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Talk About It Thursday: Four Kayla Perrin Mysteries Worth Reading

It is Talk About It Thursday and today I want to share some mysteries I stumbled upon while shopping on Book Outlet. Book Outlet is an online bookstore featuring books at a discounted price. It’s the ideal place to get really cheap hardback books or any books in general.

Let’s get back to Kayla Perrin. I haven’t read any of her books in a while before this particular purchase, so these four books were a treat. Perrin is an awesome mystery and suspense writer. What I love about her books is they’re centered on college students. Her book also suggest things that could happen or have happened in the world today. Let’s take a look at four books by Kayla Perrin that are worth reading.

We’ll Never Tell



We’ll Never Tell is about a sorority, betrayal and the secrets it holds. It’s also about wanting revenge and not understanding the consequences. It’s available on believe me the twists and turns in this book will have you on the edge of your seat.

What’s Done in Darkness


What’s Done in Darkness is about what happens after college graduation. It’s about trying to keep your sanity and looking for help in the wrong place from the wrong person. It’s available on and believe me it will keep you on your toes.

Spring Break


Spring Break is about a vacation gone wrong. When one friend goes missing and another won’t give up until she finds her, in searching for said friend a lot f her hidden secrets are revealed. It’s available on and don’t forget to prepare for the ride.

Winter Break

Winter Break is another book centered around college students, rumors and a vacation that takes a wrong turn for one student. His girlfriend tries her best to find him but being on a cruise ship doesn’t help the situation at all. It’s available on and the twists in this book will make this read so worth it.

Each book has a relationship element and some type of problem. The villains hide in plain sight because you’re so engrossed in the story, you miss them until the end. Some characters will drive you crazy and others you’ll root for but the suspense keeps you turning the pages.

The excitement you get from Perrin’s books relates to the fact she creates characters with flaws that are shocking once revealed.

What books have you read by Kayla Perrin? Share in the comments below.

Until next time,

Teresa Beasley



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Spotlight Wednesday with The Scarred Bullet Series by Serena Kearney #giveaway


Dazed Bullet
Scarred Bullet Series #1
by Serena Kearney
Genre: New Adult Romance

**FREE on Amazon!**

*This contains mature content, explicit language, and sensitive subjects dealing with abuse.*

*Mature audiences is advised.*

I have a temper. I’m angry. That’s a given.
How I take it out? At my job in the boxing room of our gym.
I’ve spent over a year trying to harness it, but I wasn’t by myself.
Almost every night, like clockwork, he’s there on one side and I’m at the other.
He is big, rugged, but handsome.
He’s also scary. Silent. Deadly.
When I hear the name Bullet, you would think I would have gone running in the other direction.
I didn’t. I should.
He has a past.
He has secrets. Danger. Pain. Sorrow.
Little did I know that it would just bring us closer together.

Cursed Frames
Scarred Bullet Series #2


He’s been there to help through it all.
Every touch, every sound, and every breath.
I was starting to get better. I was starting to live again the way a normal girl should. That is until we graduated college and life got in the way.
I didn’t think I would see Dem Dabbs again, at least I hoped I would soon, because now I’m falling back. I’m back into my habits. I don’t think I’m strong enough, but somehow, I have.
I’m living on autopilot… until I get that hope back.
I can see him.
Will it be the same? Will we pick up where we left off?
Will his touch bring me back to normal?
Or does he need me more than I need him?

Define Us
Scarred Bullet Series #3


I’m supposed to be strong.
Until I found I was in a relationship I swore I would never be in.
I didn’t know how trapped I was until Dean Sailer walked into the diner, making me question who I turned into.
Dean reeked of overconfidence.
He’s sarcastic and thinks he’s funny.
The worst part is I find myself smiling when I don’t feel like it. He brought out something inside me that I locked away a long time ago.
I wanted nothing to do with him.
I wanted to stay contained in my world.
When tragedy threatens the life of me and my best friend, he’s the one I find myself relying on.
He’s there for me when no one else is.
No matter how much I try to resist Dean Sailer, he seems to delve deeper into a place I thought was gone.
Can I change?
Or will I be the definition of what I’ve made myself out to be?

**Releases Dec 1st!**

Tenderly Toxic
Scarred Bullet Series #4


He showed me what love is really like.
They showed me how happiness affects the heart.
They showed me that I still have one.
And then my violent past comes to rip it out of my chest.
Fine, let it.
Happiness. Love.
I have to leave it behind.
Violence. Hate.
I have to accept it all over again.
Because I will do anything to keep the ones I love safe.
Including going back to the cold, toxic soul I once had.

