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Episode 79 Interview with Psychological Thriller Author Tanisha Stewart

Listen to the Episode Here

Welcome to A Reader’s Book Corner!

In today’s episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Psychological Thriller Author Tanisha Stewart.

Tanisha is a professor psychology (which she loves). In addition to her career as a lecturer, Tanisha has been writing for as long as she can remember, creating realistic story lines, relatable characters, and multi-layered plots that almost everyone can enjoy. She also takes part in hobbies such as performing rap and spoken word for various audiences.

She not only demonstrates a passion for writing through her vivid story lines; she is also committed to helping other writers succeed. She offers author coaching, editing, formatting, and ghostwriting services to help aspiring authors get their work off the ground, and to see it through to completion. In additional to this, she hosts Book Optimization and Amazon Ads courses.

We discuss her Quiet Ones series, her coaching services, some of her other series and more.

Connect with Tanisha at

Her books are available on Amazon.

If you would like to suggest an indie book and or author to be featured please contact me at

Until next time,

Happy Reading!

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