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Spotlight of The Legend if Jake Howell by Charles A. Reap Jr.

When he picked up that shiny stone from the small stream, nine-year-old Jake Howell would not have believed that it would trigger America’s first gold rush and that he would become one of the world’s richest and most admired men.



Charles A, Reap Jr. is a retired dentist. Published: Two textbooks, adjunct dental lecturer. Two novels, two e-books, plus an award winning illustrated e-book for children. “” ( Former newspaper staff writer and columnist. Stage/screen actor/script writer.

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Author Kendall Talbot shares Out of Luck

Out of Luck
Maximum Exposure Book 3
by Kendall Talbot
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Adventure
For twenty years, they moved from town to town every few months. They
paid in cash. They kept only what they could carry. But 26-year-old
Charlene Bailey and her father were a family, complete and happy.
Until a woman stabbed him to death in a New Orleans café, right in
front of Charlene’s eyes, screaming in a language she didn’t
understand. Now the police are claiming that her whole life is a lie.
To find out who she is, she’ll have to find out what they were
running from. And to discover that, she’ll have to find someone she
can trust.
As a charter boat captain out of Key West, Marshall Crow has seen
his share of reckless tourists. But the fierce young woman asking for passage
to Cuba isn’t one of them. He never thought he’d put the skills he learned in the
Navy to work smuggling a stranger, but he’s drawn to her the same
way she’s drawn to the truth. And through the dark waters of the
Florida straits and the narrow streets of Havana, the danger that
awaits them is far too vicious to face alone.
Out of Mind
Maximum Exposure Book 2
A love frozen in time . . .
Holly knew the romantic helicopter ride up to the remote peak of Whisky
Mountain was a bad idea. But she never expected it to snatch her
fiancé from her—or destroy her life. A few fiery seconds turn a
postcard-perfect morning in the Canadian Rockies into a snowy hell,
thirteen thousand feet above sea level. And in the midst of grief and
agony, Holly catches sight of a scene in the ice that will haunt her
until she can return and discover the truth.
Oliver Nelson could see the stranger had a mystery inside her. The scars on
her face, the pain in her eyes, the insistence that he teach her
completely alone—no one
needs to
learn rock climbing, or so he thought. But the more he gets to know
her, the more he admires her drive, her ingenuity, and that little
edge of recklessness. If she can trust him with her story, he’s
ready to follow her wherever her heart takes her.
But nature’s deadly beauty isn’t the only danger waiting for them on
Whisky Mountain. To survive, Oliver and Holly will have to move
fast—and think faster . . .
**Only 99 cents!!**
Out of Reach
Maximum Exposure Book 1
In a place where a city can be lost hundreds of years . . . they can
still find each other.
Lily saw the temple of Agulinta on television: a vast stone structure
swallowed by the Yucatan jungle, rediscovered only now after hundreds
of years. So why did the papers she found after her father’s death
show the same mysterious carvings that puzzled archaeologists at
Agulinta? Her search for answers pulls her to Mexico’s southern
border, where the journey to the lost temple will take her through
jungle and mountain, over waters home to crocodiles and drug runners,
and into uncomfortably close quarters with a man whose need to wander
has become a way of life . . .
Australian Carter Logan’s work as a nature photographer has given him the
excuse he needs to roam wherever his restless feet take him. But in
all the time he’s traveled, he’s never been drawn to anyone the
way he is to this determined, cagey young American. Lily’s
perseverance through dirt, sweat, and danger to the heart of the
ancient temple fires through him. But when the two of them are left
alone and stranded in a vicious wilderness, their connection might
prove the difference between life and death . . . if the secrets of
the past don’t come between them first.
Kendall Talbot is the author of the Maximum Exposure series, and many
other action/adventure stories. A thrill seeker, hopeless romantic,
and award-winning author of stories that’ll have your heart
thumping from action-packed suspense and steamy bedroom scenes, she
lives in Brisbane, Australia with her very own hero and a fluffy
little dog who specializes in hijacking her writing time. Meanwhile,
Kendall’s two sons are off making their own adventures—look out world
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Sneak Peek of Squared Away by Alicia Dill

Squared Away
by Alicia Dill
Genre: Thriller
Almost two years after she left the army and her best friend, Concepcion
Chapa, Joells McCoy receives a cryptic voicemail from an Iraqi
contact looking for Concepcion. When Joelle can’t reach her “battle
buddy”, she’s told Concepcion died in a car accident, while working
for the FBI.
But Joelle has questions and those questions launch her into the arms of
an FBI agent – one of Concepcion’s former colleagues – and a
search for her friend that will bring her from small town Missouri,
to Miami, and then on to Kosovo.
Over the course of a year, Joelle will search for her friend, with the
help of Concepcion’s former FBI colleagues, and try to come to terms
with what their battle-tested friendship really means in her life.
And why Concepcion would disappear without so much as a goodbye.
Absolutely amazing! It felt like I was back in country! Alicia captured the
essence of what it is to be a female Soldier and the everlasting bond
we develop with our sisters-in-arms! “
-First Sgt. Sara Maniscalco, Army Veteran, National Guard

September 7, 2007

“What am I doing here?” I whispered, but saying the words aloud didn’t give me any further insight. The seconds ticked by. The hourglass of my life sifted away from me, one grain of sand at a time. Being deployed in one of the most dangerous places on planet Earth, I considered my mortality far too often. How long did I have left? How would I spend it? Two questions a twenty-six-year-old should not be asking.

