Book Review of One House Over by Mary Monroe

Title: One House Over

Author: Mary Monroe

Publication Date: March 27, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Rating: 4 Stars=Great Page Turner

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It has been awhile since I have read a Mary Monroe novel and I am glad I picked up, One House Over. It gave me a what is done in the dark vibe. You never know who is listening and or watching.

Joyce and Odell Watson are a newly married couple moving into their first home. After the older couple moves out next door a younger one takes their place. The Watson’s are friendly and enjoy Milton and Yvonne’s company. Things seem to be going great, Odell gets a promotion at his in-law’s grocery store and Joyce is expecting their first child.

Odell takes a fishing trip that changes everything. He now must keep up appearances and even more so because someone knows what he did. Joyce has changed as well, because now she looks down on certain folks instead of paying attention to what is going on right under her nose.

This was a very refreshing contemporary story about marriage and manipulation. The connection between these two couples and what becomes of their friendship is the making of a good television show. I was captivated with these characters. I could not put this book down and will be reading the rest in this series. If you like a little drama and some anticipation, One House Over is for you.


Book Review: Ghostly Vendetta by Michele Israel Harper

Title: Ghostly Vendetta

Author: Michele Israel Harper

Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Publication Date: April 30, 2020

Rating: 5 Stars=Non-Stop Page Turner

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Candace is trying to be debt free, which means paying off the remaining balance of her tuition. There is a way she can get the last of the money if she stays in a known haunted house all night. When she finds out how much is being offered, she thinks it is a joke, but her boyfriend encourages her to take the dare.

This was a paranormal book with spooky elements and fun antics, which made for a great story. The main character, Candace kept me turning the pages. She is a natural scaredy cat and having her maneuver through the haunted house was hilarious. Her motivational talks with herself was a highlight in the book. Peter ticked me off throughout the book with his selfish ways and his lies.  I loved the storyline, characters and the ending has me more intrigued. After reading this prequel, I must get, Zombie Takeover to see what else Candace will get into. If you like paranormal with a hint of scary and a little humor than Ghostly Vendetta is right for you.


Book Review: The Babysitter by Nancy Bush

Title: The Babysitter

Author: Nancy Bush

Genre: YA Thriller

Publication Date: June 30, 2020

Rating: 3 Stars=Okay Page Turner

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Someone is attacking babysitters and they have not been caught in The Babysitter by Nancy Bush.

Jamie comes back home to take care of her sister, Emma, who was attacked twenty years ago while babysitting. It seems things have not changed when another girl is attacked while babysitting. Jamie is trying to adjust to being back in her hometown and so is her daughter, Harley who is experiencing the town for the first time.

This was a thriller with a decent plot, a little suspense and not enough intrigue. The inciting incident at the beginning of the book had me interested, but the rest was slowing going for me until the second attack happened. I did not really connect to many of the characters except Emma. I questioned her condition and I kept thinking she knew more about her attacker than she had Jamie and everyone else believing. Harley was a brat at times and Jamie was doing the best that she could given the circumstances. Cooper, his stepdaughter, Marissa and her mother, Lauren added a little edge to the story, but it was hard keeping my attention.

Overall, I did enjoy the plot and the similarities of the both attacks especially where they occurred. I liked the ending and would suggest The Babysitter to those who like thrillers and mysteries. I will try another one of this author’s books.



Book Review: Join or Die by J. Adrian Ruth

Title: Join or Die

Author: J. Adrian Ruth

Publication Date: January 6, 2020

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Rating: 3 Stars= Okay Page Turner

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This book reminded me of a knock off of Bella Forrest’s Spell Shadow Manor series mixed with a little of Harry Potter. The main characters even have the same name, which is Alex.

It has some competitive characters with a variety of personalities, but it was hard to connect with any of them. I do believe it has a decent plot and I liked that Alex had to get others to join his cioral, which was not easy.

Even though this book one didn’t wow me I will give the next book in the series a try.