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Meet The Author: Interview with Ellie Stretshberry

Ellie Stretshberry

Ellie Stretshberry, born December 21, 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana is a devout Christian and upcoming inspiring Christian author. She studied business at Oakland City University in Indiana. She is the mother of three well rounded young men. Encouraged to share her wilderness seasons for Gods glory by family and friends birthed Ellie’s first daily devotional “Weapons for Today 30 Powerful Daily Devotionals”, published in 2016. Ellie inspires spiritual growth and encourages anyone she encounters through her own personal experiences and redemption. She loves sharing time with her young men, reading, writing and meeting new people. Ellie meets no one as a stranger.

 Let’s get to know a little more about Ellie Stretshberry

Can you  tell us four words that describes your writing style?

Four words that describe my writing style are: articulate, crisp, emphatic and succinct.

Do you have a writing process? If yes, briefly explain.

I can’t say that I really have a writing process other than allowing the holy spirit to lead me as far as each title and which way to go with each message.

What genre do you write in? Which genre is your favorite?

I’d have to say the genre that corresponds most to my writing style is dialogue of a conversation among two or more people.  My favorite genre is short story.

Describe your ideal place of escape to write your books.

My idea place to write is any quiet space, early morning between 2 or 3am and with a tall mug of coffee.

weaponTell us about your current book.

Weapons for Today 30 Powerful Daily Devotionals is a 30-day devotional designed to help equip the reader with tools to withstand the daily attaches of the devil, obstacles and just every day woes as well as strengthen the reader’s faith and relationship with God by nudging them to their own conversations and study with God.

Why do you believe you were suppose to write this particular book?

I believe I am called to write daily devotionals to help equip others in their Christian race. I’ve overcome many obstacles by the grace of God. This in itself is too big to keep quiet about.

Fun Facts

What city would you love to have a book signing or speaking engagement?

I would love to have a book signing or speaking engagement in Birmingham, Al. There is a rich history in Birmingham, Al and this is by far the first city that comes to mind for me.

What is your favorite drink or beverage?

My favorite beverage is black tea. Hot or cold- I love it!

Are you a early bird or night owl?

I am definitely an early, early bird. I’m told that I wake the roosters.

If you could collaborate on a book with any author, who would it be and why?

If I could collaborate on a book with any author it would be Pricilla Shirer. I am inspired by Pricilla’s drive and love for Christ as well as the anointed words of encouragement and empowerment she shares.

What is one tip you would give authors wanting to publish their book?

The best tip I would give authors wanting to publish their book is just do it.

Getting Serious

What advice would you give your younger self?

If I could give my younger self advice I would definitely advise her that everything she does today will affect her tomorrow.

What is one thing you would change about your life?

I wouldn’t change one thing about my life good or bad. Every experience and season that I have faced was either God sent or God allowed to shape and mold me into the woman I am today.

What is your motto for life and career?

My motto for life and career is “the only thing holding you back is you”.

What is your favorite scripture or quote?

My favorite scripture is Psalm 121. This scripture has been my comfort, strength and confirmation during many storms.

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Meet The Author: Interview with Dete Meserve


Dete Meserve is a creator and producer of independent movies and award-winning television as well as a best-selling and award-winning novelist. As a principal of Wind Dancer Films, she oversees worldwide business and creative properties the company has produced, which include hit television series such as Home Improvement, and feature films like What Women Want (Mel Gibson) and Bernie (Jack Black). 
Meserve is also leading the company’s animation brands, including the PBS KIDS series “Ready Jet Go!,” and “Not A Box,” based on the award-winning book. 

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, three children, and a cat that rules them all.

Let’s get to know more about Dete Meserve:

What drew you to becoming a film and television producer?

I’ve always been drawn to storytelling. When I was a kid, I loved sci-fi. folktales, fairy tales, and mysteries and I experienced firsthand the power of story to help us understand others, to make sense of our experiences, to learn how to grow up and develop, and to think about the big questions of life. And there are so many ways we can tell stories: radio, television, film, books and even games.  I’ve been fortunate to write or produce stories in in all of these mediums.  Each avenue has its strengths and weaknesses for conveying emotion and character and the key is finding which is best suited for the story you want to tell.

