Episode 84 Interview with Fantasy Romance Author Kimberly Lemming

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Welcome to A Reader’s Book Corner!

In today’s episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Fantasy Romance Author Kimberly Lemming. She had the best bio and I had to share it:

Kimberly Lemming is on an eternal quest to avoid her calling as a main character. She can be found giving the slip to that new werewolf that just blew into town and refusing to make eye contact with a prince of a far-off land. Dodging aliens looking for Earth booty can really take up a girl’s time. But when she’s not running from fate, she can be found writing diverse fantasy romance. Or just shoveling chocolate in her maw until she passes out on the couch.

We discuss what lead her to becoming a writer, her love for romance, her Mead Mishap series, her writing process and more.

Connect with Kimberly Lemming at https://www.kimberlylemming.com/

Purchase the Mead Mishaps series on Amazon

If you would like to suggest an indie book or author to be featured feel free to contact me at tabeasley@arbookcorner.com

Until next time,

Happy Reading!

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