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Meet The Author: Interview with Lizzie Lee

Stopping Authors & Readers Book Corner today is Lizzie Lee, erotic romance author of the Colorado series. Lizzie is currently studying English Literature and has a love for all things books. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves watching movies, sketching portraits, and attempting Pinterest projects. Lizzie chats about the inspiration behind the latest book in her series, the deep topics it covers as well as lessons she has learned about publishing. Let’s jump into the interview.

A&RBC: What inspired you to write Jagged Hearts?

LL: After I released my first romance novel, The Blessing, I received a lot of questions regarding Veronica’s character. There’s a lot more to her story than what is found in The Blessing. I really wanted to give her a fleshed-out story of her own. Her character has dealt with so much and still finds a way to protect and defend the people she loves. She gives and gives, never considering how much giving can cost her. Veronica is a character I really fell in love with. Writing her has been a lot of fun and I really hope I will have the second part of her story out soon!

A&RBC: Jagged Hearts has deep topics such as loss and depression, how important were these to the story?

LL: I think it’s so important because these are such universal topics. Everyone deals with loss and the emotions that come with it. Everyone has found themselves questioning who they were. Many people—more than we probably realize—deal with depression, too. I think these topics are so important to discuss. Being able to relate to characters is so important because through them, you realize you’re not alone in your struggles. Everyone is fighting their own battles regardless of how nice their life may seem on the outside. I definitely think Veronica is one of these cases. Her life seems perfect and put together, yet she has so much darkness that she deals with on a daily basis.

A&RBC: Tell us about your characters Veronica Clark and Trevor Warren.

LL: Trevor Warren falls into an entirely new life at the beginning of The Blessing. His brother and sister-in-law have just died, leaving behind their baby for Trevor to take care of. His past is all over the place and when the story begins, he’s really in no place to be a father. However, Veronica, “Ronnie,” is there to help him along the way. She’s his neighbor with a past that is equally painful and as soon as they meet, they become friends. As the story progresses, their friendship becomes something much more.

I really love writing these characters. I especially loved writing Trevor. It was really interesting to get inside of his head and I felt that he really had a great voice. Writing really flowed easily when I was working on his character.

A&RBC: Why did you choose Colorado as the setting for Jagged Hearts?

LL: I had looked up small towns in America and came across Evergreen, Colorado. I looked at images of it and really loved the scenery and feel of the location.

A&RBC: What draws you to writing erotic romance?

LL: My friends and I were really into romance novels in high school. We would go to bookstores and find used paperbacks to read and would discuss them and laugh over the contents. Really, I always love a good romantic story. I love writing people as they fall in love while learning to love themselves, too. I can’t wait to see where writing romance takes me because I feel like there are so many stories waiting to be told. I already have a million different ideas floating around in my head—it’s so hard to focus on just one book at a time! I wish I could skip sleep so I could stay up all night every night and write.

A&RBC: Will you write in other genres? If yes, which ones?

LL: I don’t write any other genres—yet. I’ve always wanted to write horror, though. I grew up obsessed with horror novels, horror movies, and Stephen King. Hopefully one day I can achieve my dreams and write a few horror novels, too.

A&RBC: After releasing two books, what are some of the lessons you’ve learned publishing your books?

LL: Don’t rush the process. Every time I rush, I make mistakes—something always gets overlooked. Also, enjoy the adventure just as much as the destination. When writing gets tough, it’s easy to want to quit and procrastinate. It’s so important to set goals for yourself and stay on top of your project. You definitely want to control your work and not let your work control you. Truly, I can go on and on. However, I think the most important thing is just having faith in yourself and believing you can do it.

A&RBC: What’s next for Lizzie Lee?

LL: I’m finishing up my third book right now! When I’m not writing, I’m a college student. So, the process has felt really slow. I know I’ll be incredibly thankful when this book is done and I can move on to work on the book that’s been haunting me for months now.

In a few months, readers should see Tethered Souls which will be a part two to the book Jagged Hearts. After this release, Veronica’s story will be finished!

A&RBC: Will there be more books in the Colorado series?

LL: I have a few more books planned with characters that were in the first three. However, I have a standalone novel I’m really wanting to get out first. I can’t stop thinking about it and I know I won’t be satisfied until it’s published, too!

A&RBC: Where can readers find you and purchase the series?

LL: My books are available on Amazon! I’m also really active on Facebook and Instagram. Please give me a follow and message me!

