who is trying to forget what happened in the past while trying to save her son. Bradley the head of the family is known for being the best, a powerful lawyer but his tactics are not working so well this time.

In this legal thriller, a family unit and friendships are tested. There are so many hidden agendas in this book, but worth reading. Carl Weber does not disappoint and I like a book featuring a strong black family.



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Book Spotlight of The Royal Mages Series by Kristin Ping

First Sight

The Royal Mages Book 1

by Kristin Ping

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Young, French, and working in the USA, Danielle Laurant has it all—including the love of heartthrob Marick Young.

However, there’s something sinister brewing underneath their love.

Secrets can make or break any relationship—but especially when it’s one that goes against the grain of otherworldly laws.

Marick is the prince of warlocks and his father refuses to allow his son to love a human girl and Marick refuses to let her go.

Marick introduces Danielle to a world she didn’t know existed. But she needs to end their relationship or force him to lose his crown. And if it isn’t done soon, it won’t matter anyway. She’ll be put to death.

In this exciting, fast paced, introduction to the Royal Mages series by USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Ping, prepare for a forbidden romance like no other.


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Forever Part I

The Royal Mages Book 2


Danielle Laurant has been struggling to be accepted behind the vail where witches and other supernatural roams free. But she is fighting for that chance, for her half witch/human unborn babies to live in the world where they belong, and juggling her new duties is a lot harder than what she is used to.

Marick Young, the prince of the mages, had to abdicate his throne in order to have the love of his life Danielle by his side. Still, it’s a hard struggle to be truly accepted as it’s forbidden to love a human.

Still, secrets can make or break any situation—especially when it’s one that goes against the grain of otherworldly laws. And Danielle is stuck right in the middle.

In this exciting, fast paced, second part of the Royal Mages series by USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Ping, prepare for a forbidden romance like no other.


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Forever Part II

The Royal Mages Book 3


Forever Part II is the final book in the Royal Mages trilogy.

A deadly and forbidden potion has back fired badly on Danielle’s life where she forgets Marick and her life as the wife of a royal mage.

She is stuck with a terrifying memory fed to her and finds herself living in a dark and unforgiving world.

Is her love for Marick strong enough to find him again? and what secrets is she going to unvail this time?

In this exciting, fast paced, third part to the Royal Mages trilogy by USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Ping, prepare for a forbidden romance like no other.

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Kristin resides in South Africa, East side of Johannesburg with her husband and two beautiful little girls. Writing has always been a passion of hers and she’s living the dream, being able to write every day. ” I love life, cherish every special second of it and live my dream.” She has recently started her own Publishing company – Fire Quill Publishing in South Africa –

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