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Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan/Book Review

I learn something every time I read a women’s fiction book. I believe each one has a life lesson if you’re paying attention. In Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan, we meet Yasmen and Josiah Wade, a couple everyone believed would be together forever. Both are dealing with loss but in different ways that causes them to not communicate well, then Yasmen wants an divorce.

About Before I Let Go

Their love was supposed to last forever. But when life delivered blow after devastating blow, Yasmen and Josiah Wade found that love alone couldn’t solve or save everything.

It couldn’t save their marriage.

Yasmen wasn’t prepared for how her life fell apart, but she’s is finally starting to find joy again. She and Josiah have found a new rhythm, co-parenting their two kids and running a thriving business together. Yet like magnets, they’re always drawn back to each other, and now they’re beginning to wonder if they’re truly ready to let go of everything they once had.

Soon, one stolen kiss leads to another…and then more. It’s hot. It’s illicit. It’s all good—until old wounds reopen. Is it too late for them to find forever? Or could they even be better, the second time around?

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My Review

I connected with Yasmen’s character right away with how she dealt with grief in the book. Grief touches everyone different and in how they handle it. The author portrays grief, loss and the feelings of each character so well in this book.

As the reader, I could feel their pain and understand what they were going through. When it comes to other themes such as divorce, I’ve never experienced it, but the need to not let go and the longing for each other was settle. The way Yasmen and Josiah handles their emotions needed work, but I liked the way therapy was introduced and even for their son.

Everything fell into place in this book for me. The way Yasmen works to regain the love from her children again after dealing with depression, especially with her daughter, Deja, was moving. I got a little emotion later in the book reading their interaction with each other.

This book brought tears to my eyes but also made me recognize a lot of what I went through in my depression after loosing my mother. The best thing Yasmen and myself could do is fight our way back. The author does say in her acknowledgement she hopes the book helps someone dealing with divorce, depression, loss etc. The way the book is written with the readers best interest at heart I believe it will help and touch many.

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I will read more of her women’s fiction books as long as she writes them.


Episode 77 Day Not Promised by Pat Simmons

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Welcome to A Reader’s Book Corner!

In today’s episode we discuss the Christian fiction novel, Day Not Promised by Pat Simmons. This was the best book to start the new year.

This book is about two people surviving a shooting incident and being chosen by God to pray it forward.

We discuss how it looks when God fights your battles, defining Intercessors, the two main characters and their role in the book and more.

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Episode 76 Interview with Poetry Author Arthur Smith II

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In today’s episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Poetry Author Arthur Smith II. Arthur is a lover of everything art related. He fell in love with music at an early age. Born into a musical family, he was drawn to both instrumentation and lyrics, a love for writing developed in his early twenties. Writing became the saving grace to his sanity. Quiet in nature, Arthur finds himself writing the words he should probably speak out loud. The cultivation of his personal style came through penning poetry, music, movies, plays, and short stories. Arthur has amassed a large body of work throughout the years. It’s now time to share with the world!

We discuss his debut poetry book, Layers, the inspiration behind his work, the themes incorporated in the book along with upcoming projects for the year. He also reads one of my favorite poems from the book titled, Sometimes.

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Episode 75 Interview with Crime Thriller Author Chas Kelley

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In today’s episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Crime Thriller Author Chas Kelley. After receiving a B.S. in Criminal Justice/Criminology, Chas started his career working with various criminal justice agencies. His writing career started modestly with a personal blog, which developed his love of creative writing, leading to his web page of short stories. From there, he has been involved in several writing projects with fellow authors such as Adam K. Moore, Christian Scully, Andrew Miller, and Jonathan Degler. Charles has been developing several of his own ideas, starting with his Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club series. He currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana and is trying his best to raise a family, further his career, and explore his interest in writing.

We discuss his journey to the industry, his motorcycle club series, the inspiration for the series, upcoming projects and more.

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