About The Book

“Whenever I had found a sliver of happiness in the past, it had only lasted a short while. It had washed over me like ocean waves; it had passed while I had tried to stay afloat. However, I knew this time was different. Trevor was different. He wasn’t just a wave. He was the entire ocean.”

Veronica “Ronnie” Clark’s life had been far from easy. Since losing her mother as a young girl, she trudged through life with a guarded heart—afraid of loving or trusting anyone. Throwing herself into her work, she dismissed everything else … until a handsome stranger captured her attention, stealing her heart.

A tragic accident left a newborn baby orphaned, causing Trevor Warren to return to Evergreen, Colorado. Growing up as an outcast, the black sheep of his family, Trevor had always felt out of step with everyone else. His brother, Dean, had been the only person to understand him, and now that he was gone, Trevor feared he would never be able to connect with another person. With a baby to care for and a fractured heart, Trevor was drifting through life, only functioning. He feared his heart would never be repaired until he met her—a beautiful brunette with a broken smile. He had been drawn to her instantly, believing her love would smooth the edges of his jagged heart.

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Meet The Author: Interview with Michael DeCamp

Stopping by Authors & Readers Book Corner today is Author Michael DeCamp. As a young married man, Michael developed his passion for reading after finding Dean Koontz’s Twilight Eyes on a grocery store shelf. Over time he discovered that whatever his imagination could invision, his keyboard could create and he starting writing. Michael starting with short stories, which lead to his full novel, Abandon Hope. He shares his inspiration about the fictional town in the book, the fantasy within the book along with his podcast. Let’s jump into the interview.

A&RBC: Abandon Hope takes place in a fictional town called Cutters Notch, Indiana, where did you get the inspiration for the town and the book?

MD: For the last two decades, I’ve worked as a Territory Manager for an industrial manufacturer. In that job, I traveled through a lot of small, southern Indiana towns. So, the description of the town is really a mash up of all of the tiny towns I’ve seen over the years. The name of the town was inspired by a movie. A few years ago, I saw the movie “Breaking Away” at the Franklin Artcraft Theater in Franklin, Indiana. It is about the iconic Little 500 bicycle race held every year at IU in Bloomington. In the movie, the team that was made up of the local town boys was named the Cutters after the nickname for the men who worked in the local limestone mines. Those men would cut the slabs of limestone out of the walls of the mines. So, I envisioned a little town in that area where they had cut a notch out of one of the rolling hills, thus taking the name “Cutters Notch.”

A&RBC: The story has several trigger warnings, how important were these to the story?

MD: Interesting question. To be honest, I had to look up what a trigger warning was, so the ones that are there in my book weren’t put there on purpose as trigger warnings per se. I think they were just part of the elements of building a suspenseful story. In one of the definitions that I read, some professionals were saying that trigger warnings, which are intended to ease anxiety in folks who have experienced trauma, can have the reverse effect of actually building and enhancing anxiety in advance of reading the material. Isn’t that exactly what happens in a good suspense story?

There are some intense subjects such as domestic abuse, a kidnapped girl and cannibalistic villains, but in the development of a thriller story, you need scary, intense situations to be in play or the story doesn’t generate the page-turning effect that you need to make the story powerful. When writing this story, I had to decide what the motivation would be for the kidnappers to do what they did. I didn’t want to go down the sexual abuse road, so I chose something more unusual and I think that maybe made the story even more intense.

A&RBC: The book takes on a fantasy element when Gavin, Gronek and Smakal were introduced into the story, tell us about them and their role in the story.

MD: Gavin, Gronek, and Smakal are actually the core of what I built the story around. In the late 1980’s, my wife and I lived in a house on the near south side of Indianapolis. She had braces as a youth and she would periodically wear her retainer to keep her teeth in alignment. She kept it in a little blue hockey-puck-looking container. Well, one night, she went to look for it and it was gone. We searched everywhere. In every drawer. Behind and under every piece of furniture. In the freezer. Behind the toilet. It was no where to be found. Weeks went by. Maybe close to two months. No sign of it. It was just gone. Then, one evening, I walked into our bedroom and there it was on the corner of our dresser. I called out to my wife saying, “Hey! You found your retainer!” She rushed into room and replied, “No, I didn’t.” I pointed at it. “Well, there it is,” I said. “I guess the dimensional bandits were done with it.” I don’t know where I got that phrase, but it stuck in my head until I developed a whole story around it. Gavin, Gronek, and Smakal—the Dimensional Bandits.

