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Life’s Blueprint is Hidden Inside You by Julius Smith


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Most people go through life and realize at the age of 50 that they missed the boat, bus, train, that transports us to a sacred life. From a teenager until late adulthood we are sent on a wild goose chase, monopoly game, and treasure hunt in pursue of a house, car, family, and money. We are that rabbit who chases the carrot that’s on an invisible string. After you have worked your entire life, the rules to this game require that you forfeit your possession upon signage of the Death Certificate.

In LIFE’S Blueprint, Is Hidden INSIDE YOU, author Julius Smith walk you through the dilemmas of life, and we all start life with a Purpose. Life is to pursue your Purpose and along the way you transform from a Human Being into a Devine Being. Just like a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful Butterfly.

LIFE’S Blueprint, Is Hidden INSIDE YOU tells the dramatic story of the true meaning of life. Imagine being born and raised with a false identity of Yourself. You live your whole life as an Imposter until you get to KNOW YOURSELF.

Children Initiation into life are the parent’s inalienable rights; but most parents relinquish those rights to Day Care, and Pre-school in exchange for a paycheck. Your children will grow to make a living as adults; but will remain as children in how to live life.

Buckle your seatbelt and hold on as LIFE’S Blueprint, Is Hidden INSIDE YOU will entertain you with Sex, Money, Relationships, Marriage, Spirituality, Health & Longevity, and White Supremacy.

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Julius Smith, J.D is a graduate of the Southern University Law Center. In addition, he earned a BA in Political Science. Julius is a Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author. Smith lives in Oklahoma where he writes and lectures on self-improvement, high vibration, and host a weekly show.

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