Why have you moved from producing to writing books?

I’m producing more than ever right now.  I’m currently an Executive Producer of the hit kids television series, Ready Jet Go!, now in production on its second season.  I’m also producing the Hallmark Channel adaptation of my novel, Good Sam, and another live-action television movie.  In animation, I’m producing another series based on an award-winning children’s book.  So none of that producing work is going away anytime soon.  Meanwhile, I love to write and connect with my readers so I’m planning more books in the future too.

Will you branch out to other genres beside just writing mystery?

My first novel, Good Sam, was a romance sparked with a mystery.  In that case, the story followed someone who was anonymously leaving $100,000 on LA doorsteps.  With Perfectly Good Crime I’ve moved more squarely into the mystery genre but it’s still a mystery without a single dead body or any physical violence.  Instead, it’s a mystery about a series of high-tech, sophisticated heists of the world’s most lavish estates and the good intentions that may be behind the robberies.

More than anything I’m drawn to story and don’t confine myself to writing a specific genre.  So if a story idea truly resonates with me, I’m excited to work in whatever genre that happens to be.

Do you have a writing process or routine? If so, please briefly explain.

I run a film and television company, Wind Dancer Films, and have three kids so writing is confined to late nights after the kids are in bed.  After a day collaborating with other creators and overseeing business deals, I really look forward to the creative, solitary moments of writing.  For me, getting to write is an extraordinary privilege and while it involves a tremendous amount of work, I always look forward to those night hours of writing.  And my busy work and family life actually helps.  I often draw inspiration from the characters, conflicts, experiences and emotions of my real life.

How did you go about researching for Perfectly Good Crime and your previous book Good Sam?

Much of Perfectly Good Crime is set in the estates of the wealthiest Americans so I had to research some of the most opulent, extravagant estates in Los Angeles and the world.  That research was eye popping—five story underground tennis courts built to U.S. Open standards or gold-leafed ballrooms or a an estate with a 10,000 square foot Turkish bath.  I was also fortunate to work with Los Angeles Police Department Senior Lead Officer Julie Nony to get the police detective protocol details right.  And a key story plot in the book involves a brief foray into the world of online gaming so I consulted with a true expert — my teenage son, Jake.

As a producer, you have seen a lot of different characters on television and in films, what makes Kate Bradley different from those characters?

In TV and film, women who have jobs outside the home are often portrayed as stereotypes.  There’s the ubiquitous “tough woman with a gun” who dominates procedurals on TV and there are “career women” who can’t seem to fathom how to balance a relationship or family with their demanding careers. Other stereotypes are women as eye candy or women as victims or women who are just plain crazy.

In Good Sam and Perfectly Good I wanted to portray a realistic working woman, a reporter who was dealing with both the stresses and ambitions of her career and the vulnerabilities of being in a relationships.  And I wanted her career to be a vehicle to a better understanding the world and her place in it—avoiding the TV and film stereotype that a woman who holds a big job is often so burdened by the task that she can’t possibly be anything but dysfunctional, unfulfilled, or a nightmare.

I also wanted to portray a reporter who doesn’t only have the singular goal of getting the Story of The Year.  In Kate’s case, she’s searching for Good, meaning, truth, and hope in a world troubled by violence and tragedy.  These are ideas and ideals most women are seeking.

What advice would you give an aspiring filmmaker and writer?

If you’re an aspiring screenwriter or a writer of any kind, you have to write.  So many screenwriters in the business quit because they didn’t have success with their early scripts.  But the key to success is staying in the game and finding every opportunity to write and not to confine yourself to just writing a specific genre or format.

Which do you prefer self-publishing or traditional publishing?

