Book Review A Shattered Lens by Layton Green

Title: A Shattered Lens

Author Name: Layton Green

Publication Date: May 28, 2019

Genre: Mystery

Rating: 3 Stars=Okay Page Turner

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A Shattered Lens starts with a filmmaker witnessing a murder. She flees the scene hoping to get away from the killer. Detective Joe Everson is called to the scene. The victim happens to be the star quarterback at Creekville High. The case is different for job because he used to date the mother of the victim. As the investigation goes on Joe starts to learn that Creekville is not the simple town he thought it was. He will have to find the witness if he is going to solve this mystery.

This book start off slow for me and picked up a little toward the middle. It was hard to invest in the characters, which caused me to reread pages to keep following the story. I did like the plot and was curious about Joe and Claire’s past relationship and how it would affect his relationship with Ari. The story had some good twists and I kept thinking Joe was never going to figure out who Annalise Blue was and how she was connected to the case. I was shocked but glad I couldn’t figure out who the culprit was until I got towards the end.

Overall, this book was about the secrets the town had and Joe facing that Claire could possibly be the killer he is looking for. I’m glad he didn’t let it take away from his skills in solving the murder. The author does a wonderful keeping the element of mystery a prominent piece of the story. I will try another book by this author.

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Book Review: Revenge by J. Brinkley


Title: Revenge

Author Name: J. Brinkley

Publication Date: July 29, 2018

Genre: Urban Fiction, Love Story

Rating: 3 Stars=Okay Page Turner

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Brooklyn Taylor is a college student trying to do better for herself until she meets Tyrell. A typical bad boy who won’t change for the girl who cares about him. When Tyrell goes to jail and Brooklyn realizes she’s pregnant, she’ll have to make some hard decisions.

Brooklyn takes a job to support herself and her child but Tyrell has a problem. His true colors start to show and he oversteps boundaries. Brooklyn is fed up and wants revenge. Tyrell must pay for what he has done.

Revenge is about a relationship gone wrong. It is a typical Urban story with realistic characters and everyday situations. It was easy to invest in the characters but Brooklyn transformation was worth reading this book to the end. What she put her foot down and decide her revenge will be best the book took an interesting turn.

This book was entertaining. I enjoyed the plot, characters and the twist. The only problem I had with the book was the formatting. It was very distracting and sometimes took me away from the story. I do look forward to reading more of this author’s books. I recommend Revenge to those who like Urban fiction.

*This book was provides by the author for review purposes only.

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#BookTour #BookReview Cursing by Lynne Murray

Angie Faust Series Book 1
Lynne Murray
Genre: Urban Fantasy 
The day she killed her boss…
Everything changed.
She never laid a hand on him to take his life. She didn’t have to.
As her boss lies on the floor with a dozen witnesses staring and paramedics working in a futile effort to save him, a mysterious stranger approaches Angie with a bizarre offer.
It’s a job with the ExtraTerrestrial Protection Agency, a secret organization. Can Angie trust a group whose very existence is ultra classified?
She has to decide in a hurry because her newly released power starts drawing attention from life-draining, telepathic, Mindworms and alien
scientists obsessed with abducting humans. Most terrifying of all, she’s stalked by one of the most fearsome predators in the galaxy.
If you loved Men in Black or Ilona Andrews’ Innkeeper Chronicles series, buckle up for a wild ride with Angie Faust in Cursing. Get it now!
The story starts with Angie’s boss dying in a staff meeting from an apparent heart attack. Angie knows she’s responsible but she didn’t even touch him. She is approached by a man named Chad, who tells her to meet him after work for a coffee. Angie then finds herself meeting individuals from a special group that can help her with the power she can’t control. As the story continues, she starts to learn more about her aunt, grandfather and the dangers she may be in.
The story introduces a variety of characters some stranger than others, which made the story interesting. I like the hint of attraction between Angie and Wade and the way he shows up out of the blue when she is in need. I also enjoyed reading Angie’s transformation with her powers. The pacing was slow which made it harder for me to invest in the characters, but it picked up toward the middle of the book . Overall, this is a book for those who like fantasy, sci-fi and aliens.
I look forward to reading more of this author’s work.
Lynne Murray was born in Illinois, but she grew up in transit due to her father’s work with the military. She’s lived in Texas, Alaska, Florida, Washington state, and Southern California, before landing
and staying in San Francisco.
Lynne writes the kind of books she loves to read. Those usually feature a lot of action, quirky characters and supernatural attitude. She just
might read anything that isn’t tied down, but some of the books that have to be restrained also make it onto her list. Her favorite authors include Illona Andrews, Faith Hunter, Patricia Briggs, Kim
Hamilton, Terry Pratchett and T.H. White.
She now lives and writes and stares out the window at the ocean with a group of rescue cats, who rescue her right back with heroic feats of
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Book Review: Know Your Place by Shelly Ellis

Title: Know Your Place

Author: Shelly Ellis

Publication Date: April 30, 2019

Genre: Urban Fiction

Rating: 5 Stars=Non-Stop Page Turner

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Ricky, Derrick and Jamal have to make some hard decisions and Know Your Place by Shelly Ellis. The second book in A Branch Avenue Boys series is even better than the first. These three friends lives unravel more as they’re confronted with some hidden secrets, betrayal and unlawful behaviors.

Jamal has bitten off more than he can chew being under the Mayor’s wings. His integrity is in question and as I read the story I was waiting for him to do the right thing. Jamal frustrated me the most in this book because I wanted him to use his head.

Derrick’s love triangle between his fiance, Melissa and co-worker, Morgan brought a dramatic element to the story. He is also dealing with a troubled student at his institute, which causes some issues. Derrick has to make a choice and I’m glad he went in the direction I wanted.

Ricky’s in hot water all because of a woman who sold him out to the cops. He can’t let it go and is on the hunt while working for the cops and staying in contact with Dolla, Dolla who got him in the mess in the first place. I love the twist in the story when Ricky finally finds the woman he loves. His character is my favorite because his transformation is worth reading and his loyalty is what every woman and friend needs.

Know your place is a gritty Urban Fiction book about corruption, betrayal and secrets written by a talented writer, who keeps you turning the pages. I can’t wait until the new installment is available.

*This book was provide by the author for review purposes only.