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Guest Post with D. L. Anderson

“A New Year’s Resolution to Keep”


D. L. Anderson

Have you ever stopped to think about yourself, what you want out of life, and what you’re doing to make it happen? If you have, how long was it until you found your concentration abruptly broken by someone needing something from you or something needing to be done? Alas; there goes your train of thought, and lost another opportunity for you to stay in touch with yourself.

The question is – what do you do? I tell you what I did; I stopped letting life happen to me by following a path which enabled me to dictate what was going to happen in my life. See I was tired of sitting on my purpose and settling for meager levels of fulfillment. I was tired of making grand plans only to see them pushed to the shelf in favor of those unfulfilling turns which derive from our worries and our fears. So I took control over my life by eliminating those things which were controlling me under the shroud of obligations and responsibilities – and then I dedicated myself to ensuring that it (my life) was going to be defined first and foremost by me fulfilling my purpose.

The alternative was to continue the stressful annual marathon where I look back on the closing year and ask the following disappointing question – what did I accomplish that will have an enduring impact in my life or in the life of someone I care about? Then, upon realizing my answer was either next to nothing or not enough, I asked myself – what am I going to do differently to make things better next year?

New Year’s resolutions are fine things; but only if you make good on them. This year I challenge you to set yours after several hours of personal reflection – and make good on them.

I’ll even give you an idea of where you can start. That is by asking the question, “Is my life truly fulfilling?” If your answer is no, odds are you are not living your life with purpose. Here’s why…

There are pieces within each of us which are only fulfilled when we consistently do those things we were uniquely designed to do; this is our purpose.

Therefore, the first thing you should do this upcoming year is identify your purpose. This shouldn’t be too hard. All you have to do is consider all the things you are naturally good at, interested in, etc., and identify an office in which you can actualize the corresponding gifts, abilities, and desires.

Perhaps you are beyond this fundamental step. Like me years ago, you may be sitting on your purpose for a whole host of reason; many of which are legitimate. However, legitimate though they may be, if you don’t find the courage within yourself to take that leap of faith, you’ll never fulfill your purpose and you’ll never know what could have been.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy having regrets. So I made up my mind (not too long ago) that I was going to experience the highest levels of fulfillment and success life could offer me – and as I have remained true to this pledge, I am now well on my way.

Ironically it started out as a New Year’s resolution. It was 1 of many, and 1 which I actually implemented. Now I am cashing in on it, for I am living my purpose and I am experiencing awesome levels of fulfillment, success, and truly enjoying myself every day.

I want the same thing for you and everyone in our world. True, the world is not perfect and will likely never be. Yet imagine how much better it would be if we had more people dedicated to leading purpose-driven lives and having positive impacts in their respective communities.

That’s what I imagine because that is my purpose. It is to inspire and encourage everyone who hears my voice to be dedicated to living their life with purpose, a life where they are doing those things which they find fulfilling as opposed to those things which they feel obligated to do.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, and a New Year’s Resolution you not only intend to make but to keep, then I would invite you to visit me at Our goal is to have 2,015 new members in 2015, all of whom are dedicating this year to fulfilling their purpose and helping each other along the way.

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D.L. Anderson

D. L. Anderson is a speaker and life trainer whose goals are centered on helping others live a life of purpose, excellence, and balance. Drawing on 15+ years of experience in various fields including information technology, consulting, and business management, D. L. Anderson is very excited to be able to effectively teach others the same principles which have made his life both fulfilling and successful. Visit D. L. at