$10 Amazon , ebook of Rules of Protection by Alison Bliss

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I am a Leo. Born August 10, living on the east coast. I self-published my first novel, PNEUMA, November 2014, and it’s hasn’t stopped since.
One of my biggest problems was having too much to read. Now my newfound problem; having too much to write and not enough hands to type it out. Not enough brains to put the stories together fast enough. Not enough tea or coffee to keep me awake 24/7.

So, like every normal person, I have to take it one day at a time.

My cravings for sweets keep me going, any sort of cakes (especially red velvet), pies, cookies, and ice cream.
I have a cat named Bongo-Bongo, who loves to get in my way when I’m trying to work, but is too cute for me to fight him off.
And then I have my family, specifically my husband, who puts up with my endless nights, my tapping of the keyboard, my ridiculous imagination, and yet, he always encourages me to believe in myself and follow my dreams.

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Sneak Peek of The Year of Loving by Traci L. Slatton

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IN THE BEGINNING, THERE was my bohemian poet mom and square attorney dad, who met at a concert and shared only three interests in common: rock and roll, Renaissance art, and me, Sarah Melissa Paige, conceived in the backseat of a Chevy Impala to the strains of Deep Purple.
How do I know this? My Jewish mom never had a clear sense of boundaries. She would say the most outrageous things, not just to me but to anyone, at any time. “Sarah was a vaginal birth and I nursed her until she was eleven months old,” she would tell a store clerk, while I winced.
It was one of her lovable quirks. That’s what my Scotch-Irish/Cherokee dad would say, with a small smile.

I still miss them every day. Their death was one of the great losses of my life. Painter Frida Kahlo, my soul sister because of her mixed heritage and her devotion to art, had remarked, “There were two great accidents in my life. One was the trolley and the other was Diego. Diego was by far
the worst.” Sometimes I felt that way about the two great catastrophes of my life: my parents’ deaths and my marriage to my first husband George Calhoun, the rich WASP with the perpetual sneer of condescension.

George would never forgive me for the humiliation of my leaving him for an impecunious artist.
But let’s move past George. Let’s go to the end of my second marriage, to the realist painter Clifton.

I was in my gallery in Chelsea, working on an article for American Artist magazine. I was trying to explain why excellence, beauty, and the artist’s skill were more important than the overvalued and empty wasteland of post-modernism. You can see I’m a woman with strong opinions.
Rosa, my assistant, came in from the front room.

“Sarah, you hear the printer?” she asked, pausing to check her makeup in the reflection of a glass frame. She dabbed at her mascara with her pinky. “A fax came in.”

“Something from Clif’s lawyer. Or George with a snotty note about not being able to reach me via email,” I guessed, in an absent tone.

“Nothing I want to see.” Will Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo illustrate my point about the supreme rapture of the human form? I smiled at her.

She sparkled back. “Weren’t you waiting for something?”

“Alex’s meds,” I remembered. I pushed back from my desk and hurried over to the printer, where a prescription lay in the out box.

“Want me to run it in?” Rosa asked.

“I’ll go,” I answered. I had been writing for two hours, and it was a cold, drizzly day with no foot traffic, so no customers to come in and peruse the beautiful representational paintings I sold. April is the cruelest month. So, on the flimsiest of whims, without bothering to shrug on my
coat, I headed out into my life.

The pharmacy was located only a block up on Eighth Avenue. I banged into the door with my umbrella. A gust of wind caught me just at that moment and blew the umbrella inside out and I tumbled through the door askew, my umbrella struggling like a trapped animal and my Jimmy
Choos sliding out from under me as if I’d skidded on a candy bar wrapper.

‘Cartwheel’ would be an accurate description. Which explains why my linen skirt was up around my waist like a belt.

“Now that’s an entrance,” a man said, his deep voice amused. He bent down and offered his hand. I fought my linen skirt down to cover everything that was on display. It’s not like I wear shorts over my thongs —which had twisted up inside my lady parts. Leaving everything on
display. I groaned. He cleared his throat. “Don’t worry, I’m a doctor.”

“You’re not my doctor,” I said, furiously, batting his hand away. I managed to scramble to my knees and yank my skirt to a more appropriate semblance of coverage. What is it about linen? It goes out of its way to be uncooperative. I have a theory that clothing designers have a hidden
agenda to torture women. Of course, it served me right for wearing linen in April. I just loved the navy blue, forties’ era suit I’d found in a consignment shop on Greenwich Avenue. Note to self: check out usability standards before purchasing vintage clothes.

