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Book Review: The Way You Tempt Me by Elle Wright

Title: The Way You Tempt Me

Author: Elle Wright

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: 7/28/2020

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About The Book

The heir-apparent to Pure Talent, ex-playboy Xavier Starks had it all figured out. With an engagement to Hollywood’s hottest actress and his innovative expansion plans, he can finally prove to his dad, Jax, that he’s responsible enough to step into a leadership role at their company. Until a jilting-gone-viral puts Xavier back in the relentless social-media spotlight, out of the running for partner—and in competition with the last person he ever expected: his very-grown-up childhood friend and girl-next-door . . .
With her acclaimed sports talent roster and unparalleled instincts, agent Zara Reid knows she can take Pure Talent to the next level. To make the most of her mentor Jax’s faith in her, she’ll go head-to-head and scheme-to-scheme with Xavier to prove she’s got what it takes. But suddenly, long days working too close together turn into reckless, insatiable nights. Now, being co-workers-with-benefits means Zara and Xavier must face their secrets, dare to trust—and negotiate the toughest game of all—love.

My Thoughts

I like stories that introduce me to characters and make me believe they should be together. This is true with Xavier and Zara in The Way you Tempt Me, a contemporary romance with steamy scenes, bold characters and interesting sub plots.

Xavier’s engaged only to find out his fiancee is due to marry someone else. Zara is up for a promotion only to find out a co-worker stole her presentation along with her promotion. Zara decides to take a position at Pure Talent to run their sports division after being passed over at her previous job. She finds out her friend, Xavier wants the sports division and they’ll have to work together. Zara’s best friend, Skye is there to help her transition into her new role.

This book had some interesting characters. Xavier needs to deal with his short fuse and learn to not react to everything that upsets him. Zara is the character I was drawn to because she stood her ground. She was making sure not to get screwed over by anyone else. She also works well when thrown a curve ball. Skye is the mediator in the story and I hope to learn more about her.

It’s a typical ending, which most romance books have, but it’s the journey Xavier and Zara took me on with their friends with benefits situation that kept me enjoying the book. If you like romance with a hint of drama and hot love scenes this book is for you. I’m looking for to reading the next book in this series.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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