Book Review: Forgotten Bones by Vivian Barz

Title: Forgotten Bones

Author: Vivian Barz

Publication Date: July 1, 2019

Genre: Mystery

Rating: 3 Stars=Okay Page Turner

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Forgotten Bones is a mysterious thriller where the case uncovers a lot of hidden secrets.

The body of a young man is discovered in the town blames a near by criminal, but officer Susan Marlan believes there is more to the case. When the FBI takes over Susan is convinced that she needs to keep looking into the case, but under the radar. She meets a college professor Eric Evans, as their paths cross again, he explains information he believes will help her.

Susan was a head strong officer who wouldn’t give up even though it meant going against protocol. Eric’s character freaked me out a little with his schizophrenic hallucinations. I didn’t know if he would flip out and turn on Susan or his students. I did like the twist in the story and I wasn’t able to solve it until the end.

I recommend Forgotten Bones to those who love mysteries and thrillers.

*This book was provided by the publisher for review purposes only.


Book Review: Paper Chains by Nicola Moriarty

Title: Paper Chains

Author: Nicola Moriarty

Publication date: September 3, 2019

Genre: Women Fiction

Rating: 5 Stars=Non-Stop Page Turner

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Paper chains is a story about family, new friendships and a woman’s ability to work toward getting better. Hannah, an Australian women can’t take her home life. She decides to check out by going to London to take a break. This is where she meets another woman from Australia named India. The two become friends while both are searching for something and holding onto secrets.

This book has six parts, you get Hannah’s present mindset and her meeting India, then you get more on her life before leaving her family. This also happens with India’s story. The way India communicates in the story made her chapters unique. She is a comfort throughout and a special character who touches others lives. It made it easier to connect with both characters and invest in their lives. This also helped when the story came full circle and the twist toward the end shocked me.

Nicola Moriarty never disappoints me with her writing. This was a beautifully written book with triggers on traumatic stress and how it changes a person sometimes without them even knowing it. The pace of the book was on point and had me anticipating the characters next move in every chapter. The main character as well as the secondary characters had depth and were relatable.

Nicola Moriarty never disappoints me with her writing. I recommend Paper Chains to those who like women fiction with real life issues.

*This book was provided by the publisher for review purposes only.


Book Review of More to Life by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Title: More to Life

Author: ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Publication Date: August 27, 2019

Genre: Women Fiction

Rating: 5 Stars=Non-Stop Page Turner

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Have you ever read a book that seems to be speaking to your soul?

I did recently and let me tell you after reading this book, I believed it’s tagline.

Make your own second chance.

I haven’t read a book by ReShonda Tate Billingsley since My Brother’s Keeper, but I’m glad I read its sequel, More to Life. The book starts off with Aja James preparing to attend an Oprah Winfrey workshop. She must be there on time, or she won’t be able to get in. It seems her wanting to attend the event wasn’t a concern for her family members because they all needed her for something, which made her miss the event. This was a turning point for Aja especially when she went on her forty-fifth birthday trip with her girlfriends. It is like a lightbulb went off and she makes a decision that changes everything for her.

First let me tell you at this point in the book, I am team Aja because I could relate to how she felt. I’ve been in her shoes and I was right there in the moment with her. Second this book opened my eyes to inconsiderate, selfish and controlling people that are so blind and couldn’t see the hurt Aja was going through. And third her actions to obtain freedom and happiness, I did question how she went about it, but could truly understand why she did it.

The twists in the story threw me for a loop. It was necessary and the only one who took something from it was Aja. Her husband, Charles and his mother, Judy made me want to smack them at times and their children needed to grow up.

Overall, by the time I got to the end of this book, I realized a family can appear perfect, but you never know what goes on behind closed doors. The things Aja was going through I felt I was looking in the mirror and needing to make a change. Read more to life and you’ll soon understand living for your true self may prove to be the better choice.

*This book was provided by the publisher for review purposes only.


Book Review: The Year I Left by Christine Brae

Title: The Year I Left

Author: Christine Brae

Publication Date: August 20, 2019

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4 Stars= Great Page Turner

The Year I left is about Carin Frost, a woman at a crossroad in her life and desperate for a change. It seems nothing is working for her since the death of her mother and she feels lost.

Carin becomes business partners with a man named, Matias Torres. There is a attraction between the two, but Carin is trying to honor her marriage and stay away from him. As the partnership grows Carin can’t Ignore things anymore. Then Matias asked her to trust him with something and this is when the story takes a turn.

While reading this book I had mixed feelings. It’s mainly told in second person, which made me feel like I was a outsider peeping in. However, I was able to invest in the characters especially Carin, having recently lost my mother, I could relate to her. When I got to the second half and found out what Matias wanted her to do my perception changed. I was frustrated her and couldn’t believe the choices she made or the things she went along with.

When I got to the end, I was able to piece together everything and understood Carin’s mindset. I was pleased with the ending. The author wrote a beautiful and poetic story I enjoyed and one that evoked feelings the whole time I was reading it. I recommend The Year I Left to other romance writers.

* This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.