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Book Review: Tell Me I’m Wrong by Adam Croft

About The Book

Title: Tell Me I’m Wrong

Author: Adam Croft

Publication Date: 1/18/18

Genre: Psychological Thriller

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What if you discovered your husband was a serial killer?

Megan Miller is an ordinary woman with a young family — until a shocking discovery shatters her perfect world.

When two young boys are brutally murdered in their tight-knit village community, Megan slowly begins to realise the signs all point to the lovable local primary school teacher — her husband.

But when she begins to delve deeper into her husband’s secret life, she makes discoveries that will make her question everything she knows — and make her fear for her young daughter’s life.

Facing an impossible decision, she is desperate to uncover the truth. But once you know something, it can’t be unknown. And the more she learns, the more she wishes she never knew anything at all…

My Thoughts

A psychological thriller about a woman dealing with post partum depression while trying to find out if her husband is a murderer.

Megan doesn’t want to admit there is something wrong with her and it’s affecting her marriage with Chris. She’s always wanted to give him a son after the trouble they’ve had conceiving. They’re blessed with a little girl and Megan feels Chris’s attitude has changed. Then two boys are murdered that happen to be his students and Megan starts to believe her husband did it.

This book depicts how depression, whichever form it may be can affect a person and the people around them. I felt bad for Megan because she was having a hard time. Chris didn’t seem to be much help to her. He often was verbally abusive to her. I can see she was vulnerable at times in the story until you get to the twist. I was shocked by the twist but not the reveal of the killer. This book was very good and suspenseful.

I will definitely read more of this author’s books.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Book Review of They Never Learn by Layne Fargo

Title: They Never Learn

Author: Layne Fargo

Genre: Thriller

Publication Date: October 13, 2020

Rating: 4 Stars

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About The Book

Scarlett Clark is an exceptional English professor. But she’s even better at getting away with murder.

Every year, she searches for the worst man at Gorman University and plots his well-deserved demise. Thanks to her meticulous planning, she’s avoided drawing attention to herself—but as she’s preparing for her biggest kill yet, the school starts probing into the growing body count on campus. Determined to keep her enemies close, Scarlett insinuates herself into the investigation and charms the woman in charge, Dr. Mina Pierce. Everything’s going according to her master plan…until she loses control with her latest victim, putting her secret life at risk of exposure.

Meanwhile, Gorman student Carly Schiller is just trying to survive her freshman year. Finally free of her emotionally abusive father, all Carly wants is to focus on her studies and fade into the background. Her new roommate has other ideas. Allison Hadley is cool and confident—everything Carly wishes she could be—and the two girls quickly form an intense friendship. So when Allison is sexually assaulted at a party, Carly becomes obsessed with making the attacker pay…and turning her fantasies about revenge into a reality.

My Thoughts

Scarlett is a English Professor by day and a killer after hours. This makes the story interesting. Is she killing for fun or for a purpose? I figured it’s for a purpose because she picks the worst men on campus to take out. She is an intriguing character.

Carly is a student who seems naive, not confident in her sexuality and is an introvert. Her roommate Allison is more outgoing and is trying to get her out of her comfort zone. While attending a party Allison is raped. Carly’s personality changes after this and a new Carly emerges.

They attend a typical college where the sport teams are everything and are not held responsible. I do believe the killings were spread out too far apart. It is believable to hold a grudge for a long time and want revenge. Kinnear was horrible and deserved to be punished.

I will say I didn’t care for the way the story is set up. You get Scarlett’s chapter which seem to be an older version of Carly. Carly’s chapters are from when she was in college and her friend was raped, but no one paid for it. In the story I could tell Scarlett was getting revenge on a professor from her college days while making guys pay for their wrong doings at Gorman College where she works and had attended school. This in turn made me believe she was also Carly.

For me this would have been better if Scarlett told the story and then revealed toward the end of the midpoint what happened to her and Allison in college. I also wanted more when she finally confronted Kinnear about what he did to her 16 years ago. I understand why Allison didn’t want to say anything about her rape because she knew the school security wasn’t going to do anything about it and the cops either.

The tension between Carly and Allison and also Scarlett and Jasper was interesting yet confusing as well as Mina and Scarlett. Scarlett’s a very complex character and I wanted more of her dark side. However I did like the way her secret was revealed within the story.

