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Sneak Peek of The Dead Don’t Dream by Mauro Azzano

I had an urge to make chicken for dinner, with salad- a second trip to the grocery store.
I bundled up and went back out. Go left, pass five doors, left again into the store.
The street was nearly deserted now; the cold had forced everyone indoors. Drifting snow and a brisk wind kept me close to the buildings. I squinted, counting doors to the store.
The store was warm, but also deserted.
I picked up some chicken and salad fixings, then on a whim some Italian bread.
I squinted again, counting doorways heading home. Go past five doors, then turn right.
I’d passed two buildings. A small child stood at the doorway to the third.
He looked to be three, maybe four years old, well dressed, waiting for someone.
He hopped up and down on his front step, looking around and shivering in the cold.
He saw me and smiled. “Man, man. Mister. Hi?” He said. I stopped.
“Mister, are you a doctor?” It seemed like a casual question.
“No, I’m not.” I smiled, and kept walking. He looked sadly down the empty street again. That seemed wrong. I turned back.
“Why did you ask if I’m a doctor?” I asked him.
“My mom got a boo-boo.” He patted his head. “She went ‘OW’.”
“Where is your mom?” I asked, urgently. “Show me.”
He grabbed my hand and led me into the building.
He had to lift his legs almost to his chest to scale the stairs, but he climbed eagerly.
“What’s your name?” I asked.
We stopped at the second floor landing. Four doors faced me, one was open.
A woman lay sprawled on the floor beside a sofa, face down. I rested my groceries by the front door.
“Wait outside, Ethan, OK? I want to check on your mom.”
He stood at the doorway, peering in gingerly as I approached her.
‘Some vacation.’ I grumbled.
I bent down to check her over. She could have been sleeping, but for a gash on her forehead that said otherwise.
She had obviously tripped and hit the coffee table, then bled onto a rug under it.
A pool of red, the size of my hand, oozed over the rug and onto the wood floor.

The Dead Don’t Dream
An Ian McBriar Murder Mystery
by Mauro Azzano
Genre: Mystery

You are a Toronto police detective, lying in the gutter, shot by the man you were pursuing, and your life is slipping slowly away.

The Dead Don’t Dream takes you back to the year 1973 and the world of Ian McBriar, a homicide police detective, as he investigates the brutal assault on two young boys, one of whom is the son of a local underworld figure. Haunted by the deaths he has investigated and the lives he has seen destroyed, Ian struggles with the memories that make him who he is.

When he gets too close to the truth, the killer makes a desperate strike, and Ian ends up face-down in the street. Can he survive his attack and track down the gunman before more lives are lost floor.


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Mauro Azzano was born in the Veneto region of Italy. He grew up in Italy, Australia and eastern Canada, finally settling on the West Coast, near Vancouver. When he’s not writing he can be found teaching college or running half marathons.

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Sneak Peek of Bionic Passion by L. C. Owens

“Eureka!” he said.
He peeled the mask from his head, setting it to the side, then jumped inside the pink goop. His arms and legs slowed in the gel atmosphere. He held his breath as he sank, trying to pull her from the trenches of no return. He pulled her heavy arms toward him, but Amelia’s body made little movement in the goop. He pulled a bit harder, kicking his legs to propel them to the top. Taking her around the chest, he held her in his strong arms. Finally, they made it to the top where Avery took in a big gasp for air. Their hair wet and matted to their heads, they gave each an intense gaze. Amelia remembered how to use her lungs, taking in a heap of fresh air. The pair of them sat on the top of the stairs, out of breath from the exchange.
“Avery, you came back for me,” she said.
His hand gave her cheek a gentle cradle, pulling her eyes to catch his. Although they were both covered in a slimy goop, the attraction was palpable. He leaned in, giving her a gentle kiss. He pulled her back, seeing that she was naked. His body reacted to her round hips and large breasts, but knew he couldn’t think of that now.
“We have to get you out of here,” he said. Amelia nodded.
They stood up, hand-in-hand as he led her down the staircase. Once at the bottom, she wrapped her arms around his neck. His hands slipping around her waist, he indulged in the feel of soft skin beneath the sliding goop. Her face angled toward his earlobe, she let her breath graze his skin.
“Thank you,” she whispered.
“I know where we can find some showers. Let’s go,” he said, pulling her out of the room.
Amelia’s reluctant feet stepped on the cold tile,but she was overcome with a bad feeling.
“I have to go back, Avery.”
“What? Go back? Why?”
“They said you’d be in a lot of trouble for stealing me. Maybe I am just a dumb robot. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you,” she cried, a small tear escaping down her cheek.
Astonished, Avery took his finger to wipe it away, then observed it.
“You can cry?”
“I guess so,” she shrugged.
“Come on. I’ve come too far to turn around and leave you here.”
“But where will we go? What will we do? They’ll come after you, Ave,”
His heart fluttered when she called him that. Only his close friends and family every called him that, and Amelia just knew to say it instinctively. He squeezed her hand, then pulled it up to his lips to kiss it.

