Episode 01-Live to Tell by Bianca Sloane Part 1

Today on the first episode of the podcast I’m discussing Live to Tell by Bianca Sloane.

Bianca is known for her suspense novels that take a look at the dark side of love and boy do they ever. I found out about her through another podcast, @ifoundthisgreatbook hosted by Curtis Anderson and I’m so glad I picked up her books.

Live to Tell is about a cardiologist who stops at a bar for a drink, which changes the course of his life.

Listen to the episode here Episode 1 Live to Tell

Connect with Bianca Sloane 

IG: @biancasloanesuspenseauthor

FB: @biancasloanesuspenseauthor

Twitter: @biancasloane

Website: www.biancasloane.com

Connect with A Reader’s Book Corner

IG/FB/Twitter: @areadersbc

Website: www.arbookcorner.wordpress.com/podcast

Feel free to reach out via email at tabeasley@arbookcorner.com

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