Book Review: The View from Alameda Island by Robyn Carr

Title: The View from Alameda Island

Author: Robyn Carr

Publication Date: April 30, 2019

Genre: Women Fiction, Contemporary Literature

Rating: 4 Stars=Great Page Turner

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The View from Alameda Island is about a woman finally learning her self worth. Lauren Delaney has been a devoted wife and mother but she can’t take the mistreatment from her husband anymore. When she decides to stand up for herself it changes her family’s lives forever.

As Lauren adjust to a new life she meets Beau, a gentleman going through a divorce and trying to start over. Unbeknownst to Lauren and Beau, their spouses aren’t taken them standing up for themselves very well. Brad, Lauren’s husband decides to take measures to make her change her mind.

This was a well written book that presents marriage,  family,  domestic life, self worth, friendship, and overcoming obstacles in a powerful way. The story had me invested in the characters even though some of them made me want to jump in the book to smack them.

I enjoyed Lauren’s journey in learning her self worth and standing her ground to find her happiness. Beau was an understanding friend even though he was going through his own turmoil. He was kind, patient and a lovable character. Lauren’s daughters Cassie and Lacy are another story. It was interesting to see the two sisters being on opposite sides. Cassie was supportive whereas Lacy was defensive and wanted her mother to get over everything. Brad was the character you had to watch out for because he was manipulative, abusive and sneaky.

When I got to the end of this book my perception of all the characters had changed. This book had me captured and anticipating what the characters would do. I enjoyed the journey. Overall, this was a great story about Lauren and Beau taking charge of their lives and destiny while protecting their hearts and learning it is okay to love again.

*This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.


Book Review The Cliff House by RaeAnne Thayne

Title: The Cliff House

Author: RaeAnne Thayne

Publication Date: March 26, 2019

Rating: 4 Stars=Great Page Turner

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Daisy and Beatriz Davenport were taken in by their aunt Stella and giving a lot of opportunities. Stella never let on to what she gave up to care for them. She never complained. Stella loved to help others. The Cliff House takes you on a journey in the lives of these three women.

I enjoyed the Cliff House and connected to Daisy, Beatriz and Stella’s characters. Daisy seemed to have the biggest transformation in learning to open up her heart to possibilities. Beatriz wanted to pursue a relationship with an old friend until her ex-husband comes back around and seems to be a different man. And Stella had a secret that once she revealed it, I was surprised at the reactions received from the sisters.

This book was well-written with wonderful characters who were easy to invest in. These women captured me as soon as I start the book and even the secondary characters made me want to get to know them. The setting and descriptions of the California coast made me want to take a trip to visit the Cliff House. I recommend this book to readers of women’s fiction.

*This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

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#BookTour The Woman America Loves A Latte by Holly Tierney-Bedford

The Woman America Loves a Latte
by Holly Tierney-Bedord
Genre: Women’s Fiction
From the best-selling author of Sweet Hollow Women comes a quirky new
thriller for fans of Megan Abbott, Liane Moriarty, and Carl Hiaasen.
Veloura has never stood a chance. Raised by a junkie and orphaned as a teen,
she’s settled for a life of low expectations. She spends her days
sprucing up the shack of a has-been bull rider and washing hair down
at the local salon. But when it turns out her fiancé doesn’t have
her best interests at heart, she’s forced to come up with a new plan for herself.
An opportunity to be the spokesperson for a coffee chain means a bright
future could be hers, if only she can stay ahead of her dark past.
Holly Tierney-Bedord is the author of several novels and novellas including
Sweet Hollow Women, The Woman America Loves a Latte, The Port Elspeth
Jewelry Making Club, and Surviving Valencia. She’s also an artist and
miniaturist, creator of the mid-century dollhouse restoration blog, and the author of several non-fiction books
about creating miniatures. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Meet The Author

Meet The Author: Interview with Marian L. Thomas


Award-Winning Author and Speaker, Marian L. Thomas, has penned five women’s fiction novels to date. Her books have been seen on national television stations such as the Oprah Winfrey Network, Ovation, and the A&E Network. She has been featured in print magazines, newspapers and a guest on local, national and online radio stations. For her book, I Believe In Butterflies, Marian ranked among the top 100 Most Popular Authors in Literary Fiction on Amazon. She spent most of her teen years in Oak Park, Illinois, but now resides in a suburb of Atlanta with her husband. She enjoys a good bag of popcorn, a plate full of pasta, and a grape pop.