In the story, they are key in creating the spiritual bridge between our known world and the spiritual world where the spectre operates. Plus, it was just fun to imagine the details of how things operate in their Arboreal Realm and how they pass back and forth into and out of our realm—borrowing things. Details like where they get their clothes and the use of the Slumber Dust were a blast to envision.

A&RBC: Reading the book made me think of several fairytales, were there any that contributed to the story?

MD: Another interesting question. I may have unintentionally channeled a little Hansel and Gretel, but I don’t think there is a direct correlation with any specific fairytale other than that. It’s not a fairytale, but I did find some inspiration from the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis and the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I also found some inspiration regarding the style of my writing from Dean Koontz. As for fairytales, though, nothing really intentional.

A&RBC: You have a podcast named after the town, tells us about the Cutter Notch Podcast.

MD: The Cutters Notch Podcast is focused on all things creative. I stretch the boundaries of that definition (what it means to be creative) and generally have fun with the concepts. It is fairly new and I am still building new episodes—I usually add two per month. Podcasting was suggested to me as a way to promote my book, Abandon Hope, but I wanted to broaden it out so that it would remain appealing over the long term. So far, I’ve interviewed some authors, had an episode where we discussed Halloween and I read one of my scary short stories, and I’ve interviewed a couple of technical people about using social media and podcasting. In the future, I’ll have more authors. Plus, I have a comedian, a painter, and some local musicians lined up.

I have a great deal of fun with this creative process. I love the banter and the laughter as we explore different topics. I hope others find it as fun as I do. They can find links to the episodes on my website or they can just search “Cutters Notch Podcast” on any of the standard podcast suppliers.

A&RBC: Will there be more books based in the town?

MD: Yes! Right now, Abandon Hope stands as Book 1 in a trilogy. I am over two thirds finished with creating the story in Book 2. I’m supposed to have the manuscript to my publisher by May 2020. Then, I have a deadline for Book 3 of March 2021. After that, who knows? I’m having fun with expanding characters and developing the intricacies of the little community, so maybe there will be more. I already have two short stories based in Cutters Notch. I’m thinking of sharing one of them in each of my next two books as a little something extra.

A&RBC: Hope and Maggie are hiding away from Hope`s father, Kenny. I`m dying to see if he finds them. Will he appear in future novels?

MD: The troubled soul of Kenny Burton does play an intricate role in Book 2. After that, I’ll just have to see how it plays out in my imagination. We’ll see. I haven’t really seen how he ends up in Book 2, yet—although I do have a pretty good idea.

A&RBC: Did you have a writing process while working on Abandon Hope?

MD: Some writers have everything outlined and planned out before they even start typing away at a keyboard. That’s not me. Basically, I let my imagination free flow. It’s like I’m watching a movie in my head and my job is then to describe it so that others can see the same movie. Maybe that’s why Abandon Hope has so many crazy twists.

One advantage of that is if I don’t like the ending, I can just change it.

In general, I free flow the story. Then, I go back and fix inconsistencies and add detail. I’ve been told that the imagery in my book is very vivid. That occurred because of my second, third, and fourth trips through the story to add in the sights, sounds, and smells—to add color and depth.

Frankly, I’m not sure if I could write from an outline. I’d probably find it two constrictive.

A&RBC: What is next for Michael DeCamp?

MD: I have a non-fiction manuscript that is trying to find a publishing home. I’ve titled it “Lovementalism-Applying Love First Concepts.” It is a Bible study class/devotional book that utilizes personal stories to apply bible passages to our lives with regards to how we should love one another. The concept of lovementalism is that it is the counter and replacement for being judgmental. The stories truly are very personal. Most are either examples of how people showed real love to me, or stories where I blew it and didn’t show the love I needed to show.

I’m in the middle of finishing Book 2 in the Cutters Notch series. I suspect it will be on the market by late next summer. Then, on to Book 3.

On the back burner is a family drama, completely unrelated to Cutters Notch, that is based on the life of my mother. I take real events from her life and fictionalize them. I was thinking about her life a few years ago and realized there was a real story to be told there. I’ve started it, but it is on hold for now. It may be my “Great American Novel.”

In the meantime, I’ll keep doing podcasts.

A&RBC: Where can readers find you? Where can they purchase your book?

