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Meet The Author: Interview with Elouise Tynan

Elouise Tynan is a young adult and new adult romance author obsessed with stories about strong heroines and swoony heroes, mixed with laughter, a whole lot o’ love and a little bit of heat.

She’s lived a life of adventure, having grown up in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide in Australia, Michigan in the US, and London in the UK.

She now lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and son.

Q & A with Elouise Tynan

What is your favorite part of Waiting To Score and why?

I had so much fun writing the Guess Who scene with Monty and West.

For anyone who hasn’t read it… Monty is shaken up by a run-in with her ex, who is being particularly creepy. So West takes her back to the basketball house he lives in with his teammates and they drink spicy margaritas and play a game of subjective Guess Who (this isn’t the version of the game you know, trust me on that!). The whole scene is funny and flirty and sweet and a really popular one with readers!

I also love the party scene where Monty is mad at West, so she gets drunk and almost takes a shot out of his teammate’s waistband, but West is having none of it. This is at a point where they’re both really starting to like each other but haven’t properly examined or acknowledged their feelings yet. It’s a bit of a tipping point and I love the level of connection they have in this scene despite her being mad at him.

What kind of research do you do before you begin writing a book?

None, ha!

That’s not to say I don’t do research but I’ll start writing and then research as I go along. Then I’ll research again in the revision stage to make sure I’ve got everything right.

I also have awesome critique partners with great attention to detail who will pull me up on anything that doesn’t sound right.

Anyone who wants to be a writer – find yourself critique partners you trust to give you honest opinions and dive deep into your story. They’re absolutely priceless.

Do you read yourself and if so, what is your favorite genre?

Absolutely! You can’t be a great writer without being a great reader. I guarantee you anyone who is passionate enough about books to have a book blog, Bookstagram or Booktok would be able to write a killer book. You pick up so much just from reading which means certain parts of writing will come naturally to you. I’d still recommend a writing course or two to really hone your skills, but being a reader plays such a huge role in being a writer.

My favourite genres are contemporary romance and fantasy romance.

I love everything about contemporary romance. In fantasy romance, I love the villains or morally grey characters. If you write a villain in contemporary romance, they’re usually just an a$$hole. But you write one in fantasy romance and they’re the love interest! I’m here for it.

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

Waiting To Score took me two months to write, and probably another month and a half for critique reads, revisions and editing. But this was really fast!

I’m ambitious and I set myself the goal of self-publishing a book before the end of 2021. I started writing WTS on September 2 and finished it on November 4. It was then released on December 22. Mission accomplished!

But throw back to my very first manuscript—a young adult fantasy romance—and that took me two writing courses and almost two whole years to finish. Writing takes time, especially when you’re first starting out. It doesn’t matter how long a book takes though, so long as you keep going. Don’t quit. There are readers out there waiting to read your book, you just need to put it in their hands.

I really hoped readers were going to love Waiting To Score, but I’ve been blown away by the response to it. I’m still so shocked when readers make TikToks or Reels or edits about my story and characters. It’s the absolute best!

Do you believe in writer’s block?

Absolutely! But it’s totally self-inflicted. You’re blocked by your own mind, for whatever reason.

I suffered from massive writer’s block straight after Waiting To Score was released. I’d already started on book two and was just under halfway through the manuscript when WTS came out. I absolutely LOVED all the messages from readers asking me when book two was coming, but I put a heap of pressure on myself as a result. Internally I was beating myself up about why I hadn’t already written book two and why it wasn’t ready to go now, but like… with what time?! I have a four-year-old, my husband is a workaholic (in the best way) and I still work part-time in my current job as a journalist. I’m only one person and I can only type so fast or sacrifice so much sleep! It was such harsh self-criticism.

Acknowledging that now didn’t stop me from becoming totally blocked though, which meant writing went from this fun, creative outlet at the end of each day to a massive stressor I suddenly felt like I had to do. And the ideas just would not come.

I took the time to really think about it and shake off that self-inflicted pressure and the words flowed again. I’m now two-thirds done with Shooting To Win and hopefully in a few more weeks it’ll be finished. So, we’re back on track!

What can we expect from you in the future?

More books! Book two in the Pierson University series, Shooting To Win, will be coming out (hopefully) in the next few months. Then book three either later in the year or early next year. And I’m hoping to release a fantasy romance at some point this year too if I’m lucky!

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Waiting To Score

by Elouise Tynan

Genre: A Fake Dating College Sports Romance

Perfect for fans of Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus and Briar U hockey series or Meghan Quinn’s Brentwood Boys baseball series.


When I walked up to the closest guy on the quad and mauled him with my mouth to escape my overzealous ex-boyfriend, I had no idea he was the stupidly hot star of the Pierson University basketball team.

So what if it was the hottest accidental makeout of my life? West Wright has just as many scores on his headboard as he does on the court. And I have no desire to be one of many.

But when my ex turns to outright stalking, West’s unexpected offer to play the role of fake boyfriend suddenly seems like a safe bet.

I have a few rules to throw down though, because despite his killer charm, I have no intention of getting involved with a guy like West for real, no matter how hard he tries to shoot his shot.


It’s not like girls throwing themselves at me is a new thing, but the hot brunette with legs for days who jumped me in the quad definitely caught me off guard.

Shame my eyes are firmly on the prize—making it to the NBA. Which means I don’t have time for relationships. Even fake ones.

But after one hot kiss that hit harder than a three-point buzzer-beater, I can’t get Monty out of my head. And I want her between my sheets.

Next thing I know I’m her campus knight, offering to fake date her under the guise of getting her ex-boyfriend off her back. So why does this relationship suddenly feel real? And why aren’t I bolting in the other direction?

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