Review Policy

Requests for reviews are closed until January 2019

*I accept printed copies only for review but don’t send until I have sent a response to you.


*I read and review Women’s Fiction, Young and New Adult Fiction, Paranormal/Fantasy, Mystery, and Thrillers. 

*I give preference to self-published books but will consider books from traditional publishers and publicists.

*If you do not hear back from me after sending a request assume I will not be able to review your book. If able to review, I will contact you once I have accepted the title.

*My acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review. If this is an issue, please do not send your book to me. Please keep in mind, I review books out of my love for reading and supporting authors.

*I will try my best to complete reviews as soon as possible. I cannot promise to review a book by a certain date. My backlogged titles get preference so if your review does not appear around the publication date this does not mean it never will.

*I will send out email notifications when my review has posted. There is also a review category on the right hand side of my site. Please check for your book there.

*My reviews will post on Amazon, Goodreads and Authors & Readers Book Corner.

*My ratings (I will still publish reviews with a low score of 2 or 3):

1=Close the Book

2=Not a Page Turner

3=Okay Page Turner

4=Great Page Turner

5=Non-Stop Page Turner

*Please feel free to use a part of my review for quotations. I do ask that you give me and Authors & Readers Book Corner credit for the quote (ex. Teresa Beasley, Authors & Readers Book Corner).

*If you are also available for a interview, guest post or would like to offer a giveaway, let me know in your email.

*The best way to submit a review request is via In the subject line include “Review Request.” Include in the body of the emailing the following:

Author name and book title

Genre and publication date

Synopsis of the book

Book cover art

Author website

Twitter and Facebook handles

*If this information is not present in your email it will be deleted.

Guest Posts and Blog Tours

I accept guest posts and also participate in author blog tours in the following manner:

Author Interviews

Book Spotlights

Book Excerpt

*Please note there is no payment for articles or guest posts. Please take into consideration the flow of my site. All guest posts topics must relate to the literary, publishing, marketing and public relations industry or may be one of the topics below:

A Writer’s Retreatdescribe to readers where you create your books. The place that is your writing haven.

A Letter to My Readers-write a letter to your readers letting them know how much they mean to you.

Pertaining to Literary Industry-write an article that pertains to the literary industry (ex. marketing, promotions, publishing,how to)


I will assist in giveaways and promos as part of blog tours. I will not take responsibility for any prizes not delivered to prize winners. All prizes are sent directly to the winners by the publisher, publicist, or author. Please adhere to giveaway rules in order to receive your prize.

*Please note starting in 2019 A&RBC will start giveaways and will send prizes directly to prize winners within 14 business days after giveaway has ended.


All books I review have been received free from the publishers, authors, checked out at my local library or purchased by me and are kept by me. All images used are property of the original owner and used with permission for promoting the author. If you feel otherwise, please email me at


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