MD: Abandon Hope: Cutters Notch Book 1 can be purchased on Amazon in both Ebook and in paperback. If your readers are in the Indianapolis area, signed copies can be found at Indy Reads, Irvington vinyl & Books, Porter Books & Bread, and Red Dog Books. You can also connect with me, find the Cutters Notch Podcast, and link to Amazon for my book by visiting my website:

You can find me on Facebook by searching: @abandonhopebook
Follow me on Twitter: @MikeDeCamp1
Follow me on Instagram: mdecamp1985

About The Book

Hope Spencer and her mother moved to the tiny community of Cutters Notch in forested southwestern Indiana to hide from Hope’s dangerous and abusive father.  Unaware whether he is still in prison or has been freed, they settle into a new life under new identities.  The athletic 13-year old becomes close friends with two boys in her quaint neighborhood, and when she mysteriously disappears one Saturday afternoon, they take on the task of finding her.  Racing against time, the boys join forces with their state trooper neighbor and three other very unusual allies to battle against the evil taking aim at their friend.

Will they find and rescue her or will they fall victim themselves?  Still, they are determined.  They will not Abandon Hope.

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Meet The Author: Interview with Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Stopping by Authors & Readers Book Corner today is author Laura VanArendonk Baugh.

Laura VanArendonk Baugh is the award-winning author of captivating epic, historical, and urban fantasy, as well as a few other things and non-fiction on animal training & behavior. Laura lives in Indiana where she writes award-winning fiction, eats fair trade chocolate, and makes her imaginary friends fight for her cruel amusement.  She talks with us about research, worldbuilding, important things to know about indie publishing as well as the inspiration behind her stand alone novel, The Songweaver’s Vow. You can learn even more about her at Let’s jump into the interview:

A&RBC: What inspired you to write The Songweaver’s Vow?

LAB: Long ago, a friend remarked a scene in another of my books reminded her of the Eros and Psyche myth. That prompted me to spend some time browsing around the various tellings, and I thought it would be fun to do a retelling of my own, but right from the very start it was, “with Vikings.” I really can’t say why, that’s just how it looked in my head. (I make few explanations for what happens in my head.)

I kicked the idea around for a few years and then finally decided to do it!

A&RC: What research did you have to do for the book?

LAB: So much research! While it is definitely fantasy, I wanted the world to be as historically accurate as possible to make the fantastic bits more believable. So I did a lot of reading not only on the historical lifestyle and technology, but on the older tellings of Norse myths, which are very different from the most popular versions (and probably very, very different from the originals! which were never written down by the people who were originally telling them and practicing that religion).

I actually ended up going to Denmark for personal reasons and I took a lot of additional time to visit reenactments, museums, archaeological sites, everything I could. I took so many photos to use for reference.

A&RBC: Storytelling is a big part of Euthalia’s character, why was this important to the story?

LAB: Euthalia hasn’t had a lot of say in her life until this point, and storytelling is how she takes what limited resources she has and manages them into a marketable skill. It gives her a way to connect with a foreign culture and foreign ideas, a matrix to contrast those ideas with her own, a value in a strange her place where she has none. It gives her, for the first time, an identity of her own.

A&RBC: The world building in the book was captivating, how did you go by creating the unique places in the book?

LAB: Thank you! I had a lot of fun making those places real. Some of them were places I had been; Euthalia’s house and the offering circle were loosely based on a recreated village I visited, which helped with details like the latch on her door. Other places are inspired by places I’ve been. The closest recreation of an actual location is the Wyrmhole, for which I was picturing a real site on a western Irish island (you can read about it on my blog here

A&RBC: The Songweaver’s Vow has intriguing characters, easy to invest in, do you have a specific process when developing your characters and their arcs?

LAB: Oh, no, my process is hardly worth the term. /laugh/ While I know plenty of authors who have character interviews and personality typing and planning, I don’t know my characters until I see them in action, see how they act and react (much like getting to know people in real life!). This often means I need to do some rewriting of early material to make it blend better with later material—but it feels much more natural to me and I get a more realistic, more rounded personality that way.

A&RBC: What do you want readers to take from your book?

LAB: Someone asked me recently, “What will a reader find in every one of your stories?” and I said, “Someone will find power and agency and resources they didn’t know they had.” That’s what I’d like people to take from this one, that even a girl betrayed by her own family and treated like a cheap commodity has value and agency, and her choices affect her own life and others’ lives.

A&RBC: What draws you to writing fantasy? What other genres do you write in?

LAB: Fantasy is fun! As a friend says, Life is already full of mundane problems, we don’t want to spend our leisure time in mundane problems. Fantasy gives us fantastic problems!

