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Author Stacy Eaton shares The Celebration Series

The Celebration Series is a 13 Story Novel & Novella Series that takes place in
the fictional town of Celebration, Pennsylvania. Each story revolves
around a US Holiday.
Tangled in Tinsel
The Celebration Series Book 1 (Christmas)
by Stacy Eaton
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Casey Lowe is new in
town and hiding from her past. Her next-door neighbor, Thad Wagner,
is a sexy police officer who is good with hands, and his lips. But
Casey refuses to get involved with a married man, and Thad can’t
seem to understand why she keeps pushing him away.
No matter how they try
to stay apart, something keeps drawing them together. When an
unexpected visitor shows up at Casey’s house the week before
Christmas, her future is on the line. Will Thad figure it out in time
to save her or will Casey become a co-conspirator to a murderer.
**FREE August 31-Sept 4th**
Tears to Cheers
The Celebration Series Book 2 (New Year’s)
Linda Maxim is a woman
who learned early on how to work hard and succeed. Her only regret is
that the man she loved disappeared just days after she got pregnant
at the tender age of sixteen.
Ian Dugan was whisked
away by his parents and unable to contact anyone from his previous
life. Fourteen years later, Ian needs to get away from his life and
ends up crashing his car and waking up in the hospital where Linda
watches over him.
Can Linda forgive Ian
for leaving her alone as a pregnant teen? Will Ian be able to forgive
Linda and himself when he learns of the daughter he never knew about?
Find out on New Year’s Night if Ian can erase the tears and find
something to celebrate.
Heathens to Hearts
The Celebration Series Book 3 (Valentine’s Day)
Jason Hayes is a man
who hides from his past, not because he did anything wrong, but
because he is ashamed of the things that he had to do to make it
through nursing school.
Riayn Simmers is new to
Celebration Township and unexpectedly runs into Jason Hayes, the
first man she ever loved, but walked away from because of how he was
living his life.
Can Riayn see Jason as
more than the heathen she previously thought he was, or will she
leave behind her dreams of owning a small-town bakery?
Rainbows Bring Riches
The Celebration Series Book 4 (St. Patrick’s Day)
Dabby Finnegan got
roped into being auctioned off for the annual Valentine’s Party,
and nothing could have prepared him to face the vibrant and
determined Paige Brogan. From the moment she jumps into his arms to
collect her prize, his life will change.
Paige Brogan has had a
crush on Dabby for a long time, and this auction is exactly what
she’s been waiting for to finally catch his eye. When Paige wins a
date with Dabby, the only thing she wants to do is spend the day with
him working at his tavern.
As Paige and Dabby get
to know one another, Dabby has a hard time understanding why this
incredible woman would be interested in him. It’s when the rainbows
are overhead, and green beer is flowing that Dabby finally realizes
what he has and vows to never lose it.
Sweet as Sugar
The Celebration Series Book 5 (Easter)
Missy Moresco might be
Celebration Police Department’s police dispatcher, but she’s also
got her thumb on the pulse of the township. When FBI Agent Casper
Princeton shows up in town on a case, Missy and Casper go undercover
to protect the real reason he’s there by pretending they are a
With Missy’s snarky
comments and Casper’s quick comebacks, these two find it hard to
keep a professional distance. When Casper needs to rush home to a
family emergency, Missy is torn on whether it’s a good thing or a
bad one. Just when she decides it doesn’t matter, Casper shows up
on her doorstep with his five-year-old daughter.
Can Missy and Casper
keep the fake relationship going while they wait for his case to come
to a head, or will his daughter and his job come between them before
Easter arrives?
Making Mom Mad
The Celebration Series Book 6 (Mother’s Day)
Corrine Wagner is
determined to make a good life for herself and her son while hunting
for the perfect man to complete her family. Unfortunately, with her
crazy schedule of school and work, her patience begins to run thin
with her constantly-in-trouble, five-year-old son, Tommy.
Nolan Tigues has lived
across the street from Corrine his whole life—and carried a torch
for her almost as long. When Nolan tries to help Corrine with Tommy,
she takes it all the wrong way. She can’t believe Nolan thinks
she’s a bad mom.
Can Nolan find a way to
prove to Corrine that he cares about her—and about Tommy—as more
than just a friend, or will Corrine push away the man who could give
her everything she’s dreamed of her whole life?
Sparklers or Spankings
The Celebration Series Book 7 (Memorial Day)
Harper Reed has run her
family owned Bed & Breakfast for three years, and recently turned
it into a place for couples to spice up their relationships. Harper
has a dream for her business and her future, but recent events might
upend those romantic dreams.
When Mason Tidewater
arrives at her Inn, Harper believes its fate that has brought them
together. While Mason doesn’t believe in fate, things start to
happen in Celebration Township that could change his mind.
Unfortunately, the reason he’s here in the first place, might
destroy any chance he has with Harper.
During the Memorial Day
celebration Mason must decide if he’s ready for sparklers or
spankings, or perhaps if fate is good, he could have both.
