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Spotlight of The Lakota Series by Constance Gillam

Under Cover of Night

The Lakota Series Book 3

by Constance Gillam

Genre: Suspense, Crime Thriller


A courageous law officer fighting corruption. Can he hunt down an assassin on the reservation… or will he be permanently silenced?

Little River Reservation. Police Captain John Iron Hawk serves his people with pride. With a crucial election on the horizon, the strong and silent commander refuses to let criminals undermine his community’s leadership. But when his sister discovers his rival has been murdered, Iron Hawk is determined to catch the killer before he loses his job.

After his sibling quickly becomes the prime suspect, Iron Hawk is outraged when the FBI pulls him off the case. Working unofficially on the case, he uncovers conspiracies that reach far beyond the homicide. Protecting his homeland from ruthless enemies could cost this police chief his life.

Can Iron Hawk expose the deadly secrets before he’s buried in an unmarked grave?

Under Cover of Night is the third book in the thrilling Lakota romantic suspense series. If you like rich portrayals of Native American society, daring heroes, and edge-of-your-seat tension, then you’ll love Constance Gillam’s evocative tale.

Buy Under Cover of Night to unearth the mysteries of this reservation today!

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Lakota Blood Moon

The Lakota Series Book 2



Police Captain John Iron Hawk’s life is a speeding vehicle down a deserted road. A road with his tormented past looming at his back and a future summed up by the black thunder clouds building on the horizon.
His relationship with his daughter is nonexistent. And he can’t seem to say the words to the woman he loves to make her stay.
When Zora Hughes receives a job offer from Cosmopolitan magazine, she knows she has to take it and reestablish her career on the New York fashion scene. She has nothing to keep her on Little River Reservation, even if John is the only man she’s ever trusted or loved this completely. John’s life is his job, and he has little left over to build something with her.

But when a psychopathic killer turns their world upside down, they must dig deep to find the strength to outwit an adversary who will strip them of everything they hold dear…including each other.

This title is the second in the Lakota contemporary series.

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Lakota Dreaming

Lakota Series Book 1

Her visions brought her here. Her heart tells her to stay. But someone dangerous wants her gone…

Zora Hughes is haunted by someone else’s past. Plagued by dreams of her ancestor fleeing captivity, the former NYC fashion editor travels to South Dakota to uncover the truth. And until she can put her visions to rest, she won’t let anyone stand in her way… not even the handsome captain of the local tribal police.

John Iron Hawk is on a mission to clean up his reservation. Trying to raise a teenage daughter on his own while working to expose a corrupt casino manager means he has little time for nonsense. But for reasons he can’t explain, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to the gorgeous New Yorker stirring up trouble.

As Zora’s search collides with John’s investigation, unearthing an old secret could have deadly consequences.

Threatened by a ruthless enemy, Zora and John may have to find a key to her past to unlock their new future…

Lakota Dreaming is the first book in the riveting Lakota series of romantic mysteries. If you like mystical connections, spiritual journeys, and lush depictions of Native American culture, then you’ll adore Constance Gillam’s entrancing novel.

Buy Lakota Dreaming to discover love where you least expect it today!

This is the first book in the contemporary Lakota series.

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Lakota Moon Rising

A Lakota Series Prequel

A Fight for Freedom. A Fight for Love

Julia, a mixed-race woman, born into slavery in Louisiana escapes brutal plantation life only to be captured by the Comanche. She holds tight to her dream of Canada and freedom as she unwillingly witnesses the acts of savagery the Indians perpetrate against the whites.

She is reluctantly drawn to a visiting Sioux warrior, Sunkawakan. The newcomer is both gentle and savage, compassionate and ruthless. Falling in love with him will mean an end to her dreams of freedom in the North.

In a vision, Sunkawakan Iyopeya saw white soldiers corral his people like cattle onto barren land. He visits the Cheyenne to convince them to band with him and his tribe, the Lakota Sioux, against the soldiers at Fort Laramie who would destroy the Indian way of life. While in the village, he meets beautiful but fiercely independent Julia. He is torn between his attraction to her and his duty to his people.

Torn between love and duty, pride and an intense need, they must both decide if this new love is worth the change in their destiny.

A different and intense historical romance. Read Lakota Moon Rising today.
This is a prequel to Lakota Dreaming and Lakota Blood Moon.

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Constance Gillam grew up in the Midwest among ice and snow. She now lives in the sunny South and loves it. As a child, she was a precocious reader and would sneak into the adult fiction section of the library. At age eleven she read Gone with the Wind and never looked back.

Romance is her love, and she fills her books with mystery and suspense, conflict and emotion.

