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Spotlight & Review of Tasha by L. R. Starr


The Glam Ones Book 1

by L.R. Starr

Genre: Romantic Suspense

It’s a dangerous business being this rich, this hot, this badass, but someone’s gotta tow the line.
The Glam Ones, when they play, they play. When they’re bad, they’re murderously bad.

Meet Tasha. 
The one with the confident swagger in her stride and a tiger tattoo resting on her back. She’s the bold and sassy fashion designer born from well to do parents, yearning to pave her own way in the fashion streets of Ferdale.

She’s part of a tight-knit crew of thirteen, but now they’re down to twelve. Rory’s dead.
Someone in the group knows about the death of one of her best friends. They ain’t talking and the police haven’t found the killer.

She’s a got a show that’s gonna blow the world away, but first, she’s gotta fight for her place and there’s a man who wants to help her get there. With all the entanglements, it won’t be easy to get to her cloaked heart.

Amidst competition, backlash, deception and a killer on the loose, can she rise?
Will the Japanese investment banker Mitsuo win her heart in time?

Read on and come along for the ride to find out who Rory’s killer is… be aware this is a cliffhanger series. Just a little bit.

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I wanted to review this book with an understanding that is was a thriller with a hint of mystery. It was more of a romantic suspense book with a hint of mystery.

Tasha is a fashion designer that is close to a group of women and now one of their members is dead. Tasha wants to know what happened while trying to land a deal with an investor for her clothing line. This had me interested especially her wanted to find out who killed her friend.

This book is told in Tasha and Mitsuo ‘s point of view via different chapters, which goes along with the romantic suspense of it all. What threw me off was Mitsuo, the investor and his desire to have Tasha for himself. This is when it was clear that this was more romantic suspense than mystery solving. Don’t get me wrong I like romantic suspense books just not mixed in when there is a mystery to solve.

The chapters with Mitsuo took me away from the story because I wanted more on Rory’s death. I did like that Tasha was a “I’m not taking no stuff, ” kind of woman. She spoke her mind and I did like how she handled Mitsuo after meeting him. He was a little too much and came on very strong and sure of himself.

Overall, for me this would have worked better if the romantic suspense was not there and it focused on the mystery and Tasha working through the mystery. This book may have not been for me but will not stop me from reading more of L. R. Starr’s work.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

L.R. Starr is a lover of mysteries, witty dialogue, suspense, romance, and fantasy. If you like to travel through your books strap in for the ride she’ll take you across the country.

When she’s not I’m writing she’s usually exploring, and coming up with yet another devious plot or pursuing her other love which is painting and drawing. Enjoy the bedlam friends!

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