Raffles to Rattles
The Celebration Series Book 8 (Father’s Day)
When Sophia Thayer
realized that she’d squandered her savings, she decided to take on
a second job. She didn’t particularly want to dust off her
four-inch dancing shoes and get back into that line of work, but she
knew the money would be good, especially if she got the job at
Pleasure Your Fantasies.
Scott Allen has had a
thing for Sophia since he’d met her, and it wasn’t until she won
him at the Valentine’s Day Bachelor Auction that he realized the
feeling might be mutual. Although a relationship didn’t initially
work out, Scott didn’t give up on a future with her—not until he
saw her dancing on stage at a gentlemen’s club and noticed that the
owner was staking a claim on her.
When Sophia realizes
she’s pregnant with Scott’s child, can the two of them figure out
how to move forward and raise the child together—or will her past
and present career choices keep Scott from her side?
Flirting with Fireworks
The Celebration Series Book 9 (Fourth of July)
Brandy Nottingham has
known Casey Lowe since high school and can’t wait to see firsthand
how wonderful Casey’s life is with Thad Wagner in Celebration
Township. As Brandy is introduced to some of Casey’s friends, she
literally collides with a man from her past.
It’s been fourteen
years since Chase Stevens held Brandy in his arms, and while the two
of them clean the tray of paint they spilled on themselves, Chase is
painfully reminded of how he’d been left on the pier all alone all
those years ago.
As Chase and Brandy try
to find a way to deal with the painful and embarrassing past, Brandy
needs to decide what her future is going to be. If she were to stay
in Celebration, she could lose everything she’s ever
known—including her family and their money.
Could Chase be enough
for her, or will he realize that he could never offer her the life to
which she is accustomed?
Working with Wheels
The Celebration Series Book 10 (Labor Day)
Levi Rivers is one of
the most protective men in Celebration Township, so when his neighbor
passes away, he feels responsible for not having noticed her absence
for ten days. His guilt only increases when he finds out that it was
possibly suicide, and he had been too wrapped up in his own life to
catch any signs of her withdrawal.
Alesandra Findley moved
away from Celebration when she was four years old and was told that
her mother had died when she was young. She’s shocked to learn from
her brother that he knew their mother had been alive the past
twenty-five years and neither he nor her father had shared the
information with her.
When Alesandra returns
to Celebration to learn about the mother she lost years ago, Levi is
there to lend his guidance, support, and encouragement. The two of
them immediately connect in ways neither of them expected.
Levi will need to learn
to live with his guilt while Alesandra learns the truth about her
mother. When it’s time for Alesandra to return to her life in New
York City, she’s not sure she wants to leave Levi and all she has
discovered in the town to return to the cold world of fashion. But
can life with Levi working with chrome and wheels instead of glamour
and glitz be enough for her?
Masquerading at Midnight
The Celebration Series Book 11 (Halloween)
Deklan Kelly comes from
a family of well-known attorneys, and growing up his parents told him
that’s what he wanted to be, too. Privately, he wished he could
spend his days sketching and painting the beauty of life instead of
wheeling and dealing with dregs of humanity.
Sky Clarke hides behind
the walls of her families’ home protecting women and children from
abusive partners. She is devoted and passionate to her cause, and
will do anything for her clients, even break the law to protect them.
What she won’t do is put up with annoying attorneys.
When Sky finds Deklan
innocently sketching on her property, the two of them get thrown
together into a spiral of events that will keep them both on their
Will Deklan finally be
able to remove the mask and be the man he truly wants to be for Sky,
or will she run from the passion he wants to give her because she’s
afraid to remove her own mask?
Masquerading at
Midnight is the eleventh book in the thirteen-book Celebration
Blessings and Beans
The Celebration Series Book 12 (Thanksgiving)
Hope Wells is a
lifetime resident of Celebration Township, and lives on coffee fumes
and loves stories at her downtown store, Beans and Books. As each one
of her friends has found love, she’s been excited but secretly
envious. As much as she wants to find a man, she knows that the odds
are stacked against her, not with the medical issue she has kept
hidden from everyone.
Aaron Findley was born
in Celebration but left when he was a boy. A few months back, he
returned after his mother passed away, and even the race cars he
drives couldn’t get him out of town fast enough. His sister,
Alesandra might enjoy the little po-dunk town, but he prefers bright
lights and beautiful women hanging off of his arms after he finishes
a race.
Six weeks before
Thanksgiving, Aaron crashes his racecar and lands in the hospital in
serious condition. When he is discharged three weeks later, he finds
that he has fewer friends than he originally thought, and a career
that went up in flames like his car. His only choice is to convalesce
at his sister’s house in Celebration. Grumpy and bored, Aaron finds
himself hiding at the small coffee shop for hours as he comes to
terms with his new life.