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Spotlight of Mystery Bones Murders by Karen Randau

Mystery Bones Murders

Frankie Shep Suspense Novellas Book 1

by Karen Randau

Genre: Suspense


A feisty redhead must fight to save herself and the people she loves in acclaimed mystery/thriller author Karen Randau’s novella of love, deceit, and redemption.

Frankie Shep carries a secret that haunts and isolates her after the deaths of her husband and young son five years ago. When she digs up a bone on her Wyoming property one stormy night, she unearths frightening connections she didn’t know existed.

All Frankie wants is to find her missing father, but a mystery stalker thwarts her every attempt and tries to terrorize her out of her home and away from the evidence. She becomes an unwitting sleuth who uncovers the awful truth about the people closest to her.

And that puts her in the crosshairs of a serial killer. He soon discovers she is no one to be toyed with.



“A great story, well written and with an eerie feel about it.”
– The Indie Express

“There is no question Karen Randau knows how to create suspense, even tension in her writing. ”
– Our Town Book Reviews

“If you enjoy reading compelling, thrilling books and a story that really makes you guess how it goes next, do yourself a favor and dive into this book.”
– Goodreads Reader

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Karen Randau authors fast-paced stories with intricate plots, lots of action, and a dash of romance told from the point of view of a female amateur sleuth. Mystery Bones Murders is her sixth book and the first book in a new series of novellas. She lives in the mountains of Arizona with her multi-generational family.


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Book Spotlight: Edge of Sundown by Jennifer Worrell

Edge of Sundown

by Jennifer Worrell

Genre: Suspense

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When dystopian fiction becomes real…

Val Haverford’s Sci-Fi and Western novels made him a household name. But that was then. A decade of creative stagnation and fading health has left him in the literary wilderness.

Attempting to end his dry spell and secure his legacy, Val pens a dystopian conspiracy theory set in a tangential universe where alien invaders eliminate ‘undesirables’ perceived as drains on society.

But as he digs deeper into violence plaguing his adopted home of Chicago, he discovers unsettling similarities between his work in progress and a life he thought he left behind. Soon he finds his fictional extremists are not only real—they’re intent on making sure his book never sees the light of day.

As he pieces together haunting truths about his city and his motives, Val realizes his last chance to revive his career and reconcile the past could get him—and the people he loves—killed.

Will he make the right choice? Or will it be too late?

Edge of Sundown is a provocative story that shows how the desperation of lost opportunity can lead to drastic and unexpected consequences.

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It was hard to pinpoint when the elephant had invited itself to their shit-shootings at Calvyn’s. Val had always prickled at Graham’s teasing curiosity about his next project, yet when it dawned on him how long it had been since the last prodding, it hurt like nothing else. Stories used to pile up in Val’s head, colliding into each other as they multiplied. Legal pad after legal pad littering his floor with madcap scribbles, just enough detail to remind him of one plot before moving on to the next. Now someone else’s calendar filled up with interviews and speaking engagements, their hard drive spilling into the Cloud, while Val’s floor remained spotless.

Shame concentrated into a singularity, and it took every effort to pretend nothing had changed. He’d practiced a smile until it came almost naturally. But the idea of dragging that world-weary science officer out of the dust was against all principle; an admission of failure and a shrug of the shoulders. He might as well take a back cover shot with his palms up and pockets turned out.

A barricade had sprung up whenever he’d headed toward the open laptop, obligation turning his passion into a chore. The cursor blinked in time with the ticking of the clock and it was all downhill with the brakes out: one day gone, then two, then thousands, twilight looming larger and urgency hissing louder. Trying to make a comeback with more of the same would be humiliating to both of them, whether Graham wanted to admit it or not. An allegory mirroring the current gravity in the news, packaged in his signature brand of dystopia, was bound to rekindle the allure that used to follow every release.

He returned to the studio and paced, massaging his hands. Unknotting the kinks in his back and limbs was an incremental, percussive event. Foolish, lying out on a stone wall in this weather. His right eye adjusted more slowly to the indoor light, the stars not quite faded.

History spread before him in the bookcase. He fingered the glossy spines, his embossed name that demanded increasingly shorter titles. The days when language rolled like poetry, mellifluous and robust, a rich broth you could savor on your tongue. At the end of the last row, a block of space waited for one more hardback. After that, he’d have to clear the half-empty notebooks and outdated travel pamphlets off the bottom shelf.

Westerns were his novice’s fast-track to publication. That old ‘write what you know’ chestnut was gold. But after a few years, a miasma of romanticism pervaded the reviews, people whitewashing the past with little more than picnics and parades. Spending so much time writing in one era projected a false sentimentality that he had no trouble ditching. Declining interest in the genre didn’t hurt, either. The challenge to reinvent himself led to a full reversal. If he couldn’t escape the primitive mindsets of real life, he would write them into existence. Evolution under the guise of cutting-edge technology and rocket science.