I look forward to reading more of this author’s work.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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My Favorite Books of 2020

The end of the year is approaching and it is time to reflect on the books I read in 2020. I read a total of 105 books. I only planned to read 60. I did change my reading habits by incorporating audiobooks and I have to say it wasn’t that bad. When I finished my list there were about thirty favorites, which is a lot, so I broke them down to just my top ten to share with you.

10. The Great Shelby Holmes by Elizabeth Eulberg

This middle grade mystery entertained me especially the characters. Shelby Holmes is so much like Sherlock it is funny even though it has to be hard for her being so overly smart. I like that her best friend becomes a black kid who has issues of his own, but they take care of each other in their own kind of way. This is book one in the series and I have loved them all.

9. The Cleaner by Paul Cleave

I fell in love with Joe the main character in this thriller. It intrigued me that Joe was the narrator who was investigating a copycat of his crimes. He was actually upset someone was copying his style of killing and just had to undercover who it was.

8. Verity by Colleen Hoover

I really enjoyed this thriller. The characters drove the story for me. Verity is sneaking, manipulative and cunning. Lowen is gullible since she is trying to find employment. Both of them are in for a surprise. I would love to see this in film and hope the author writes more thrillers soon.

7. Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh

This is a legal thriller where the killer is one of the jurors. The problem (which is a go problem) is that I didn’t know who it was and the suspense in finding out kept me on the edge.

6. The Cursed Hunter by Bethany Atazadeh

This has been the best beauty and beast retelling I have read. I like that the beast is a dragon and the determination in both the beauty and beast to make things right is so heartwarming. This is book three in the Stolen Kingdom series and I look forward to the fourth book.

5. Darkwind by R. Dugan

This was a wonderful introduction to epic fantasy with action, adventure, realist issues and characters who fight hard to do what is right and to protect their own. This is book one in the Starchaser Saga.

4. Dawnstar by R. Dugan

In book two of the Starchaser Saga, the travels carry on, but there is more to be done and also more to loose. New characters are introduced and I couldn’t help caring for them as much as the ones from book two. The action and adventure is more intense in this book and the suffering will make you cringe.

3. Cinderella is Dead by Kaylnn Bayron

This has been the best retelling of Cinderella in a while for me. The darkness hidden within these pages kept me reading. The twists in the story was unsuspected but so worth it. The characters are well developed and had me captivated from page one.

2. Grown  by Tiffany D. Jackson

Tiffany D. Jackson is my favorite YA contemporary thriller author and here is another one of her books that didn’t disappoint me. I will say this book made me angry, confused, frustrated among other emotions. It deals with realistic issues happening everyday and with young girls in situation they feel there is no way out. I love the realism in her novels and that they are very thought provoking.

1. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

This was my top book of the year mainly because of the investigative nature of the story. Pip’s determination to get answers, to clear a young boys name for his family and to make sure the right person is convicted. I love stories where a teenager becomes the detective and uncovers the evidence necessary to solve a case an adult could not. I like this author’s writing style and the way she structured the novel. I can’t wait to read it’s sequel.


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Mini Reviews: Flawless, Succubus Blues & The Good Daughter

Flawless by Heather Graham

A romantic thriller featuring a criminal psychologist and an FBI agent. Thieves are on the loose and diamonds are the treat. When Kieran stumbles into a robbery and is taken hostage, it points out that there may be two sets of thieves. I like that Kieran’s family’s pub becomes a centerpiece of the investigation. The chemistry between Kieran and the agent, Craig does not overpower the book. I liked the mystery element of the book even though the clues were easy to spot. I was surprised at the reveal because it was not who I believed it was, but I love thrillers like that. I like the author’s paranormal books but will probably stick to this series. ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

It would be hard living with the curse of being sexually over charged. Georgina deals with it everyday while trying to live a normal life working in at a bookstore. This book does have a mystery element with Georgina working with friends to find out who is killing vampires. Good & Evil work together in this book and the reveal was worth it. I must get the rest of the books in the series. ⭐⭐⭐⭐


The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter


This was a disturbing book about an attack on a family that leaves a mother dead and her two daughters trying to pick up the pieces. The descriptions in this book gave a vivid visual, which made it move intense. I listened to this book on audiobook and some parts made my stomach upset. Do not get me wrong, I love a thriller that brings out emotions within me, it lets me know it was worth the read. Karin Slaughter’s writing gets under your skin, but I am all for it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