Fantasy also means we can address serious issues without being too on-the-nose about it. Talking about racism in America or bullying in school can feel too close; talking about discrimination or abuse in another culture entirely gives us room to think at a safe distance.

I have written some mystery (and hope to write more in the future) and I also write non-fiction, so I really can write about real life too. But fantasy is still the most fun.

A&RBC: What is your favorite part about being an indie publisher?

LAB: Speed and flexibility. When Vikings were having a moment (lots of pop culture appearances, from Marvel movies to Neil Gaiman’s collection and more), I was able to see the trend coming and get my book out in time to not look like a distant copycat. If I’d been on a traditional schedule, I would have been two years behind (and harder to sell!).

The flip side of that, though, is that I’m responsible for setting and meeting my own deadlines, and that’s not the favorite part. /laugh cry/

A&RBC: What two things do you believe is important to know about Indie publishing?

LAB: Your book has to be really good.

Let me say that again: Your book needs to be just as good as the traditionally-published work on the shelves and it needs to look just as good as traditionally-published work.

I love that self-publishing has become so much more accessible and mainstream, I really do. But along with that has come an attitude, even an expectation, that anything can be self-published. Guys, this is an ART, it’s a CRAFT, and no, your first attempt isn’t professional quality. It’s not mean to say that; it’s mean to encourage someone to put their early work out for harsh reviews and poor sales and then wonder if they should be writing at all. Yes, you should be writing! But you should be developing your craft before you publish.

I am in a lot of online discussion groups where I see many writers post, “I’m 10,000 words into my first story! How do I market?” And that is just setting up for all kinds of disappointment. Love your work enough to make it your best work. Get feedback, get editors, get good at it.

When you buy music you love, is it of a new artist practicing chords and scales? Or is it from someone who has worked really hard and then put out their best work? Give your readers the same respect. Your early work is never a waste, even if you don’t publish it, because it helps you to eventually produce work that will sell.

So there’s my soapbox! Self-publishing isn’t for work that wasn’t good enough to sell traditionally; self-publishing is more work than traditional sales but it can be so rewarding when you’ve done that work.

A&RBC: Can you share any news about your upcoming book (s) and events?

LAB: My current series is epic fantasy, starting with Shard & Shield. In the next year or so, I hope to conclude that and a couple of non-fiction projects in the works (including one for authors for the first time) and another fantasy novel. I’m not typically a fast release author, but I have a lot of work backed up so I’m hoping to get it out!

A&RBC: And last but not least, where can readers purchase your book and connect with you?

LAB: My books are available anywhere! If a physical retailer doesn’t have it, they can order it for you, and of course I’m on most online retailers. You can find The Songweaver’s Vow at and Shard & Shield at if you’re interested. And you can always find me, my events, and what mischief I’m up to at

Thank you! This was a fun interview! Happy reading!

About The Book

When Euthalia’s father trades her to Viking raiders, her best hope is to be made a wife instead of a slave. She gets her wish – sort of – when she is sacrificed as a bride to a god.

Her inhuman husband seems kind, but he visits only in the dark of night and will not allow her to look upon him. By day Euthalia becomes known as a storyteller, spinning ancient Greek tales to entertain Asgard’s gods and monsters.

When one of her stories precipitates a god’s murder and horrific retribution, Euthalia discovers there is a monster in her bed as well. Alone in a hostile Asgard, Euthalia must ally with a spiteful goddess to sway Odin himself before bloody tragedy opens Ragnarok, the prophesied end of the world.

Meet The Author

Meet The Author: Interview with Jenny Medenwald

Jenny was born and raised in the Midwest and has since settled in Indianapolis. Once a Midwest girl, always a Midwest girl, she supposes. Not enough snow for her liking, but at least they experience all four seasons.

She loves: coffee, the smell of fresh cut grass, red wine, winter (mostly the snow), bonfires, summer concerts, rainy days curled up with a good book, tattoos, all the animals, the ID channel (it’s research!), the hubs and, of course, writing. Not necessarily in that order.

She hates: obscenely hot weather (sweating without exercise or a bathing suit is just awful), rude people (why?), and bad grammar (come on now). Also not in that order.

​Thanks to a copywriting job that didn’t actually provide 40 hours of work, Jenny wrote her first book not long after graduating with an English degree from Indiana University. You can only play solitaire for so long. Since that fateful day, she hasn’t been able to STOP coming up with ideas and as such, has several young adult novels published (mostly thriller and fantasy). And new characters are forever poking her brain requesting that their story be told, so safe to assume there are always more coming…

Q & A with Jenny

A&RBC: What inspired you to write the sweetheart Strangler series? 