It was my last guard duty, on my last deployment. Military life was not for me. After six years serving, I knew it, and the Army knew it. When I had explained my job as a military journalist to my family, it had all sounded so much more exciting than it turned out to be. I couldn’t stomach the idea of another year of soldiering. Being assigned to guard duty instead of working on the camp magazine was like sticking a fork in me—I was done. Instead of writing stories and using my degree, I was trying not to fall asleep on my M16. It was loaded, after all. Sure, the money was great, but as an investment in my own sanity, I was getting out.

“McCoy, it’s quitting time, you lucky…” The voice of Private First Class Jacob Glass trailed off as he yelled up the steps of the guard tower. He thankfully stopped himself before he said something degrading. This was the new world order where educated, empowered women were also stuck on watch.
I briefed Glass on the day’s inactivity and cleared my weapon in a nearby container. I packed my gear in the small pockets of my Camelbak and headed down the ancient steps of the station. No one had to tell me twice.

As I walked to the dining facility, I tried to make my meal options sound appealing. A hot meal was never a possibility when working a shift that ended just before midnight. The second shift guards received bottom-of-the-barrel leftovers after the local cooks stopped serving at eight p.m. My only hope was for a stocked salad bar and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
After I assembled a chicken salad for dinner, I added the sun-dried tomato salad dressing my little sister had sent me from home. I was a foodie at heart. I valued my slim hips, so I had to be creative with my meals.
I grabbed a Styrofoam container at the beginning of the line and took my dinner to go.

On the walk to my room, I took a good look around. The way the endless black sky continued was beautiful. I thought about my family far away. I considered my grandma smoking her nightly cigarette on the porch in her southern Missouri home. They were under this sky, too, in some other time.
As I entered the cramped living quarters, I saw my roommate and best friend of six years, Sergeant Concepcion Chapa. I owed her my life literally and figuratively after an amateur move on my part. It had happened when we were running near the base; she ran ahead and tripped me. I fell to my knees, and she pulled my T-shirt, dragging me back toward her. I pulled my headphones out , “Why’d you trip me?”

She pointed ahead on the path where a horned viper head peeked out while its body was burrowed under the sand. With a combat boot, snakes were less threatening, but with tennis shoes and bare calves, hemorrhagic bleeding wasn’t how I wanted to go out. I never let her run ahead again.

She was watching a pirated copy of one of the latest popular movies back in the States. With her headphones on, she didn’t hear me come in. I set my food down and jumped on the bed, where her tiny frame was sprawled out in front of my MacBook Pro.

“Dammit, McCoy, you ruined the sexy mood I was creating in my head. This is the best part,” she said. A very naked eighteen-year-old muscular man was having fake sex with a plastic surgeon’s golden ticket, a forty-something blonde cougar.

“Monkey puke, monkey puke,” I lifted her earphones off her head. The phrase monkey puke was something my dad sang when the brief sex scenes of movies raced by my young eyes. He was too lazy to fast-forward, and movie night was too sacred of a time to put my sisters and me to bed early. I later decided this was the reason I became shy during all nude and kissing scenes. Concepcion knew about my aversion to nudity and used it against me whenever possible.

After I riled my battle buddy, I walked to the communal bathroom to get ready for the night. Searching the mirror, I smiled at my reflection, an old habit for applying makeup. At five feet nine inches, I was taller than many other female soldiers, but less elegant or sophisticated than the rest of the women in my family. Instead of waif-thin, I was lean and athletic, my coffee-colored long hair pulled back, making my features look harsh in the halogen lights. I considered how soon it would be until I would be able to wear my hair down for good. The strands were breaking off after being in a tight bun throughout the years.

I examined my pores up close and thanked my expensive and rigorous skincare regimen. My time there was showing on my face, and no amount of miracle cream could fix my sunken eyes perpetually looking tired. They were supposed to be my best feature, according to Concepcion. They changed in intensity, from shades of green to hazel, as often as my mood. As a Gemini, I was a different person depending on the day. I would pay for these years of stress on my body.

I heard the door of the bathroom open and close while I had my face pressed up to the mirror. In another world, I would be able to obsess in private, but not in the Army. Before I could see who it was, a hand slapped my toweled behind. Concepcion. Payback was sooner than I imagined.

“Get out of your head, girl. You’ll get another migraine.”

I turned around and shook my head. I didn’t respond. What she said was true. My migraine diagnosis was another check in the “con” category for staying in the service.

I listened as the water turned on. I hoped Concepcion hadn’t moved my stuff away from the good shower. I needed hot water to release some of the tension in my shoulders from holding up a gun all day. The good shower meant temperature control was possible. I looked in the mirror to see her taking the shower next to mine. Good girl.

“Are you ready to be out of this sandbox?” The noise of the shower between us. “Can I get a hell yeah, Sergeant?”