I self published Good Sam and Perfectly Good Crime but the process I went through is very similar to what a traditionally published author undergoes.  The difference was that I chose every single partner I worked with instead of letting a company make those decisions for me.  In Perfectly Good Crime, for example, I worked with two editors including Angela Brown (through New York Book Editors) and then copy editor Martha Cameron, all of whom are some of the best professional editors in the business.  I also hired Olga Grlic (former Art Director at St. Martin’s Press) to design the book cover and Stef McDaid to manage the interior formatting.  And I chose the release date instead of waiting for a publisher to choose a date that worked in their production cycle.

After decades producing and financing independent film and television, it just didn’t make sense to give up the control and the lion’s share of the royalties from my creative work in exchange for the relatively small upfront costs the publisher would be bearing.  I’ve sold over 50,000 copies of Good Sam so that’s more proof that you don’t always need a traditional publisher to have great success in today’s ever changing publishing world.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Stay the course!  Some of my earliest writing was clumsy and unfocused and I remember being disappointed that I wasn’t particularly good at something I enjoyed so much. I thought maybe I should just focus on those things that came easily for me—business, music (I play piano), etc.  If I could talk to my younger self, I would tell myself not to focus so much on whether it’s good or not, but to spend the time putting thoughts to paper.  Some of those early ideas are blueprints for great stories I might still like to write some day.

What is your favorite quote? 

There are so many!  But here’s one I wrote that expresses what writing does for both the author and the reader: “Writing slows down time. It allows you to hear, feel, and see all of the intricate layers which make up a moment, a thought, a decision—all in slow motion. When you find the words to express those impressions, you unfold time for readers too.” — Dete Meserve

What is one thing that you do to appreciate your readers?

One of my top priorities is connecting with readers.  They communicate with me every day primarily through Facebook and email and even in my crazy schedule, I make time to engage and respond.  But more important, I regularly post stories every day on my Facebook page which highlight and celebrate real people who are doing extraordinary good for others.  ( This is an extension of the themes of both Good Sam and Perfectly Good Crime so readers appreciate these inspiring and uplifting stories.

The best part is that many of my readers also share true stories of Good with me so that I post on my Facebook page.  It’s like I have a network of readers around the world who are searching for stories of Good just like my main character, Kate Bradley!

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Meet The Author: Interview with Keyanna Ford


Keyanna Ford is an author, blogger and advocate for ending domestic violence. Known for her numerous works of romantic urban fiction, including the highly-acclaimed novel Living In Fear, Keyanna has built her writing career from exploring and documenting her own life experiences, and she enjoys engaging in conversation with others who have walked similar paths. Her latest sequel, I Hate That I Love You solidifies her passion to contribute to literary world.

Her inspiration to become a writer began when she was still in school, in her home town of Kalamazoo, MI. After experiencing the horror of a relationship-gone-wrong, Keyanna dealt with the pain through writing. Without a safety network to turn to for help, and at a loss as to how else to constructively deal with the pain she was feeling, Keyanna began adding fictional elements and characters to her work in order to distance herself from the reality of what had happened to her. Eventually, she had a novel worth of text and from there, her career was born.

Get to know Keyanna:

Q: Why did you pursue a writing career?

A:  I pursued a writing career because I love being able to tell my story. Writing helps me escape from my life and enter a new world. I was always told to pursue something I love and books is something I’ve always had a passion for.

Q: How long have you been writing?

A: I’ve been writing book for about four years. My first novel “Living In Fear” released in 2014.

Q: How personal are your writing?

A: My novels are very personal. I like to take a situation I’ve been through or someone I know and write about it. I like to call my books fiction based on fact, every one of them is personal to me in some way.

Q: Tell us about Sky

A: Sky is a child that’s been dealt a bad hand. She’s been through so much in her short life span and all she wants is for someone to love her. She ends up finding love but it suddenly gets taken away which leaves Sky alone in this cold world trying to find her way.

Q: Is this book part of a series?

A: Yes, this book is the third book of a series. Here are the list of books in order: “Living In Fear, I Hate That I Love You, Sky and The Price You Pay For Love” all of them are available now on eBook and paperback

Q: What are you currently working on?

A: I’m currently working on my next novel “When A Heart Turns Cold” as well as a magazine, blog and publishing company.

Q: How can your readers find you?