A&RBC: When did you choose writing as your career?

M: I’d like to say it was when my first book was released, however, that wasn’t the case. That moment came with the release of Blue Butterfly, my fifth book.

A&RBC: You are an author, speaker and blogger, how do you balance it all?

M: My schedule is pretty tight but the way I learned to balance it all, is to prioritize tasks. There’s a saying…you have to eat-the-frog first. It means that you do the toughest things first. For me, that could be writing a blog post (although, I haven’t done this one in a while), preparing for a speaking engagement or watching the sun come up, while writing a chapter for a new book.

A&RBC: Do you outline your stories? Do you have a process in place for researching your plots?

M: I don’t outline my stories. I’ve considered it, but don’t feel as it that type of writing method works for me. I’m more of a sit at my computer and just start tying, type of author.

As far as researching goes. I do it along the way. When I get to a part in the story that requires research, I stop and do it. I’ve even stopped to call a friend who had better insight on the subject that I was writing about.

A&RBC: As an author you’ve built a nice platform, what two tips would you give aspiring authors who are wanting to build their writer platforms?

M: My first tip would be to start blogging or posting short stories on sites like Reddit. This gives readers a chance to connect with your writing style.

My second would be to use paid social media ads on Facebook to drive traffic to your blog.

A&RBC: What is the inspiration behind the butterfly series?

M: I write for women. My stories focus on what I call the ‘caterpillars’ of life —the ugly things that bring us pain and tears. When we, as women, find the inner strength to overcome those situations, that’s when those caterpillars become something beautiful.

A&RBC: Tell us about the main characters in The Caged Butterfly—Addie Mayfield., Timmy Taylor and Nina Taylor.

M: Addie Mayfield is a young southern black girl who, on one autumn night in 1949, falls for the irresistible red curls and vibrant green eyes of a young man from the other side of the railroad tracks. Neither knowing that the consequences of their love would have lasting effects.

Timmy Taylor: Timmy was known as one of the greatest white jazz pianists in New York, He never had a reason to question his identity – until truth and betrayal strike. His journey is a tale of deeply rooted sorrow, but ultimately becomes a story of love.

Nina Taylor. Nina is beautiful and talented. She inherited her father’s talent, but not his white skin. Certain that’s how he made it big, she dives deep into a deadly obsession.

A&RBC: What’s next for Marian L. Thomas?

M: I’ve got a copy of stories floating inside my head. One is a romance, the other is detective-type story. Haven’t narrowed it down yet but getting close.

A&RBC: What is your favorite quote?

M: It’s really a motto. I’m a firm believer that aspiring authors should Live. Laugh. Write. In that Order. In other words…Take Inspiration from life and write about it!

A&RBC: Where can readers find you?

M: My website is the best place. It’s From there, readers can connect with me on social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

About The Book

The Caged Butterfly by author Marian L. Thomas is the heartrending story of the Mayfield/Taylor family spanning four generations ranging from the 1930s-1990s. While the character-driven plot touches on relevant social issues such as child abuse, racism, skin bleaching, and suicide, ultimately it is a story of love and forgiveness.

The book begins with Addie Mayfield’s loving letter to her unborn child which plays a central theme throughout the plot. As the story unfolds, the reader is introduced to Addie’s mother, son, and granddaughter: Millie, Timmy, and Nina. Alternating between the cities of Georgia, Chicago, and New York, and told through first-person narratives by each character, the plot follows the family’s history, relationships, triumphs, and sorrows. The book emphasizes self-acceptance, forgiveness, and redemption regardless of life’s hardships.

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