“What are you saying?” She didn’t hear me.

Showers here were mostly private, but I was feeling giddy about leaving this place. As much as I bitched, we were lucky we had running water. It was worse in Afghanistan.

Concepcion sang out louder so I could hear. She did a great Cher impression, and I could tell she was also in a good mood for our last night.

I peeked outside the shower stall to see if anyone else had come in since I’d entered. I wasn’t ready to entertain the whole camp.

I screamed out the next verse while I rubbed some remaining sand into my skin, exfoliating the sweat as best I could. Her energy was infectious. She was as excited as I was to get back home. I was going to miss our Cher-in-the-shower time.

Concepcion’s voice was stronger than mine, but that was okay with me. My stomach dropped a bit when I considered leaving her at the airport. Like the Army, she was a constant in my life. She’d saved me from myself more than a few times. I was going to miss my friend.

Check out Alicia Dill’s podcast interview with NPR!
On this hour of Talk of Iowa, Host Charity Nebbe and Dill discuss
“Squared Away,” Dill’s first novel, which is inspired by
her time in the military.
The author will also send a hand written post card to the first 10 people
to show proof of purchase of Squared Away! Please email !
ALICIA DILL spent six years as an Army soldier and globally published print
journalist. She remains involved with many service members who
continue to put their lives in harm’s way throughout the world. It’s
because of that bond, the Missouri native wrote her debut novel in a
series of untold stories of sisters in uniform. She joined the Army
National Guard at the age of seventeen and received her degree in
journalism and international studies at the University of Iowa. After
her service, she was published by several weekly newspapers in Iowa,
Missouri, and Illinois with over 75,000 readers. She continues
writing in Iowa City, Iowa and enjoys traveling the world with her
next book in mind.
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Author Dr. Tanya Beaubrun shares Of Bubbles, Buddha and Butterflies

As the creator of the Body Joy Process, Dr. Tanya Beaubrun empowers people with her simple, yet powerful message: Take exquisite care of yourself, respect the choices you make, and tune into healing from the inside out. Tanya’s passionate about bringing the heart and soul back into the practice of Medicine.
A Family Physician specializing in Functional and Integrative Medicine, as well as a certified Wellness & Lifestyle Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author, she has dedicated her career to helping people feel their best in their bodies so they can live happy and healthy lives and rediscover their Body Joy.
A graduate of the University of the West Indies, she has spent most of her career in Private Practice, and advocates a holistic approach to well-being, incorporating mind, body, spirit practices so people can connect more deeply to themselves and their truth.
She holds a Degree in Alternative Medicine and is Board Certified in Functional, Anti-Aging, and Regenerative Medicine. She is a certified Reiki Master and has obtained an Integrative Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), as well as a certification under Gabrielle Bernstein’s Levels 1 and 2 Spirit Junkie Master Class.
Tanya has been featured in The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Lissa Rankin’s Owning Pink website, as well as several popular podcasts, including EOFire with John Lee Dumas. As an author, she’s contributed to the Amazon bestselling books, 365 Moments of Grace and 365 Life Shifts.  With her unique blend of Western medicine, Lifestyle coaching, and Integrative health, she’s distinguished herself as a Women’s Wellness Warrior; with a dream of starting a movement geared towards empowering women to lead full, vibrant and authentic lives.
Despite all this, she feels her most important role has been as a wife and mother of 3. 
              ABOUT THE BOOK
Author Tanya Destang-Beaubrun has always known that her calling was to heal, nurture, and care for her fellow human beings; it has always been a deep, unwavering conviction at her core. And so she became a family physician who put patients first, treating their bodies, minds, and spirits. In Of Bubbles, Buddha, and Butterflies, Dr. Destang-Beaubrun chronicles the changes that have occurred in her life since she decided to follow her heart and pursue her dreams. She presents a series of essays and narratives written during the four-year period after she left her thriving Western medical practice and immersed herself in the study of integrative and functional medicine. Destang-Beaubrun recalls her breakdowns, breakthroughs, fears, and faith as she navigated her way to a new way of living, learning, and loving. This collection of personal essays on bravery, trust, and faith shares one woman’s insights and life lessons as she shifted from traditional medical practice to something more. 
As I sat and took in the breathtaking scenery of the October Fall foliage, my heart was filled with gratitude. Attending this retreat was the fulfillment of a long held dream. 
I knew that at some point we would all have to tell our life story. And I was ready to tell mine. The story that, after twenty years of practicing Family Medicine, I’d realized that I was not happy with how healthcare was being delivered and felt the burning desire to offer my patients something more to optimize their wellness by integrating health of body, mind and spirit. 
As a Family Physician, I already took care of their bodies. 
As a newly certified Health Coach I thought I would take care of their minds. 
At this retreat, I would be taught how care for the Spirit. 
Over the years, I’d listened to many a life story, held many hands and wiped away so many tears. 
That night, as I sat in the midst of our group healing circle, and the meditative music began, my tears flowed freely. I cried for all the patients I’d been unable to save. Had I failed as a doctor? 
I cried for all the times I had missed being present for my family. Had I failed as a wife and mother? 
BARNES & NOBLE                                       AMAZON