That blasted umbrella was determined to thwart my efforts, so I dropped it and pulled myself up via the shelves of cough suppressants and analgesics.

“Glad that’s so,” the man murmured.

Was he still ogling me? I didn’t answer because I’d managed to sweep the display of Robitussin onto the ground. I bent over to pick them up.

“Ahem,” the man said, and his rich voice thickened with the effort not to laugh. I glanced and he was pointing.

At my behind.

The back of my skirt was still bunched up around my waist. I’d stuck
my ass in his face.

I grasped my skirt by both sides and jerked downward as hard as I could. The waist button popped off. Luckily the zipper stayed firmly sealed, or everything I have would have been revealed. Again. The man laughed outright.

I held the skirt closed with one hand while I shook the other index finger accusingly in his face.

“Listen, you!” I started, accusingly.

He blinked, bemused and amused. He was tall and toned, with fine, poreless skin, cropped black hair, and the kind of substantial nose that certain men carry off very well indeed. It struck me how silly I looked. I broke up with laughter.

After a few seconds, he took off his glasses, rubbed the bridge of his nose, and blinked a few times, laughing with me. “It’s not often you find a beautiful woman who can laugh at herself.”

“Yeah, well, if I couldn’t, I’d have been in big trouble a long time ago,” I murmured. He had nice dark eyes. There weren’t enough crow’s feet or the lines of laughter and sadness that reflect the gravity of a life fully lived to put him in his forties. I smiled. “Thanks for the compliment.”

For a moment, the most delicious, open softness encompassed us. We smiled at each other a little sheepishly.

Then I remembered why I was there. A new prescription for my younger daughter Alexandra. Maybe this one would be the magic bullet that kept her from shooting herself in the foot. I desperately wanted it to be, and I could only pray that it was, as I’d been praying for the last few
years, watching Alex get herself tangled up with one bad decision after another and get herself thrown out of two schools. She was now at Devon Town, the private school of absolute last resort in Manhattan. If she could graduate, she could still attend a decent college.

I shrugged and waved to the hot man who was at least ten years younger than me and I walked back to the pharmacist. I handed him the scrip.

Katsu, the pharmacist, an old Japanese guy who came to every show at my gallery for the free food and drinks, shuffled unblinkingly off to the back as if he’d never seen me before in his life.

I sighed.

“Excuse me, miss.” It was the hot man, looking carefully at my left hand, where I wasn’t wearing a ring.

I perked up.

The skin stretching across the cheekbones of his angular face deepened in color. He cleared his throat. “Would you like to get a cup of coffee?”

“Sure,” said Katsu, who had returned. “Venti half-caf cappuccino, wet and fat-free. Would you get me a scone, too?”

“Not you,” the young doctor said.

Katsu shrugged and then looked at me. “I have it in stock. Come back in an hour.” He turned back to the doctor. “Hey, doc, just coffee, or will you buy me dinner, too?”

The doctor grimaced and followed me as I walked toward the front of the store. He touched my elbow lightly as I reached for the door. “About that cup of coffee?”

I straightened myself, which was hard to do with one hand, because the other hand was still gripping the waistband of my skirt, to keep it closed. “You don’t have to buy me coffee just because I stuck my ass in your face.”

He looked embarrassed and I noted again how smooth and silken his skin was. I remembered being 38. From the vantage point of 48, it seemed innocent and hopeful.

He said, “This is not about your ass.”

“You don’t like my ass?”

He flushed and looked about twelve years old. “Your ass is very nice. That’s my professional opinion.”

“You think I’m a professional?” I demanded, in a tone of outrage.

He flushed a brighter shade of red. “Coffee. Just a cup of coffee.”

“You’re sweet.” I sighed while I smiled. I had baggage older than he was, and I’m not talking about the dinged-up Tumi cases I take to Europe on scouting trips.

“But …”

He had straightened his back and shoulders and was listening hard—the antennae were practically standing straight up atop his head.

“It’s flattering, but I don’t think so. Thank you anyway.”

A few minutes later, torn and bedraggled, I stood in the door of my gallery. Rosa glided over to me. She’s of Mexican and Finnish descent, an actress and a dancer with cascades of black hair and striking pale blue eyes. She’s fresh and juicy and sassy. I was newly aware of every wrinkle
on my face and every dimple on the back of my thigh. With her lissome dancer’s body and face still unlined in her late twenties, Rosa was a better fit for Dr. Gorgeous than I could ever be. What the hell was he thinking, asking me out for coffee?

“Why are you staring at me?” Rosa demanded. She narrowed her big vivid eyes at me. “What happened to your skirt?”