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Velevet & Vows
The Celebration Series Book 13 (Finale- Christmas)
The epic finale of the
Celebration Series is finally here. Celebrate Christmas once again
with the couple that started it all: Casey Lowe and Thad Wagner.
Velvet & Vows
starts out twenty days before the wedding and there is a lot to be
done. With wedding showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, the
final dress fittings, holiday preparations and the last of the
details for the ceremony and reception, Celebration is crackling with
energy–but it’s not all good.
With a few
misunderstandings, many secrets and a serial arsonist running rampant
in the town, the days leading up to the wedding are far more
stressful than Casey and Thad ever planned for it to be. It will take
the entire town to tell this story as we pass from one leading
character to another.
Prepare yourself for
this one-of-a-kind novel that will bring insight into every character
you’ve fallen in love with during the series, and even a few
characters you’ve never heard from firsthand.
NOTE: While Velvet & Vows can be a standalone novel, there have been twelve
other books in this series before it. This book incorporates all
twelve of those couples into one story and might be slightly hard to
follow if you have not read the other books.
Stacy Eaton is a USA Today Bestselling author and began her writing career in
October of 2010. Stacy took early retirement from law enforcement
after over fifteen years of service in 2016 due to a second serious
concusion. Her last three years on the job were in investigations and
crime scene investigation. She now writes full-time.

Stacy resides in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, who works in
law enforcement, and her teen daughter. Stacy also has a son who is
currently serving in the United States Navy. She is also very
involved in Domestic Violence Awareness and served on the Board of
Directors for her local Domestic Violence Center for three years.

Stacy writes a variety of genre’s, but mostly romance. She enjoys writing
real-life stories that people can relate too with real-life problems,
emotions, and solutions.

Her favorites: Classic cars, photography, Disney, music, coffee and her
favorite sweatshirt that says, “You are dangerously close to
getting killed in my next novel.”

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Sneak Peek of A Parliament of Crows by Alan M. Clark

Chapter 1: Vertiline—Loss of Life
Newark, New Jersey 1908

The shame of Vertiline’s incarceration had abated little in the eighteen months since her arrest. Believing herself nearly helpless against the forces controlling her fate, she expressed the slight power that remained to her in a simple reminder spoken aloud each morning while sitting on the bunk in her jail cell: “After what they did during the war, they have no right to judge us. Maintain a sense of personal dignity, for you are useless to your sisters without it.”