He knew exactly how the narrative rhythm, the drawl of his protagonists, the cadence of every line, should sound in readers’ heads. But until he could figure out how to pin the words down on paper the way he used to, it was all music and no lyrics.

When he’d moved in with little more than the tube of floorplans and a massive box of notes, the cardboard handles cutting off the circulation in his fingers, he had nothing but time. No clock ticking backwards. The future stretched before him in an endless, laggard expanse.

Imagining Graham reading this draft, then seeing his expression sink, was something Val couldn’t handle. He needed to nail a pivotal scene, compose one little snippet of biting prose, anything to combat any possible criticism, before he could sleep.

He fired up the wood-burning stove in the corner and set a pot of coffee on to percolate. While waiting for the telltale rumble, he polished the sketch’s frame, rubbing away the smudge on the glass obscuring ‘MH, Kano IL, 1967’ in the bottom right corner.

This time I won’t let you down.


If Jennifer were to make a deal with the Devil, she’d ask to live—in good health—just until she’s finished reading all the books. She figures that’s pretty square.

In case other bibliophiles attempt the same scheme, she’s working hard to get all her ideas on paper. She writes multi-genre fiction and the occasional essay, and is currently working on a collection of shorts and two picture books that may or may not be suitable for children.

Edge of Sundown is her first novel. She’s always been drawn to “what-ifs” and flawed characters, and has never quite mastered the happy ending.

Jennifer is a member of Chicago Writers Association and Independent Writers of Chicago, and works at a private university library.

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Book Blast: Blast from the Past by Madlyn Marshall

About The Book

The small town of Summersville has a big problem. They must come up with two million dollars in a very short period. In a surprising twist, that exact amount is dropped off at the door of the courthouse. Who left it and why; who is the mysterious man in town and why is he asking questions about the gold ol Herman Jones was supposedly found and buried? Why does this stranger seem so familiar?

Was there really gold in the surrounding mountains? Found out how the townspeople cope with the sudden wealth and the news of the return of Melanie Jones’ high school sweetheart. Melanie Jones’ ancestors founded the little town, what secrets is she hiding?

This is a story of Cagney and Lacey meets Thelma and Louise. Follow Jamie and Melanie as they investigate the town’s new wealth, and the mysterious stranger.

Purchase Link


About The Author

Madlyn Marshall is the Founder of G.R.A.C.E. Ministry and G.R.A.C.E. Publishing, Inc., who aspires to empower the Christian community with the gems of knowledge of biblical principles relating to money management. A dedicated humanitarian and evangelist, she devotes her time to helping others eradicate the complexities from the process of financial management, budgeting, and consumer credit. Madlyn holds 40+ years of experience serving Corporate America in the field of Credit & Collection and served as the Chief Financial Officer at the local church for over 13 years. She strives to channel all the knowledge & experiences to help others learn the art of managing finances and get one step closer to achieving financial freedom.

Madlyn Marshall is also a zealous Author who aims to inspire a change with her words of wisdom, faith, and encouragement. She writes journals, short stories, poems, and books to empower the community and help people accomplish their financial goals & achieve prosperity. A survivor of physical & emotional abuse and a young witness to spousal abuse, Madlyn has risen above the worst of times with the power of faith. She serves as a beacon of hope for young women who are lost in the abyss of hopelessness and yearning to find a way out of the misery & desolation. Madlyn is laying the foundation for G.R.A.C.E House, that she hopes will begin to break the cycle of misery and help women heal emotionally and physically from the scars of abuse.

Driven by the desire to build a happier world for the generations of today & tomorrow, Madlyn Marshall aspires to inspire a change through education, encouragement, and restoration. She writes with the sole purpose to empower others and help them strengthen the walls of faith and turn to God as the only eternal source of strength & provision. Through her publishing company, Madlyn also provides a platform for aspiring authors to catapult their writing career and play an integral role in empowering the community.

Over the years, Madlyn Marshall has received numerous accolades for her contributions to the community and was the recipient of the National Coalition of Women Ministry Esther Award 2013. She holds the Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership Certifications from Toastmasters International and is an active member of the Georgia Christian Business Network. Madlyn also sits on the board of directors of the Words of Comfort Ministries, Inc.

Besides this, Madlyn Marshall cherishes spending time in the company of her friends & families and actively participates in self-development activities. She has served as the Chief Financial Officer for multiple non-profit organizations and believes in the notion of empowering the people as they are the roots of a strong & healthy community.

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