“My umbrella,” I muttered.

“OK, don’t tell me.”

“I tripped over my umbrella,” I amended, not knowing that was when I woke up in a dark woods in the middle of the journey of my life. There’s a flux to the divine comedy of life, the way it empties out, grows full, and then cracks to empty out again, so that fullness can be reborn. I still don’t know if my heart can stretch to encompass all the shattering. But, in that moment, I was just thinking that I should have accepted that cup of coffee.

I think I would have enjoyed it.

“Strip it off, Mamacita, my sewing kit is in my purse and there’s twenty minutes before I leave for my audition.” She waggled her fingers at me.

“I’ll take it off in the back office,” I said. I was still clutching the skirt to keep it closed properly. “I’ve been naked in public enough for one day. And thank you.”

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Art gallerist Sarah Paige’s world is crumbling. One daughter barely speaks to her and the other is off the rails. Sarah is struggling to keep her gallery afloat in a tough market when she learns that her most beloved friend has cancer. In the midst of her second divorce, two men come into her life: an older man who offers companionship and stability and an exciting younger man whose life is as chaotic as hers.

Sarah’s courage, humor, and spirit strengthen her, but how much can she bear, and what sustains her when all else falls away?

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Spotlight Wednesday with The Hunted Series by Ivy Smoak #giveaway

The Hunted Series Book 1
by Ivy Smoak
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Indulge in the temptation in the breakout series The Hunted by Ivy Smoak.

When Penny Taylor runs into a handsome stranger in a coffee shop, she believes her luck has finally changed. After having her confidence unwound by her ex, she falls hard for a true gentleman. But once she realizes that her crush is her communications professor, her world is turned upside down.

Haunted by dreams of the alluring Professor Hunter, Penny can’t seem to dismiss her fantasies and the temptation to have him grows deeper. Will the excitement, danger, and mystery surrounding Professor Hunter bring her to her knees?

*This book is intended for mature audiences.

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The Hunted Series Book 2

Discover the addiction…find out what happens next in the sequel to The Hunted – Temptation by Ivy Smoak.

Temptation has quickly turned into addiction. Penny Taylor fell hard for the sexy, mysterious, exciting, and dangerous Professor Hunter. But scandalous affairs are meant to go down in flames. Now that he’s not speaking to her, she feels numb. And what hurts the most is that he appears to be completely fine. As she struggles to accept that their relationship is really over, her best friend’s crude advice is in the back of her mind- the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.

Will she be able to move on, or is her addiction to her alluring professor only just beginning?

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The Hunted Series Book 3

Two and a half years later, Penny and James are living happily in New York City. Their love is stronger than ever. Penny is graduating from NYCU, James is growing his new business, and the two are getting married at the end of the month.

But graduation, starting an internship, and planning a wedding is a lot for Penny to tackle. Especially when mysteries from James’ past are clawing at the surface and his scheming ex and unsupportive parents threaten to destroy the happy couple.

Will their own insecurities make them question everything and sway them from the altar?

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The Hunted Series Book 4

Tick tock. One day before the wedding of her dreams, Penny is in a city that is no longer her home. Alone. Heartbroken. Lost. Could the past few years really mean so little to a man that became her world? To a man she’d do anything to protect? There is no future without him. There is no her without him.

With only 24 hours until the wedding, is there enough time to repair the damage? Tick tock.

And even if Penny and James do come back to each other, Isabella is still out there plotting. The world is still against them. Darkness still lurks in the shadows of James’ past. A student and her professor were never meant to be forever. They thought it was an everlasting love, but it was doomed from the very start. Tick tock.

Temptation led to addiction, which exploded into an eruption of chaos. And when the pieces settled, only one thing became clear…devotion. One great love. A love worth fighting for. Because the only thing that lasts forever is love.

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The Hunted Series Book 5

Penny and James defied the odds. A professor and his student were never supposed to become husband and wife, let alone a father and a mother. The couple created a foundation in NYC that is held together with love, family, and friends. A foundation that they believed was impenetrable.

But what happens when the life they know is threatened? If a struggle that should bring them closer together begins to tear them apart? All it takes is – One. Single. Slip. Foundations crumble. Will Penny and James continue to defy the odds?

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About the Author

Ivy Smoak is an Amazon bestselling New Adult Romance author. When she’s not writing, you can find her binge watching too many TV shows, taking long walks, playing outside, and generally refusing to act like an adult. She lives with her fiancé in Delaware.

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an ebook bundle of the spinoff books in the series – City of Sin, Third Chances, & Missing Pieces.

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