The state of New Jersey had indicted jointly Miss Vertiline Mortlow, sixty-one years of age, and her fifty-nine-year-old twin sisters, Mrs. Mary Mortlow Sneed, and Mrs. Carolee Mortlow Marshall. They were charged them with insurance fraud and the murder of Carolee’s daughter, Orphia Marshall Sneed. The young woman had been found dead in the bathtub of the sisters’ East Orange apartment, lying in a few inches of cold water, her head below the faucet, and her feet hanging over the back of the tub. Although suspicious, her death was at first seen as suicide. When Vertiline and her sisters tried to collect on several insurance policies they had taken out on Orphia, the police began an investigation and the sisters were arrested.

In the long delay before the trial, during which the sisters were kept in separate jail cells, the twins had perhaps suffered the most. Based on what her attorney said of his visits with them, Vertiline feared that Mary intentionally starved herself and that Carolee had gone mad from the isolation.

As the time drew near for the sisters to appear in court, Vertiline felt an unaccountable excitement despite her dread. After endless days of boredom spent in her lonely cell, she anticipated that the trial would provide intellectual and emotional stimulation. She hated herself for looking forward to the event.

On the first day of trial—the first time she’d seen the twins in over a month—while riding in the police van to the courthouse, Vertiline tried to make eye contact with her sisters. Carolee’s eyes darted about warily. When spoken to, she appeared startled, even frightened at times. Mary, her eyes downcast, was emaciated and uncommunicative. She flinched and cringed whenever Carolee became agitated.
“Are you well?” Vertiline asked them several times in different ways and with increasing urgency. Their answers held little information.
As the trial commenced in the courtroom with the prosecution presenting its case, Vertiline struggled to put her fears aside and look for ways to aid in her own defense. Torn between the urgency of concern for her sisters, and the need to maintain awareness of the proceedings, her head ached, her heart beat uncomfortably in her chest, and she struggled to take deep breaths.
In defense of her own sanity, her mind turned briefly to pleasant recollection.
~ ~ ~
Vertiline had spent a childhood of privilege in a home on Spring Street in Milledgeville, Georgia. Having recalled innumerable times the magical summer parties her mother, Abigale Sobearn Mortlow, hosted in the garden behind the house, Vertiline easily found vivid memories of the events within her mind. She could see the beautiful guests, their eyes cheerful, movements graceful and gracious, their clothing exquisite. She heard their happy voices, full of charm and wit. The exotic decorations and extravagant tables of food and drink were there, filled with dishes prepared from Ducy’s delicious recipes by the cook. Vertiline could almost taste the buttered spoonbread, the fried fish, and chess pie. As dusk approached amidst the gentle murmur of the guests, Abigale move about, a silent white bell in her crinoline, lighting colorful Chinese paper lanterns strung on cane poles. Lightning bugs rose from the warm earth of the flower beds, their soft greenish yellow glow competing with the warm flickering orange flames within the lanterns.

Bitter-sweet, the magic light inevitably faded from the garden with the memory of loosing Abigale to pneumonia brought on by influenza. Vertiline had been seven years old when her mother died. For all the crisp memories of the garden parties, her recollections of Abigale had wilted, her lovely features having faded from memory.

Thankfully, the warmth and love of her father, Georgia Supreme Court Justice Horace G. Mortlow, always remained in full bloom. Though he had long ago passed away, her memories of him were clear. He was truly the only authority to whom she must answer. Surely, he would understand what she and her sisters had done and why, and would not judge them too harshly.
~ ~ ~
Her breath more even, her heart calmed somewhat, Vertiline’s awareness returned to the courtroom.

The judge, a tall, lean man with a bushy brow named Tolland, spoke from the bench to Mary, “Mrs. Sneed, please sit upright and show the court due respect.”

Vertiline wanted to say that her sister wasn’t a child to be reprimanded for her behavior, but held her tongue.

Within moments, Mary had slumped forward in her chair again. Judge Tolland seemed to notice, but said nothing until her head fell forward, lolling upon the table.

