A Reader’s Book Corner Podcast is a weekly podcast focusing on discussing and supporting indie books and the authors who write them.



Episode 00-Introducing A Reader’s Book Corner Podcast

Episode 01-Live to Tell by Bianca Sloane Part 1

Episode 02-Live to Tell by Bianca Sloane Part 2

Episode 03-Half-Blood Dragon by K.N. Lee Part 1

Episode 04-Half Blood Dragon by K. N. Lee Part 2

Episode 05-Whiskey Rebellion by Liliana Hart Part 1

Episode 06-Whiskey Rebellion by Liliana Hart Part 2

Episode 07-Great Places for Reading/Reading Life


Episode 08- Faithful Heart by Tyora Moody

Episode 09-The Anti-Relationship Year by Katie Wismer

Episode 10-The Change Up by Nicole Falls

Episode 11-The Trouble with Love by Toni Shiloh

Episode 12-The Fall by Briuana Green

Episode 13-3 Finger Jack by Deidre Bjorson

Episode 14- The Cathawyr by Savannah J. Goins

Episode 15-Cafe Macabre II Edited by Leah McNaughton Lederman

Episode 16-Ruby Holloway Reads After Dark by Abe Moss

Episode 17-Passion & Venom by S. Williams

Episode 18-A Weighted Soul by J. L. Willow

Episode 19-What You Don’t Know by Bianca Sloane

Episode 20-Sweethand by N. G. Peltier


Episode 21-The Gatekeeper’s Staff by Antoine Bandele

Episode 22-The Watchmaker’s Daughter by C.J. Archer

Episode 23-Christmas As We Know It by Sarah Sutton

Episode 24- A Blended Family Christmas by Tyora Moody

Episode 25-A Shoulda Woulda Christmas by Michelle Stimpson

Episode 26-2021 Wrap Up & What’s Coming in 2022

Episode 27-Bed of Bones by Cheryl Bradshaw

Episode 28-Meet Me at the Summit by Mandi Lynn

Episode 29-The Perfect Wife by Blake Pierce

Episode 30-The Secret Library by M. J. McGriff

Bonus Episode-Interview with Alan Wills

Episode 31-Love Under Contract by Sharon C. Cooper

Episode 32-Awakening Mercy by Angela Benson

Episode 33-Interview with Suspense Author Bianca Sloane 

Episode 34-The Arrangement by Kiersten Modglin

Episode 35-Interview with Mystery Writer Tyora Moody

Episode 36-The Marionettes by Katie Wismer

Episode 37-Dangerous Confessions by Tyora Moody

Episode 38-Interview with Fantasy Author M. J. McGriff

Episode 39-Beautiful Demons by Sarra Cannon

Episode 40-The Spell Keeper by  M. J. McGriff

Episode 41-Interview with Sport Romance Author Nicole Falls

Episode 42-Business Casual by Danielle Allen

Episode 43-Private Property by Skye Warren

Episode 44-Interview with Thriller/Mystery Author Donna M. Zadunajsky

Episode 45-Girl One Murder by Molly Black

Episode 46-Tell Me A Lie by Bianca Sloane

Episode 47-Interview with Urban Fiction Author Nick Haskins

Episode 48-They All Had A Reason by Michele Leathers

Episode 49-Two Truths and One Liar by Deirdre Riordan Hall

Episode 50-Interview Debut Romance Author Havelah McLat

Episode 51-Love by The Books by Te Russ

Episode 52-Influenced Love by Shellee Marie

Episode 53-Interview with Contemporary Romance Author Alexandra Warren

Episode 54-Desert Places by Blake Crouch

Episode 55-The Clock Strikes Twelve by Andrew LaRell Fry

Episode 56-Interview with General Fiction Author JB Burrage

Episode 57-Deadly Paradise by Jullian Scott

Episode 58-The Girl Outside by James Caine

Episode 59-Interview with YA Christian Fiction Author Briuana Green

Episode 60-Wicked Souls by Katie Wismer

Episode 61-The Witness by Zach Bohannon 

Episode 62-Interview with Romance Author Danielle Allen

Episode 63-Find Her by Chris Patchell

Episode 64-Interview with Portal Fantasy Author Savannah J. Goins

Episode 65-Dark River Inn by J. R. Erickson

Episode 66-Interview with Thriller Author Jenny Medenwald

Episode 67-Abandoned Hope by Michael DeCamp

Episode 68-Interview with Spicy Romance Author Meg Becker

Episode 69-Wounded Heart by Tyora Moody

Episode 70-Interview with Christian Romance Author Pat Simmons

Episode 71-Her Last Summer by Melinda Woodhall

Episode 72-Interview Suspense Thriller Author Chris Patchell

Episode 73-Interview with YA Thriller Author Michael DeCamp

Episode 74-Should Have Thought Twice by Tanisha Stewart

Episode 75-Interview with Crime Thriller Author Chas Kelley

Episode 76-Interview with Poetry Author Arthur Smith II

Episode 77-Day Not Promised by Pat Simmons

Episode 78-Freshmen Fifteen by J. Nichol

Episode 79-Interview with Psychological Thriller Author Tanisha Stewart

Episode 80-The Butcher’s Daughter by Parker J. Cole

Episode 81-Suspense Author Bianca Sloane on Murder, Mystery & Disturbing Past

Episode 82-Loosen Up to Love by Nia Arthurs

Episode 83-Vanished by Mark Stephens O’Neal

Episode 84-Interview with Fantasy Romance Author Kimberly Lemming

Episode 85-Candy, Cigarettes, and Murder by Joyce Proell and Brenda Whiteside 

Episode 86-Crossroads by Charles “Chas” Kelley

Episode 87-Epic High Fantasy with Renee Dugan