Bionic Evolution Series Book 1
by LC Owen
Genre: SciFi Romance

Avery King is the most eligible bachelor in District M. His brilliant scientific discovery using stem cells and bionic technology has revolutionized the new world with state-of-the-art human robot hybrids, cleverly referred to as bionic humanoids. The bionic humanoids have taken all the jobs, making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Even though Avery is set for life financially, his biggest regret is creating a technology that ruined human lives. As the political heat is turned up the districts, the heat the bedroom is twice as nice. Everything changes for Avery when he meets a unique bionic at The Bionic Dolls brothel downtown. When Avery finds that he cannot get over his fascination for a bionic humanoid named Amelia, he will stop at nothing to save her from a life of servitude as a common robot sex worker. Will Avery be able to save Amelia, or will the goons at the bionic research facility get to her first? This sizzling series will have you at the edge of your seat wanting more. Dive into a post-apocalyptic future where the lines between what it is to be a human or a simple program, are more blurred than ever!

This a steamy sci-fi robot romance with adult situations and sexuality. 18+

**Only .99 cents!!**
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LC Owen is a native Texan and mother of two boys. When she is not writing or narrating for her podcast LC Owen Books, she enjoys singing karaoke with friends, going to local museums, or walking Reba (her dog). Please SUBSCRIBE to the LC Owen Books newsletter for free eBooks, eBook deals, and exclusive audios. LC Owen Books…Where thoughts become worlds!

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Sneak Peek of A Date With a Vampire by Abbey MacMunn

“Does my bum look big in this?” Harper Clarke twisted her torso, casting a critical eye over her appearance in her bedroom mirror.
“You look fantastic,” said Zarya. “Stunning, in fact.”
Coming from Zarya, who had no trouble getting any man she desired with a mere flutter of her eyelashes, and that haunting siren’s song of hers, was indeed a compliment of great magnitude, but Harper still wasn’t convinced. “This is supposed to be my lucky black dress, but I don’t remember it being this tight the last time I wore it.”
“Lucky? That would be a first for you,” her friend jibed. Then she choked on her drink.
“Yeah, okay, so I’m not the luckiest of witches, but I can live in hope, can’t I?” She grabbed a cushion off her bed and threw it at her. “I thought best friends were supposed to be supportive.”
Zarya fended off the cushion assault with her arm. “I am. I said you look stunning, and you do.”
Harper drained her glass of prosecco. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome. So, who are you going on a date with? A Fae? An angel?” Her eyes widened like an excited child. “Ooh, a werewolf, maybe? I’m a sucker for an alpha male. Does he have a friend?”
“No, he’s not a werewolf, he’s a vampire.”
“A vamp? Are you mad?”
“No, I’m not mad. His paperwork says he only turned four months ago, which means he won’t be dangerous.”
“What paperwork? Wait…” It didn’t take her long to suss it out. “Oh my God, he’s a client from your dating agency, isn’t he?”
Bingo. Harper might have known she couldn’t keep a secret from her friend for long.
“No… yes. He might be.” She glanced at Zarya, noting her disapproval. “Don’t pull that face at me. I know it’s not exactly professional, but I haven’t been on a date in goodness knows how long, and he sounded so charming on the phone, and not at all ‘Vlad the Impaler—”
“Wait, you arranged a blind date with a vampire?” she interrupted. “What if he is dangerous, or worse, ugly?”
“Vampires are never ugly, everyone knows that.”

A Date With a Vampire
Love Bites, Paranormal Dating Agency Book 1
by Abbey MacMunn
Genre: Paranormal Romance

You are cordially invited to join Love Bites, Paranormal Dating Agency. Where fur, fangs, feathers, and the occasional human, meet their match.

Witch Harper Clarke is pretty sure misfortune follows her around like a bad smell. Her spells end in disaster, her dating agency for supernaturals has an embarrassing lack of clients, and her love life is a washout. So when a vampire signs up to the agency and she can’t find him a match, she agrees to date the vamp herself.

Charmer Damon Vertefeuille has it all; power, status, wealth, but becoming a vampire to get his errant brother out of trouble isn’t what he expected. Newbie vamps aren’t supposed to be dangerous, but one look at his witchy date and he has a sudden desire to sink his fangs into her neck.
Thing is, she wants his bite.

Chemistry sizzles, but when Damon’s brother threatens to tear them apart, the lines blur between loyalty, love and dark desires.

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Abbey MacMunn writes paranormal and fantasy romance. She lives in Hampshire, UK, with her husband and their four children.
When she’s not writing, she likes to watch films and TV shows – anything from rom-coms to superheroes to science fiction movies.

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Book Review of Property of the State by Kiki Swinson

Title: Property of the State

Series: The Black Market, Book 3

Author: Kiki Swinson

Publication Date: January 28, 2020

Genre: Urban Fiction

Rating: 4 Stars=Great Page Turner

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Property of the state is about a woman’s actions catching up with her. Misty was a pharmacy employee who found herself in some trouble while dealing with an abusive boyfriend named Terrell.  She in self-defense kills him. At the beginning of the book, Misty is arrested and is going to jail for that crime.

This book made me wonder if the mistreatment of inmates truly does happen. Misty is placed in facility that had an hidden agenda, which becomes very clear as the story progresses. What I liked about her character is her transformation from the start of the book to the end. Misty went into the prison as one person but the events that happen truly changed her.

Her main goal was getting out of the prison, but also to stay alive. She didn’t know who to trust or what actions she’d have to take, which made for an entertaining book. I’m glad that I read the first two books in this series, which helped me going into this one and helped me invest in the characters.

I recommend Property of the State to Urban fiction readers, but suggest them read the first books in the series to get the full story.