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Looking for Beta Readers!

*This cover is subject to change. It is a tentative cover.

Hello Readers,

I am currently looking for beta readers for my debut novel, It Happened to Me, a book about two teenage females trying to cope with the loss of their fathers and how it affects their lives. It is very important for me to get a readers opinion before the editing stage.

I am looking for avid readers that can provide an honest critique of the novel within two weeks. If you would like to be considered as a beta reader, email the following information to


Birth date:



Are you an author/blogger or both?

What genres do you read?

What type of books do you prefer?

Why do you want to be a beta reader for It Happened to Me?

Do you prefer chapter-by-chapter, full manuscript, or section of chapters (chapters 1-5 etc.) for beta reading?

Can you complete beta reads within two weeks?

If chosen as a beta reader, you will receive a nondisclosure agreement, once it is signed and returned the novel will be emailed to you. Once you have read the book a questionnaire will be emailed to you. Please answer all of the questions. Provide honest opinions, suggestions and criticism in the questionnaire and email it back.

I will appreciate all suggestions and any criticism because it will help me become a better writer.  Thank you for wanting to be one of my beta readers. I look forward to your feedback.


Teresa Beasley