Then discussions began concerning the poor condition of Mrs. Mary Mortlow Sneed, and Judge Tolland adjourned the trial for the day.
To stave off despair, Vertiline tried to believe in what her father had always called “the hope of tomorrow.”

In A Parliament of Crows, the three Mortlow sisters are prominent American educators of the nineteenth century, considered authorities in teaching social graces to young women. They also pursue a career of fraud and murder. Their loyalty to one another and their need to keep their secrets is a bond that tightens with each crime, forcing them closer together and isolating them from the outside world. Their ever tightening triangle suffers from madness, religious zealotry and a sense of duty warped by trauma they experienced as teenagers in Georgia during Sherman’s March to the Sea. As their crimes come back to haunt them and a long history of resentments toward each other boils to the surface, their bond of loyalty begins to fray. Will duty to family hold or will they turn on each other like ravening crows?


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Alan M. Clark grew up in Tennessee in a house full of bones and old medical books. As a writer and illustrator, he is the author of sixteen published books, including 11 novels, a lavishly illustrated novella, four collections of fiction, and a nonfiction full-color book of his artwork. His illustrations have appeared in books of fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, young adult fiction and children’s books. Awards for his work include the World Fantasy Award and four Chesley Awards. Mr. Clark’s company, IFD Publishing, has released 42 titles of various editions, including traditional books, both paperback and hardcover, audio books, and ebooks by such authors as F. Paul Wilson, Elizabeth Engstrom, and Jeremy Robert Johnson.


Website * Facebook * Facebook * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads

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Author Winter Lawrence shares Eve 2.0

Meet Winter
Winter lives in the moment and loves nothing more than being surrounded by her family, her fur-babies, and a ton of great reads! When she doesn’t have her nose stuck in a book, she’s usually thinking up far away, fantastical worlds or she’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen! Because of her love for all things literary, Winter pursued a Master of Arts degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Professionally, she is a manuscript editor, and in her spare time, she enjoys hosting author spotlights, posting book reviews, and teaching workshops. In her private time, she is an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romances, and one day she hopes to inspire young readers in the same way her favorite authors continue to inspire her today.
About The Book 
Welcome to the D.O.D.A.I.S…
Just when Gwen thought she could beat any video game hands down, her boyfriend goes and gets her stuck in a top-secret government simulator named Eve 2.0. Being trapped within a couple of her favorite video games doesn’t seem so bad at first, but as time becomes a factor and the A.I. program begins to get smarter, Gwen soon realizes that winning or losing isn’t just about pride anymore; it’s about making it out alive. 
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Book Spotlight: Most Ardently by Multiple Authors

Most Ardently
An Austen-Inspired Christmas Collection
Genre: Historical Romance
With Stories by:
Sheena Austin,
Margo Bond Collins,
Debra-Ann Kummoung,
Sophie Bellabone,
Deborah E Pearson,
Charlene Johnson,
Susan Burdorf,
Ivy Hearne
This is quite the season indeed for friendly meetings. At Christmas every
body invites their friends about them, and people think little of
even the worst weather. I was snowed up at a friend’s house once
for a week. Nothing could be pleasanter.” ~Emma
Join New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors as
they share stories inspired by Jane Austen to fill your Yuletide with
love and joy.
From a Regency holiday in Austen’s own home to modern stories with a
supernatural twist, Most Ardently brings you the best of
Austen-inspired holiday fiction, including a haunted modern-day
Northanger academy dorm, a vampiric surprise at a holiday ball, a
contemporary dating-app-savvy Emma with a brand-new Knightley, a
surprise cast of zombies, and a demon set loose in Jane Austen’s
world. Mincemeat pies, Christmas puddings, Boxing Day and Twelfth
Night will never be the same again!
So light a Yule log, hang a kissing bough of evergreen and mistletoe,
and settle in for a long winter’s read as you reconnect with your
favorite Austen characters and settings in all-new new stories.
Scroll up and one-click to preorder this holiday collection now for the
special preorder price of only 99c!
On one side was a table occupied by some chattering girls, cutting up
silk and gold paper; and on the other were trestles and trays,
bending under the weight of brawn and cold pies, where riotous boys
were holding high revel; the whole completed by a roaring Christmas
fire, which seemed determined to be heard in spite of the noise of
the others.” ~Persuasion
**Pre-order for only .99cents!!**
Sheena Austin is the author of Returning
to Mr. Darcy, Alexandria, Journey of the Heart, and
Disillusionments of the Heart
A lover of all romance, fantasy, cat whisperer, and Kermit obsessed, the author currently lives in Virginia with her boyfriend and two cats. She is a Special Education teacher and aspires to win
the lottery one day and to have a lifetime of pizza and cheez-its so she would no longer have to cook or do the dishes ever again.

USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times bestselling author Margo Bond Collins
is a former college English professor who, tired of explaining the difference between “hanged” and “hung,” turned to writing romance novels instead. (Sometimes her heroines kill monsters, too.)
She also writes under the alter ego of Ivy Hearne.
Debra-Ann Kummoung
I fell in love with Pride & Prejudice when I read it in high school. Something about that time – the courtly manners of society, the clothing, and so many other things. Don’t get me a wrong, I’m a modern girl and wouldn’t last a day without my modern conveniences, but I can still fantasize about that time period.
My husband is my inspiration for Mr. Darcy & Colonel Fitzwilliam (when the good colonel appears in one of my books). My husband has the manners of Darcy but has been a military man like the colonel –
so I got both in one man.
Sophie, whether with Kernstock or Bellabone
pen name, is from the land of thousands of lakes, home of Santa Claus, and technology giant Nokia, also known as Finland. At age 24 she was bitten by the publishing bug in her native tongue. The bug
bit so fiercly that she made her mission to publish all her future stories to wider audience just year after. That she did, and now at 25 her first book written in English is in preorder.
Born and rased with finnish sisu, and beaten in shape with sauna birch leaf brooms, Sophie writes Fantasy and Horror. No genre will be safe from her vigilant and witty writing style though. She will be providing all kinds of stories from short and sweet to long and gritty. None with romantic sub plot though. She focuses on platonic friendships, epic battles beyond tonsil fencing, and the endless ideas leading to world beyond imagination. In short, her muse is obiviously in drugs and needs intervention. Soon she’ll also add Sci-Fi/Dystopian into her fresh list of books and invites in new pen name to the Sophiesphere circle of things.
Deborah E. Pearson found her love of Jane
Austen’s work when she was 15 by watching the 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice by Andrew Davies, Over the following years she not only read Miss Austen’s books multiple times but also read
several fan fiction books, which led her to begin writing her own Jane Austen Fan Fiction in 2010 as she wished to have a Darcy that fitted the way she saw him.
Charelne Johnson is a Waynesburg, Pennsylvania native. She went to Waynesburg High School and graduated Cum Laude from Waynesburg College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts. Currently lives in Sacramento,
California where she spent the last 33 years working at Northrop Grumman.
Books have always been her passion. She started reading at an early age and progressed to full-length books by age nine. The first supernatural
book series she read was Dark Shadows, and it sparked her interest in all things paranormal, with a spicy touch of romance mixed in for
good measure. She also started writing poetry in grade school and continues to do so today.
Being an avid reader, the consummate daydreamer and an incurable romantic
with a Cinderella complex, she started creating her own characters and story lines because she realized she had her own stories to tell.
She is married to John, who believes she can do anything. She has a son, Ty; a daughter, Danika; and four beautiful grandchildren, Aries, Victoria, Maya, and Tobias.
Besides reading and writing, she also enjoys photography, travel, music, and great movies.
Susan Burdorf is an avid reader,
photographer and lover of all things sparkly. Writing is a passion that is only quenched when THE END is written on the last page of a manuscript. Nothing says home to her, though, like the presence of
her family. Susan encourages you to correspond with her and is available for public appearances at schools and conferences.

A librarian and researcher by day,
Claire O’Dare writes Regency and contemporary romances at night.
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