JM: As with a lot of authors, most of my books come from asking “what if?” I began Every Breath You Take by wondering what would happen if a girl happened to be dating a guy or two and then realized she had a stalker. And imagining how terrifying it would be to not know who it was, who you could trust. It expanded from there to a freshman in college (always a vulnerable time in an adolescent’s life), and then I added in her sometimes crippling anxiety, which only contributes to the chaos in her mind.
A&RBC: What kind of research did you have to do for this series?
JM: I did a lot of research on the behavior of stalkers, when and why they escalate to more violent crimes, the legal aspect (what behaviors qualify as stalking), what law enforcement suggests to stay safe, what works and what doesn’t to get rid of a stalker, etc.
A&RBC: Are any of Harper Cunningham experience pulled from your own life?
JM: I attended Indiana University, so all the places, streets, etc. are real. I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, although mine aren’t triggered by crowds. But no,  I’ve never been stalked 🙂
A&RBC: One of the themes in your series is stalking of young girls, why did you feel it was important to showcase it in these books?
JM: It wasn’t necessarily intentional as much as it fit the plot line of the book, but I think stalking as a crime isn’t taken nearly seriously enough. It may seem innocent at first, but stalking is very difficult to prove and sometimes even harder to stop. The best thing anyone can do is be aware of the patterns and behaviors that constitute stalking and understand the laws in your area.
A&RBC: What do you want readers to take from the series?
JM: It wasn’t as much a conscious effort in the first book, but as the series progressed, I hoped readers would take away that they should always be cautious, aware of their surroundings, and just suspicious enough of people and/or situations that give them a weird vibe. Trust your gut! If something feels weird, it probably is.
A&RBC: Can you share any news on your upcoming book or books?
JM: Yes! I’m happy to announce that the second book in The Hellbound Trilogy, Hounds of Hell, is set to release on November 5th! It’s available for preorder now on
A&RBC: Where can readers find your books and connect with you?
JM: If you’re local to Indy, I try to participate in regular signings/ meet and greets in the area. I post about all of those on my website ( and my social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram). You can find me @jmedenwaldauthor . And all my books are available on amazon (print and ebooks) and I’m working towards getting them all available in audiobook format as well.
A&RBC: What is two things you’ve learned about Indie publishing?
JM: There is never a point in time where you’re even close to knowing everything, so keep yourself educated (follow blogs, research trends, pay attention to what works and what doesn’t, etc.), and make connections! That applies to more than just indie authors, but you need other people like you! Whether they’re indie or traditional), other writers are THE BEST.  Most of my friends and family love to read but just don’t get the blood, sweat, and tears aspect of writing a book. Other writers are great for advice, commiserating, celebrating, getting together for writing sessions, editing help, beta reading, hosting events with, the list goes on! Writing is such a solitary activity that it’s so amazing to have the support of people who know exactly what it feels like.
A&RBC: What is your  favorite  part about  being a indie publisher? 
JM: I love the freedom that comes with being able to make all the decisions related to my books… how and when I release them, choosing my cover designer, editor, etc.
A&RBC: What drew you to writing young adult? And thrillers?
JM: The first book I ever wrote was actually more women’s fiction/ chick lit with a touch of magic realism. When I set that aside, I got the idea forEvery Breath You Take which, because of the setting, required a teenager as the main character. As I wrote it, I realized how much I enjoyed writing from that perspective… there’s so much DRAMA! And I love to read a good thriller, so that genre just made sense for me to write as well. Side note: the first book I wrote was She Dreams In Color, and after I realized that YA was my jam, I actually went back and rewrote the whole book with a younger protagonist! I also completely rewrote the ending 😏
About The Book
Sweetheart or stalker?
Most eighteen year old girls headed to college hope to win the heart of at least one handsome boy. College freshman Harper Cunningham has earned the attention of not one, but two upperclassmen: Caleb and Ryan – both eager to earn her affection in return. Before long, Harper realizes she’s being stalked by a secret admirer. Hidden notes in her locked dorm room, footsteps behind her on campus, even her name set on fire in the middle of the quad. Is it Caleb? Ryan? Or someone who’s managed to keep their identity a secret. Between lack of sleep, sheer terror and medication meant to calm her nerves, Harper begins having difficulty separating her dreams from reality. Who can she count on and who poses a serious threat to her safety? Will Harper make the right choice? Because her sanity – and her life – may depend on it…
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