Book Review: Cold Flash by Carrie H. Johnson

Title: Cold Flash

Author: Carrie H. Johnson

Rating: 5 Stars=Non-PageTurner


In this second installment of the Muriel Mabley mystery series, Cold Flash, Muriel is knee deep in chaos. In Philadelphia, there has been a series of killing especially against gang members. Muriel is assisting in the case, which starts readers on a journey of her balancing work, family, troubled youth and a romance.

The killings soon hit home when her son, Travis’ friends are killed. Muriel feels there is a connection especially when one of Travis’s friends, Elijah’s brother is one of the main gang members dealing in drugs. Muriel believes she needs help by including her love interest, Calvin, in hopes of getting justice for those they have lost and to bring a stop to the gangs and drugs in the city. This is easier said than done because the closer Muriel and Calvin the more dangerous the consequences get.

Having never read this author’s work, I was captivated by the story, suspense, consistent storyline, memorable characters and the twists. This author’s writing style is one I will keep on my radar. I enjoyed that it included a realistic family, hint of romance, struggles and loyalty. I will say Muriel Mabley’s character is one I wouldn’t mind seeing on television. I would definitely tune in.

Reviewed by Teresa  Beasley

Book Review: Deadly Affections by Tracee Lydia Garner

Genre: mystery, suspense

Rating: 5 Stars

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The title in Tracee Lydia Garner’s new novel, Deadly Affections sounds like a romance gone wrong, but it changes your mind after reading the first chapter. This book starts with Leedra Henderson witnessing a kidnapping of a little girl and following the vehicle to get the little girl back. After saving the Kira, Leedra soon starts a new job and tries to move on with her original plans.

She steps into her new role at the Anchored Empowerment Center, interacting with the staff and ready to put new ideals in place. Having been a foster child, Leedra can’t help being drawn to a career of service especially if it helps her get closer to her own truth.

Dexter Parker is stunned after meeting the new employee, especially after finding out she is the woman who saved his daughter. He feels as if he knows her from somewhere, but can’t put his finger on it. When Dexter figures out she is a former foster child, he approaches her to clarify his findings. Old feelings for the girl he used to know start to creep back and soon, Dexter and Leedra join forces to uncover the truth about the foster home where they were placed. The more they investigate the closer danger is to them.

Deadly Affections was an intriguing mystery with unsuspected twists and turns. It was exciting to be on the journey with Leedra and Dexter’s as their relationship grew while trying to investigate the foster home. This book had well developed characters that complemented the storyline and kept me turning the pages. I also liked that it shed light on how children are being treated while in foster care. I definitely recommend Deadly Affections to others.

Reviewed  by  Teresa  Beasley

Book Review: Who Killed My Husband? by Michelle Stimpson

Title: Who Killed My Husband?

Author: Michelle Stimpson

Publication Date: June 22, 2017

Publisher:2017 MLStimpson Enterprises

Genre: Mystery

Rating: 5 Stars

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A wife will be loyal and will do whatever it takes to make her marriage work, which is the case in Who Killed My Husband? by Michelle Stimpson. Ashley Crandall’s last resort is asking her husband to attend a men’s retreat in hopes of it saving her marriage and bringing her husband closer to God. Ashley doesn’t know those couple of days will definitely change her life, but not the way in which she thought it would. Ashely and Allen have been struggling with the loss of their son, but this is not the focus of this mystery.

Ashley sent her husband to a retreat, he never returns and now she has to deal with his family and the police, whom all believe she is a suspect. Ashley just wants to know what happened to her husband and who did it. The reveals catches her off guard.

Who Killed My Husband? is what short stories are made of and doesn’t disappoint. Stimpson created a suspenseful mystery with a shocking ending. I could not figure this one out but loved the ride in trying. The characters were realistic, ones I could relate to and that brought out emotions within me. Who Killed My Husband? is worth reading especially those who love mysteries. I hope Stimpson has more in the works.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley

Book Review: Between Lost and Found by Shelly Stratton

Title: Between Lost and Found

Author: Shelly Stratton

Genre: Women Fiction

Publication Date: July 25, 2017

Publisher:  Dafina

Rating: 4 Stars

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There is something about an unexpected call and being told your parent, sibling or grandparent is missing. The air leaves your lungs while nerves are on edge. This is how Janelle Marshall felt when she received a similar call about her grandfather in, Between Lost and Found by Shelly Stratton. Little Bill’s girlfriend, Connie calls Janelle with the news even though she knows there is a hidden meaning. It is funny reading, what our family members will do when they feel the mate you have picked is not right for you. Little Bill knows there will be consequences for the event he puts in motion, but to him he has to in order to save his granddaughter from hurt and pain.

Janelle puts her career and wedding plans on hold to rush to search for her grandfather. After settling in Mammoth Fall, Connie shows her around and introduces her to some of the townsfolk. She starts to feel comfortable seeming the small town has friendly people especially Sam. Sam is the local sheriff and the man who is heading the search for Little Bill. Janelle reminds him of someone from his past, which draws him to her. As the search continues, Janelle starts to learn a lot about her grandfather, her fiancé and her attraction to Sam.

Between Lost and Found was a moving story about a grandfather’s determination to protect his granddaughter from marrying the wrong man even though his strategies may have been over the top. It was also about a woman recognizing were she belonged instead of the make believe world she was existing in. This book had a hint of drama mixed with suspense and mystery, which I love in a book. The anticipating of finding Little Bill and the affect his absence had on everyone in town was unbelievable as well as seeing if Sam and Janelle would let their attraction grow into something more. I definitely recommend this book to others and look forward to reading more of this author’s work.

Reviewed by  Teresa Beasley