A: My readers can find me on social media via Facebook, you can like my page Keyanna Ford. I’m also on Twitter and Instagram @KasheenaKaniece or you can also email me at

About Sky Me Against the World

Me against

We got a glimpse of Sky in “I Hate That I Love You” but now we get to hear her full story. Lauren was dealt a bad hand from birth but when she runs away and finds the life she always wanted things start to change. Her life changes over night when Sky’s born. Sky had the things Lauren would stay up at night crying and dreaming about. A family that loved her, anything she wanted at her finger tips but most of all Sky had a safe home. Lauren never felt safe at night until she met Mrs. Carter and Jalen but one day that was all taken from her and her life as she knew it would never be the same. Sixteen, with a heart full of pain and revenge on her brain Sky’s forced out in this cold world trying to find her way. Will she find her way in this mean world or will she get swallowed alive?

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Meet The Author: Interview with Vivian Kay

Vivian Kay Author Pic

Vivian Kay is a debut Christian author whose faith stories are woven around the themes of imperfection, divine encounters and redemption. When she is not writing or daydreaming about writing, you’ll find her playing simultaneous games of online Scrabble or snuggling up with a good book. A wife and mother, Vivian lives in a quiet corner of Canada’s banana belt.

Let’s get to know Vivian Kay

Can you tell us four words that describe your writing style?
Simple, Vivid, Descriptive, Uninhibited.

Do you have a writing process? If yes, briefly explain.
I don’t have a rigid process because I can write anywhere. One constant thing is listening to music. It slows down my racing thoughts.

Why do you write books?
I write because creating stories brings me joy. Writing novels is a lovely bonus.

Describe your ideal place of escape to write your books.
A lounge chair placed under a beach side cabana.

Tell us about Moni and Sam Badmus.
Moni and Sam are a middle-aged couple dealing with a faith and marriage crisis. Unhappy with his mundane and as he saw it, unblessed life, Sam checked out of their marriage. Moni, the pastor’s kid, has a hard time offering her husband forgiveness and hides under the cloak of work and church responsibilities. Their choice of a marriage intervention changed their lives.

Tell us about Debo and Adele Ajala.
Debo and Adele are the golden couple. Debo is an adored husband, father and a church deacon while Adele, a kindergarten teacher, is the perfect homemaker and mother of four adorable boys. To outside eyes these two have it made. But, there’s resentment smoldering under that façade and soon enough everything they touched turned to coal.

What is your favorite thing to do before a book signing?
Deep breathing.

What city would you love to have a book signing or speaking engagement?
New York.

 If you could collaborate on a book with any author, who would it be and why?
I’ll love to write a novel with Michelle Simpson. I love her character Mama B.

What is one tip you would give authors on how to show appreciation for their readers?
Acknowledge your readers. They’re investing time and money in you.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Enjoy every moment.

What is one thing you would change about your life?
I would love to worry less.

What is your motto for life and career?
Work hard cause there’s no free lunch.

What is your favorite scripture or quote?
“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.” Philippians 4:13.

About Secret Places

Secret Places Cover

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After many years of happiness, Moni Badmus’s marriage is falling apart. Unwilling to lose her only child, a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl, to her husband in a custody settlement she goes along with his suggestion of an unconventional marriage intervention. Will Moni’s fear of losing what she holds dear take her to dark places she never imagined she would go?

Sam Badmus has lost his thirst for the things of God. For a while, his extramarital activities seemed to be a cure for his unsatisfying home life. But soon his risky behavior exacts a steep price and Sam has to turn to the God he left behind to save his family and maybe even his life.

Debo Ajala and his wife Adele are living the golden life or so it seems. Debo is a respected church deacon and Adele, a mother to their four adorable sons. Their lives couldn’t be better, that is until Adele’s feelings for another member of their church surface. Adele’s confession unleashes a series of events that Debo never expected. He escapes his troubled life by accepting a pastoral position in a city on the other side of Canada, but soon his twisted past catches up with him.

In this emotionally charged tale of sacrifice, temptation, and redemption, two couples learn sin has consequences and there is no place they can hide from the presence of God.

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